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Why did comedy anime peak so early?
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it didn't, it's just that, like everything else, 99% of it is shit.
yatsura's comedy is pretty dated. I couldn't agree with any kind of "peak" for comedy in anime. up to this very season with guruguru and aho girl there's usually something good and has been for a couple of decades.
As if anybody here knows shit about comedy anime.

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>best girl
Best girl is subjective. If best girl isnt chosen shes best girl, if best girl is chosen she loses her best girl title
>best girl is subjective
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Hello there!
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hello, your [new-ish] Uncle around?
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Why doesn't she get obscenely long hair like Araragi does in the future?
Were you expecting a cute girl? Too bad, it was glasses Ougi!

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ITT: We post characters and what boards they'd browse

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What does /a/ think about Kiznaiver? Honest opinions welcomed, lay it all out for me.

IMO, i can see why people hated it when it first aired, but still found it enjoyable.
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good visuals, interesting OP, mediocre everything else
Existed to get lampooned by Luluco.
Great direction and general production values, but the writing is painful and generally bad.

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i dunno
Points are countable. That means you don't say "how much points", but "how many points".
Well, it's something a Class D fag would say.

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How would you handle this situation?
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I would unbuckle my butt
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Pick Superior Elf Kuroneko

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Can Lancelot really beat the Herc?
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If he has his sword that grants invincibility then it would become a stale mate
Depends. With Kariya as a Master, definitely not. Lancelot's mana consumption would burn Kariya out in 5 minutes fighting Herc.

A competent Master? Possibly, if he can get his Knight of Owner on another Jet.

Though that begs the question. Knight of Owner can even take control of Gil's GoB NPs. Would it have any effect on Godhand?
Fuck off back to /fgog/

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Will we ever get an anime?
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Do you think this sells in Japan?
It's not even a manga made by a Korean, it's straight up manhwa. So, no.
Don't you mean animated series?

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Why do Anime characters always do this?
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because they're banned from using proper backpacks due to dumb authoritarian societal norms or something
to show protagonist or main character status. regular plebs aren't allowed to do it
Because it's more comfortable than to just have it pull your arm down?
Of course if they do it with a backpack it's dumb. But that thing clearly only has that one grip.

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I don't understand how jotaro won this fight other than script immunity

right before his fight with dio, dio freezes time and kills kakyoin in one hit, same with joseph

But then he fights jotaro and spends a lot of time just messing with him
>can you see me in frozen time jotaro?
>you can move your finger in frozen time? whoa
and at the last part he straight up runs away to get a steamroller instead of just finishing him
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He was being overconfident because he already managed to stop time for 10 seconds. He believed that one could have possibly have stopped him.
>I don't understand how jotaro won this fight other than script immunity

There's no other reason.
He loses his script immunity in the later parts

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Liquid Zeke Edition.
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Armin a cute.
They closed the previous Zeke thread. He deserves better.
Most people are on holidays anyway so there is not much to talk.
Who is the best shingeki?

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What is objectively the comfiest anime?

pic related
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lucoa is shit
>retard who unironically uses the word 'comfy' also happens to have shit taste in anime
What a shock

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Here we talk about shows that no one talks about anymore, and why that's the case.

Let's start with this one. It's such a shame too: the OP was really good (maybe even OPOTS), the girls were attractive and likable, and the action was a blast. What went wrong?
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No one cared about this show while it aired either, faggot.
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but it could have worked much better as a stupid comedy
And why was that so? It had a good OP by a good singer, why didn't that catch people's interest?

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For me, it's Steel Ball Run. The greatest manga.
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>being a jojo turd
It's definitely the best JoJo arc

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