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>Want to watch new anime of this season
>Have a huge backlog of the previous season

/a/ how do you dare with this?
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Even if you watch 25 shows in a season, which is way above average, that's only 9 hours a week.
I would kill all secondaries for starters, then finish my backlog.
I don't watch anime.

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This is the superior Hero manga. No Hero Academia just pales next to it.

Prove me wrong.
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I can't.
It's only better because Heroaca went to shit
I can't. It has Arthur.

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Local elf ruins EVERYTHING
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Lefiya is cute! CUTE!
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There's no point in elves existing, they should just be eradicated.
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Elves are the best.

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The main character of the last anime you watch is Kidnapped by Giselle. What happens?
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damn I just read this last night, interesting character arc the main char went through.
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Could joseph beat giselle?
Douglas didn't deserve to die like that

Why haven't you watched Kare Kano yet?
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Dropped when I realized it was joseishit.
They said the ending is shit/unfinished. I hate having a bad taste left in my mouth.
Screw the animu, get the mango.

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Where's the first short?
Those bulging eyes will haunt me for days.

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so how much manga does /a/ own?
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About half of what you have in your picrel + fuckton of comic books if that counts
>no FKMT

shit taste bruv
its not even my collection its a picture I got off google.

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YH is _____
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Based Armin right here lads

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>the moon is pretty
>y-you too
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All the teen asses everywhere
Hey, check out her butt.

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>"Nooo Daddy!"

Really girl? Are those your last words?
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she was abused as a child, she said father not "daddy" she was genuinely apologizing, that horrific moment triggered her PTSD
so fuck off if you don't understand what the show is trying to convey
This was anime-only and probably added for some cringey as fuck added drama
yes I know it's anime only but this fucker things it's some "noo daddy" bullshit

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Muslim witchcraft.jpg
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It's uncanny how we started to get used to those CGI.
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The horrible shade lines are the biggest problem now.
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Even the characters have gotten used to it.
holy lord

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I'm going to post this every day until you like it.
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But I already like it
It was startling how she got stabbed in the skull by that white shit

How the fuck does he keep getting away with this shit?

Why does he enjoy ruining best girls by making them short haired shits?
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The haircut is cute.
unless you're into AIDS-ridden Ukrainians, there's nothing wrong in short hair
Can't wrap it around you

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I won a bookshelf and I was thinking of filling it with manga. The problem is that I just realized most of the mangas I read aren't licensed and then I realized that most of the time im going to be reading them online anyway since im up to date with most of them and scanlators are ahead and millions of years faster than the licensed released.

It got me to think, ┬┐is it really worth it to buy manga? the only one i'd really REALLY want to own is Berserk since the art is 10/10. I was thinking that maybe it was easier to get only short finished stories.

Do you own any manga /a/? Do you re-read it often?
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Import raws cause they're fun to look at even if you can't read them. I have a bunch both localized and raw and honestly they look so much better on paper it's not even funny. I still read on screen because of convenience but if I really like a series I sure as hell buy the tanks.
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vidya bookshelf.jpg
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if it's a series you really care about, go ahead and buy it physical

you're supporting the franchise and looking at a bookcase lined with books you really like is a great feeling.
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why is Hana the best girl in Prison School?
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Water sports.
it just indicates you're a M and have a piss fetish

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