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You need to look at least like this to get with monster girls.
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5 foot 6''?
I'm too busy being fat.
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kanzaki hiro ef6e.jpg
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Fuck Naoto edition
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Didn't expected Naoto to make the reverse route that the original Tiger Mask did. The Miracle III is someone we already saw before?
I is Red Death Mask
II is Wagner
III is Fukuwara Mask

I expect Odin for IV.
Didn't he fuck off back to his girl in the US?

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Why do people pretend to not like Madoka now? It wasn't like this before.
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Because the show had absolutely nothing going for it except for shock value at episode 3 and Homura's point of view at episode 10.
It had a pretty good ost though.
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If I havent read or seen one piece since the impeldown arc where should I start?
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where you stopped.
What kind of question is that?
I want to skip filler arcs

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Don't let this thread die with less than ten replies. Do it for Renge.
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This series has a serious lack of Renge screentime.
I want to fuck Mamiya Sakura.
Pretty good SoL episode desu. It really makes up my week along with Natsume S6 and Kazoku S2.

Juumonji pls.

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I just finished this.
Did Ushiro become the new dung beetle for the new team?
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fuck thanks for reminding me I need to read the manga

How do you become a dung beetle and does that mean he will survive once this is over shouldn't he be dead after piloting zearth?
Nah. The new dung beetle was that Sasami guy

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There's something wrong with this image
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Chrisu's chrisuses are way to tender
there`s 2 pussy and 1 dick hmmmm

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what do you think about Lain?
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She makes my dick hard.
I think her show was shittty, Haibane Renmei was better.
Both are good shows, they have a very different approach though. Lain's imagery is harder to grasp since it presents it in a mindfucky way whereas Haibane's is more poetic and perfectly woven into the narrative. It mainly depends on your personal preferences.

I prefer Haibane too, because the show also manages to be enjoyable on a basic level with poignant drama and cute SoL moments.

Kokkuri-sama, kokkuri-sama, can girls love girls?
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It's one of the laws of Labyrinth Town to have to participate in monthly lesbian orgies.
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Then Omi fucked Chiya and ruined everything. She's like yoko ono.
Yes, but only I can love Kon.

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I'm going to post this everyday until you like it.
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I like it.
thought once did once samefag
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It does indeed have a strange quality to it.

Why is she so perfect?
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Because she's my wife
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ursula 1x.webm
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Because she can change hair colors at will.
Cake is always perfect.

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What will his next masterpiece be about?
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It's about a girl and a boy that fall in love with each other.

Because it will be Thunderbolt Fantasy 2
Or that Godzilla movie.
Whatever comes first.

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Il start with an easy one
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Transexuals are scum

do we have to nuke japan again now
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Why is it such a big deal?
Good luck with that.

Should i keep watching Jojo after Stardust Crusaders? I started reading Diamond is Unbreakable but i was bored after a while. Also is Dio actually dead? I don't care about spoilers i just wanna know
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Ending of pt. 3 kinda put me off from pt 4, but Diamond is Unbreakable ended up being my absolute favorite part up to this point. I agree it starts off kinda slow, but ended up grabbing my short-ass attention span pretty damn well.

Also yeah, fuckin RIP Dio
Every jojo part is worth it, especially since Dio-- whether he's alive or dead-- has a string of influence that spans over every generation of joestars and he literally can't stop fucking up their lives. It's brilliant.
A lot of people say steel ball run (part 7) is the best, and it has barely anything to do with anything before that. So just keep an open mind about it.
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