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When you realize that your favorite FAG is the weakest one. I still love her though
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It's your job to get Styko and buy her all sorts of accessories and upgrades so she can do her best, anon.

I do, not that it will help, I doubt she would be happy ONLY beating under-equipped poor FAGs.
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>new chapter came out today
>last months isn't translated yet

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Look at the stupid bullshit that live action brings to our board, without exception. While technically for the site, live action might be most conveniently categorized as an /a/ subject, when looking at the board itself, it is screamingly apparent that predominant effect of these threads is to open a doorway for the establishment and cultural normalization of off topic baiting and crossboarding cancer, without exception, and without fail.

I propose the mods act now to establish the precedent that western live action belongs on /tv/, or maybe more appropriately, /trash/. And I sincerely believe that by doing so, /a/ culture will be preserved from cancer that much longer. Cut the head off of this snake now, before it poisons us.
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Fuck Off.
Shut the fuck up retard
ugh look at the stupid bullshit meta brings to this board

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If he didn't even consider Guts a friend to begin with, why was Griffith so emo when Guts left? Was it because his pride took a big hit from being beat by someone "lower" than him?

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because he is gay for him
Because Guts was Griffiths foil, they were opposites and balanced each other out.

He didnt realize his equal was right next to him the whole time, and when he did Guts was already gone.
Because he did consider Guts a friend, and in this second fight he saw that Guts wanted to leave so badly that he defeated him in one strike.

No one had ever done that before, not even Guts in their first duel. He had never seen someone rebuke him so soundly. In that moment the one person who could have been his friend was gone. He had nothing except his dream at that moment.

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He's not gay, just self-aware that he is in a world where he cannot progress beyond mild ecchi and eternal cockteases.
im not into bestiality either
Not wanting to fuck a retard isn't gay.

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Why didn't Seita go back to his Aunt when he realized they couldn't survive on their own?

Why didn't Seita try to get a job?

Why didn't Seita take out the money in the bank to buy food sooner than THE DAY BEFORE HIS LITTLE SISTER STARVED?

This movie is fucking retarded.
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I swear to god I saw this shit thread yesterday.
Because the movie is actually about arrogance, much like how Japan got itself into, and continued, to fight an unwinnable war.
It's propaganda designed to make Japanese people feel as though they were victims in their war of aggression.

How do we go from this...
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...to this?
Imperial Privilege.
>This will never be an outfit in GO
It's not fair.

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Sssshhhh. Umaru is sleeping. Don't wake her up.
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Is that a new onahole model?
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Sleep tight hammers

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Why does /a/ like Takagi so much?
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Her featureless body means that all her sexiness comes from purely intentional action on her part. It's perfectly controlled sexiness.
I don't.
Worthless categorization system.

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How would you describe Madoka Magica to someone who hasn't seen it?
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It sucks.
Miserable Lesbians the anime.

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With how anime/manga rarely ends, when was the last time you felt satisfied with an ending?

Kurogane was probably my favourite, sure the forced timeskip was bad but the way the author handled the ending was great.
My second pick would be Rurouni Kenshin.
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Good Ending still has one of my favorite endings, I've read through the manga about 3 times.
Did Kurogane actually had a good ending? I remember the thing ended just because japanons are biased about "not muh real kendo" or something.
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fuckin earned his happy ending

Japan has a product modeled after amazon echo but with hologram technology.
Assuming you get to customize your own do you do it for the price of $2500.

Also pic related of the test girl 4 different starter outfits
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Nice anime and manga thread

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Please don't make fun of this girl. She's always trying her best.
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dead thread
dead show

shame the comic book aesthetic didn't really pan out
San Antony-o.

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Loli wants to play
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I don't have any rock CDs, sanae took them all the last time! Leave me alone!
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No problem! Loli can now play your favorite song. Just let us in.

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What's your honest opinion on Himouto Umaru-chan?
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The perfect imouto.
Her Garfield mode design annoys me. Can't watch it because of this.

Headpat bread??
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I thought the arm was bread from the thumbnail
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