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Is it good?
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Let's get this meme out of the way.
Not really. The visuals are nice though.

Any similar anime? Ones that are kind of like a DnD campaign?

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Anyone else miss him?
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More than World Trigger.
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He's fine don't worry!
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Cry Katachi.gif
3MB, 540x300px

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Post the non-ripoff version
Pic unrelated. Seriously, fuck you. Kanna was the best.

Why is she so dumb?
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shes just special
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>don't call me stupid.jpg
If you think about it though, it's really the world's fault for not operating on Satanichia time.

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So how exactly can Guts kill the God Hand?
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rape em'
He can't. Sorry for the spoiler.
He waits around and does nothing until they die of old age.
Working great so far.

Guess who's back
Back again
Kouen's back
Tell a friend
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will this series ever end?


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Is this character meant to be a black human being or some kind of alien/demon?
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Because Toriyama has made similar looking characters before who I think were just meant to be regular black people.
he's from another race and black on top of that, so both
He's a djin, you idiot

So I guess boku no hero academia is going to be the next big thing among the likes of Naruto and One piece?
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the villains are 10/10 but most of the heroes are meh.
Post more of best hero waifu

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How can you people misunderstand this film so badly. It's meant to be campy and silly. It's poking fun at the type of retards who like dog shit like the Death Note anime and manga to begin with.
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>It's meant to be campy
i wish i could believe that
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Light kills Isis and L constantly has autistic spasms. I have no idea how you could take this film seriously.

Anyone still translating this?
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Scan group is a little on the slow side, too early to tell if it's been dropped
It's trash.
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MGX in one pic.jpg
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After MGX, people's interest in this author's works is NEGATIVE.

He made us all trodge through the horrible idol arc just to arrive at that awful non-ending, fuck you if you think I'm gonna read his new romancebait cockblock manga.

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I started Yu Yu and made it to the Dark Tournament before I took a break from watching it so I could really take it all in. I finally just came back to it and I don't know why I took a break in the first place. This is one of the best anime I've ever seen. It is so perfect. My questions are:

>Does Yu Yu ever get bad or less great
>How does /a/ rate Yu Yu in terms of top 100 anime
>How do you rate this show?
>How does Yu Yu hold up to other shows that are considered the best?
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Also btw I rate Yu Yu a 9.5/10 and it is in my top 5 anime of all time.
Nobody calls it "Yu Yu" you dipshit newfaggot.

As for the rest:
Lurk more
tfw no botan gf

Why monkey D luffy call himself a pirate?He's clearly not one, in fact he hates pirates.A pirate is:
>a person who sails in a ship and attacks other ships in order to steal from them

Luffy is clearly an explorer not a pirate.
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Pirates do what they want because a pirate is free. If you sail the seven seas you are a pirate
They literally just attacked one of the biggest known pirates in the world and stole her biggest treasure

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In light of that Death Note movie, how would a bad American version of Fate/Stay Night look like?
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honestly - its harder to imagine a good live action version of fate
>Saber is going to be played by a qt blonde actress
>Archer is going to be played by a black actor
>Shirou is also black
>Rin is hispanic
Arturia will be a transvestite wishing to be a female.

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Is there a single anime or manga character that could defeat Bobobo-Bo Bo-Bobo?
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If they're funny enough
Dare I say, Madara Uchiha?
which one?

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What would Abraham Lincoln's favorite anime have been?
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Probably K-On.
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Love live
Grave of the Fireflies

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