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THE POWER OF DG CELLS. WITH THE HELP OF KYOJI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I made it to eleven minutes. I need bleach for my eyes now...
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Why do normalfags pretend that BnP is that big of a deal? What's with people freaking out about it? I get if you're not into that stuff fetish wise it's unappealing but just ignore it then. But people treat it like it's the most fucked up shit to come from Japan.
Homo detected
>Not liking loli trap hentai in 2017
I would fap to Boku no Pico anytime 10/10

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Chapter 83
Hopefully we end up catching up quick.
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here's a simpler, non-niche bullshit thread

total pleb here: i will never forget the first episode of GiTS:SAC i saw on Toonami when i was a young teen
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Eat shit and die.
this board never ceases to confirm multiple stereotypes

what? were you born with a LN in hand?
I watched all the toonami shit as a kid, but Durarara was the show that actually got me into anime as a teenager.

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Going through one of many backlogs on a fantasy .hack// feels kind of binge after watching and enjoying Quanzhi Gaoshou.

Pic related is next up. What were /a/s feels about It?
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I played the VN of it beforehand, but it's actually quite good if slightly rushed to get most of the content in there. Solid cast with a surprisingly good plot.

It's fun.
It's good. Never touch the second season.

Sakurako used to be the responsible girl that everyone looked up to. Then when Himawari and Hanako became all mature and responsible, Sakurako dumbed herself down into a brat so she wouldn't have to compete with her best friend and little sister.
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What if Sakurako were heterosexual.
Since she got married to Himawari, this would not make sense.
What if she's a brat because she's jealous of Himawari's himawaris?

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How can you say no to this?
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I'm not gay.
I can't. I want to rub my face in her dick.
long haired traps are boring, literally just pick a woman at that point

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Aren't they rich enough to do more originals?
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And waste shekels? pssshhh.
they're going to make Nisio write Bakemono shit until he's dead.
Does that mean we could get Okitegami Kyouko?


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Make Girls Moe.png
2MB, 1332x898px
An AI has been taught to create anime girls proving once and for all that you can have literal fucking robots make shows better then some anime studios.

Check it out
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>that hair and eye color combination

My fucking nigger.

I should update mine.
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...worst girl
Nah senpai check this out

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What the?!
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What the fuck kind of name is Magister?
Literally nothing wrong with that page.
>years later /a/ is still filled with brainlets who don't understand

Why are frills so lewd?
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Innocence corrupted. She will throw away her sanctity for empty pleasure.
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frilly patchy.jpg
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One of life's great mysteries.
Because long-haired snake is lewd.

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At least we get to see more of her
Tell me got brain damage end this fucking manga

I need to stop reading this before it's translated

I am as confused as tomo

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Can we all agree she was best girl?
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Sakaki is best girl

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A pair of nice ways right here.
Tsukihime remake
Tsukime 2
New Melty Blood

Adapting Mahou to an anime might help. Or even Tsukihime to promote the upcoming VN in 2025.

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Why are huge foreheads starting to become popular, it is shit tier.
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get a load of this faggot
your pic is a good counterargument to your topic
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She's beautiful.

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