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Say something girly about Makoto!
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mako makorin is super fucking cute
fucking bitch fuck her
She has a pretty smile.

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fixed thread.png
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Doin this for that /a/ draws and the fact the song hasn't been done before by non-Russians.
Post your files on this thread or send it to [email protected], whatever works. I'd also appreciate it if some anons screamed the chorus as backing vocals.
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I would but I got a dogshit mic, lurking and bumping
Unless you think it would contribute to hilarity
of course it would, you can be one of the guys wailing in the background or something. shit's just for fun anyways
What's your problem with Russians?

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Is it OK to fuck this guy? I mean, he's relatively humanoid, he can speak and consent, he's alive, and capable of complex thought. I'd definitely say it's fine. What are you guys thoughts?
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Please consider suicide.
Go back to /y/ stay there for a while and then kill yourself
>is it OK to fuck this guy
>is it cool to fuck this guy
One job OP.

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I would think of adapting this similar to Katanagatari, 12 or 6 monthly/bi-monthly OVA lasting between 20 to 60 minutes.
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The story would have to be largely rewritten so that it isn't a bunch of boring, redundant, silly bullcrap with a few good character scenes
It'd only be redundant because it wouldn't work as a series intro anymore. The order was messed up
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Cromartie Update 5.png
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Third and (probably) final thread
All the frames are uploaded here:

If you want to draw something just claim the number and get started.
I'm not the OP from the previous threads since they're sleeping at the moment. Same rules apply from the last threads
There's also going to be an /a/ sings of the OP to go along with it but since that tripfag seems to no longer be offering to mix it it's kind of in limbo right now.

Previous threads
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To the anon that asked, yes, 211 is in progress, will finish in 40~ minutes.
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dandy sunglasses 1.png
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This is gonna be good.
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Is black available? what is blue black?

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What did he mean by this?
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that he is dark & edgy just like me
He means fuck off from circlejerking about my images
Has anyone read the source?

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Which sensei is best sensei?
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Fuck off.
Kill yourself.
gb2 waifu threads, /a/ is for serious sensei discussions.

If you could have your own crew of about 9 or 10 characters from one piece, with you being the captain, who would your crew be, what would their role be (optional), and why? You don't have to fulfill every role on the ship but try and pick more than just every yonko and every admiral

Mine would be:
Nico Robin - literally the best girl and just a great character overall with a really intense backstory
Kizaru - he's quite powerful and i like his how he's written and his design that based of that japanese actor
Bepo - he was an incredible design before oda made furries real but i stil like him tho
Ideo - he would just be a pure fighter on the ship but his design looks sick
Thatch - a neat cook that deserved more than a death in a flash back
Ceaser - insane devil fruit with a cool design and would like to see how he would work on a crew consensually
Baby5 - extremely cute with a really creative fruit and persoanlity
Koala - anther cute girl but without a devil fruit so water wont be a weakness to every one on the crew
Smoothie - bring me them thicc thighs my nigga

What you think and what are your crews?
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Done this before. Last time I went with Ivankov and Jewelry Bonney, so that Ivankov can turn all our enemies into women and Jewelry turns them into little girls. The rest were the usual support.
How long until Toei gives up on subtlety and just makes a dozen filler episodes in a row of nothing but Nami and Robin fanservice while they wait on manga chapters?
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>ywn be turned into a kid by Bonney so you can /ss/ with Robin and other beautiful ladies

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>used to murder state alchemists/military personnel for a past time
>get away with it completely
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Scar did nothing wrong.
I wouldn't say he got away with it completely, they put that fucker to work quite a bit, leading up to and during the eclipse, not to mention he apparently keeps working for Olivier after
Killing magician Mengele was pretty cool of him

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download (2).jpg
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That anime that gave you perspective on something, that you remember even til now.

>Made me realise nobody is really right or wrong, but society can give the impression of what is.
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>ep 24
>sexuality is fluid, you can love someone just by them being there at the right time and place.

Man, Kaworu reminded me of all the guys I had a crush on in high school. Too bad I didn't realise til after Evangelion
This anime made me respect religion a little bit
See, anime can help autistic children develop a semblance of functionality.

Let's have a civil discussion once for a while.
What do you expect from the most promising show next year?
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I want expect something decent, but this is coming from Japan so we should all just keep those expectations low, m'kay?
I expect it to be enjoyable while watching it, but forgettable after it has finished.

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Instead of getting into all those mind games, why didn't Light just think up more creative deaths than just making people have heart attacks? He can kill people literally any way he wants so all he would have to do is differentiate each killing "X gets run over" or "X gets shot down" and no one would have suspected him of anything.

Also, couldn't he have written his own name down and given his cause of death as "old age" to guarantee his survival throughout the entire series? I'm so confused.
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You're a confused teen. Figuring out Death Note is like your first algebra class.
He was an arrogant fuck and explicitly wanted the world to know someone was responsible for the deaths. Also, testing the note showed him it has a maximum range of 23 days to control someone's death.
it doesnt matter how he kills people. if he didnt respond to L bait he could have continued to kill everyone the same way at any time and NOONE would suspect a thing. because when poeple die NOBODY thinks "hey maybe there is like... magic involved... or something."

he wanted to be on the top and wanted everybody to know who runs shit so when L baited him he responded knowing well he is exspousing himself. then L went "i only showing this in one district of this city, got you bitch" and the game began.

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What's your favorite mission?
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Green onion alien.
File: Reika-Shimohira-31476.jpg (460KB, 900x1200px)Image search: [Google]
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Man, I loved this manga, and will never forgive Oku for letting it go to shit. I would read and reread it nonstop, bought every volume up until the beginning of the final arc, had Reika as one of my earliest and best waifus, would defend it from constant bashing online and IRL etc.

All for nothing

I think the objectively best mission is the Demon/Oni one just before Kei dies, but my favourite is Osaka for its sense of scale and the sweet Reika focus. The Italian mission is kind of a wild card of the bunch. It was excellent, but short, kinda random and overshadowed by the alien invasion afterwards
I agree, it's still one of my favorite manga. Untoppable for the atmosphere. It had so much potential, so many mysteries...T_T

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worst girl of the anime is confirmed
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File: worstgirl.png (1MB, 2560x1440px)Image search: [Google]
1MB, 2560x1440px
why did they throw randomly this shit in the anime?
her body is nice tho
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All of the girls that aren't nene are shit, so having some mean bitch come in is just fine. Seriously, new game sucks, thank god for some fresh faces, maybe we'll get another good character.
File: bear.png (567KB, 842x496px)Image search: [Google]
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do you have dysgeusia or what faggot
nene is shit and annoying as fuck

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Mobile Suit Gundam ZZ 05 (6).png
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Sum up an entire series in a single screenshot.
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File: ltcWBNRq_400x400.png (288KB, 400x400px)Image search: [Google]
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Why is the Jewdawg so handsome lads?
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