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Honestly wish you guys would stop with all the gay and trap posting featuring Astolfo. He may be a trap but hes actually an enjoyable character unlike most of Apocrypha. He deserves better than this
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Leave him alone
He deserves my dick
Blame Sieg for ruining the story. And the priest for going after some half-naked jackass who won the torture martyr lottery.

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What is your favourite anime that has a bad end?
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Town where i got cucked
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What do you mean? He got best girl.
nice fjord

This girl could have been great, if it wasn't for this shitty voice actress.
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Agree. her VA doesn't make her just great, she makes her INCREDIBLE
Maybe incredible STUPID

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Go, don't care.
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Who is lewdest K-ON?
Or more like, which K-ON is not massive slut?
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They're all pure angels who should never be sexualized.
I couldn't even finish K-ON! simply because every episode consisted of them mostly drinking tea and eating cake, surprised the fat bitches didn't swell up to the size of balloons.

>"Lol let's drink tea and eat cake for half the episode! That's entertaining to watch!"

I get it's a MOE show, but good lord, would be nice if it had somewhat of a plot. Guess this is why I can't get into MOE genre shit because nothing happens, I know it's about the cute girls but I need action and character development. Not just watching a bunch of air-headed cute girls do nothing but drink tea and eat cake all day. There club should have been called the "tea and cake" club, and yeah they played instruments and what not but that was over shadowed by all the cake and tea bullshit.

I personally like K-ON! only for the memes that it spawned, other then that it's over-hyped garbage that MOEfags thought was god-tier.

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You hear it, you lose
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I didn't last long.

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Was he gay?
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Wanting Guts to love you is not gay at all anon
That's literally the definition of gay.
no it's not

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Who is best nichijou and why is it Ms. Sakurai?
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worst girl
Easily the worst part of the show if you haven't spend time with a little kid.

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ITT: underrated fetishes in anime.

Tracksuit girls need more love. Fact.
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Not enough girls with hoodies. I like girls showing as less skin as possible.
What a hoodlum
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>I like girls showing as less skin as possible.

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Perfection isn't easy but we parfait on.
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How was the episode?

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This is your lesbian card partner for the night.
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A Vanguard thread? On /a/? Did I just move to a different timeline?
Yes, Gear Chronicle clearly fucked with the time line again
I just want shop tourneys with no-name characters again.

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Cooler is unironically the best villain in DragonBall after two forty minute movies. How did this happen and why did all of the other movie villains suck so bad in comparison? And why is Frost going to be in DBZFighterz instead and probably have his fifth form too?
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Only thing Cooler has going for him is the fact that he is a masculine older brother figure of the series' most iconic villain. It also helped that he has a transformation above the "final form" from the manga source material.
Without relying on Freeza's characteristics he is quite 1 dimensional.
He's not one dimensional at all. In the first five minutes of his first movie he gains more depth and character than Frieza.

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I'll start
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ITT: bad bait that no one will take
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This stupid shit
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This pile of shit.

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bilibili moe 2017 results
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2017 bili moe guys.png
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Mash? More like Trash.

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ozen still.jpg
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This is not Made in Abyss. This felt like an episode of Naruto.
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It was kind of odd. Also I wonder how far they're going to get by episode 13, it feels like it should be 2 cour.
People told me this was dark but honestly I suspect those guys are just too innocent. I expected Berserk or Game of Thrones level of dark but now that Riko and Reg have a white whistle at their side and a training arc power up there's no sense of danger for them. Sigh.

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Giga Drill Breaker.webm
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>gif in 2017
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>"stoner" sunshine
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North Star One Hundred Cracked Fists

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