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Fool anons to pick up a manga by posting a single page
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I thought it was a really solid show full of great action scenes and really interesting characters. I don't know why Kirito gets so much shit, he's a really cool and badass character.
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Remember the isekai's epidemic we are currently in? is SAO's fault.
Only the first half of S1 was good. ALO. GGO and AIDS Online were shit.
They give him shit because they're jealous, they can't get any girls themselves and suck at videogames

Can we all agree Koneko was best girl?

Short flat-chested badasses are always best. Plus she's a neko with the best type of pantsu. So Id eat that ass.
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>eating ass
Fuck off anon
Nah, Koneko was pretty lame. Always hitting the MC for being "perverted". She was too closed-minded and stuck up. Akeno was best girl.
Actually she's alot more lovey dovey with him now. She even wants to be his bride.

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Finally got around to finishing this manga. It was pretty fun though I felt mc's perversion could get tiring. The harem end was nice, and even the side girl, who in most series wouldn't have a chance, was included. I only wish mc's hot sister got to be a part of his harem. If you're gonna go for a harem end you might as well sprinkle a little incest in too.

Izuna was best girl. Adult form>child form. Would worship her.
All the girls were good though.
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Gonna check this out
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image (1).jpg
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The manga was hilarious at times
Enjoyable read
It was a fun series and I'd check out the mangaka's other series of it ever gets scanned.

It's a shame that more harems don't go for harem ends. It seems like only gag series and shitty isekais are willing to go for harem endings.

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The adventures of a female version of Caesar? Can anyone tell me more about it?..
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>My little Julius Caesar couldn't possibly be a highschool girl!
>Julius Caesar as a little girl
you have my attention
am I in the fate thread?

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How does it feel living in the era of Cune adaptations?
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Is this yuri?
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hinako note eye split.webm
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The subtitle is ~Siscon older brother and twin younger sisters~

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Who are your favorite MILFs in anime, anon-kun?
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Mama is the only answer for mango MILFs
Rinko from Gundam Build Fighters.
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Moms are the best women, I hope their kids realize that.

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I don't care since she's not the real Rin
I would destroy Rins, Riders and Shirous anus.
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She is if you believe hard enough.

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rage your dream.png
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I got no I M P R E S S I O N
This town is made by I M I T A T I O N
Wanting your S E N S A T I O N
In this silly S I M U L A T I O N

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nani kansei dorifto.gif
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The answer is you.jpg
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Who is the absolute best idol?
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Not You that's for sure.
I love Hanayo.

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History of Trunks.png
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So this is happening apparently
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Who cares, skip it if you don't like it
History of Trunks is pretty dark while being well written.
its evolution all over again

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What's so tanoshi, Umaru-chan?
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umaru chipsu cora.gif
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>not on the front page

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This girl was asking for it.

Prove me wrong.
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Kushida a best.
I want to tame her.
No she was not. No girl deserves to be raped by a disgusting fanboy

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I heard that this show's biggest problem are the weak characters (as in uninterest & poorly written).

Is this true? I've been thinking of giving it a shot but if the characters are bad...
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It's got a cool concept and maybe so of the best character designs in shounen. The characters are alright, and the series doesn't pick up until around episode 50, but I enjoyed it from then on.
Nah the plot/characters are great but if you don't like plot twists don't read it.
the anime is a good adaptation?

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Realistically speaking, will anything romantically happen in this series?
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2MB, 500x280px

Not likely, he had her in his apartment ready to go in the 1st episode and didn't get the hint
Waka and Seo are getting there. So are Kashima and Hori. Nozaki and Sakura will never happen
I think Nozaki/Sakura is happening slowly, but Nozaki hasn't noticed because he's so dense. He's admitted in one chapter that she's basically the person closest to him, it seems like she's managing to slowly win him over just by spending time together.

Waka/Seo is the one I'm most curious about. It's looking like they'll end up together, but I have no idea what it would take to get Waka to purposefully date Seo.

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