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Will there ever be a single piece of animation as great as redline?
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It had a really underwhelming ending. It leaves a bitter taste after finishing it.
nope, thread over.

Have a nice day.
>the protagonists won

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Does /a/ like choco girls?
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If she's hot, why not...
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>tfw no animo about ancient Egypt
Oh well, at least there's that crossdress mind break rape one

Why nardo didn't learned any more elemental jutsus besides the wind rasengan?
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Because he didn't need to
He did multiple element ransengan in his battle against Madara and the last fight with Sasuke.
Didn't he use like a brazillion different rasengans?

So what's the actual ending for Oregairu gonna be?

hoping for pic related
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I don't care who Hachiman ends up with I just want him to be happy and live a normal life.
Cover art in 4 more days (?)
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Sensei end!

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Because, unlike you OP, most people have taste.
because she is the best
Nostalgia and moot's waifu.

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Explain this
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Not sure what needs explaining OP
He wrote that name wrong more than 4 times so should the deathnote be rendered useless?
So which try was the right name? It might've been one of the first four.

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Why did I drop Saekano?

At the end of the first season I knew exactly what was about to unfold. About 220mn of blue balling and waifu wars that went stale from the get go, waste of good anime characters on a plot as bland and appalling that made oreimo look actually profound, and the fan base, oh my dog, the fan base, a bunch of drooling inbreeds who can't recognize they are being insulted in every turn of this linear contraption.

Every girl is perfection, even the MC is good, I can't understand how a director could drop the ball in such a spectacular way.
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Utaha a best.

Eriri a shit.
We don't care.
I rest my case.

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What's your opinion of high-frame-rate anime?

WebM related.
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Unironically kill yourself please
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Has anything actually been animated at 60fps?
Even some short film experimental thing?

I just want to see an example of actual 60fps animation, not interpolated

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Who would win?
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Baki would get wrecked.
Ippo as long as they don't fight in a vacuum.
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Baki would wreck Ippo. Baki is way too fantastical to lose to Ippo.It would be Ali.Jr again.

How many of you watch anime on Netflix? I want you to be honest with me.
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does Castlevania count?
I don't.
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I don't watch normieflix.

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So I just finished this. Did they ever explain what the frozen dungeon below the library was all about or is that going to be a season 2 thing? Is there going to be a season 2?
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re:zero is overrated and gay go watch evangelion
Read the LN if you want to continue the story. Season 2 is big maybe.
I'd rather not. One thing ReZero didn't have was writing.

ITT: Best girls too good for their respective male main characters
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Tatenashi is love
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I honestly can't see the appeal of modern main characters(not all but most of them). Before a lot of main characters were more mature and have more development and story to their character itself.They were also simple and had good personalities such as,hot-blooded,risky,manly and also "classic". Now modern days characters feel somewhat lacky and somewhat recycled,I honestly don't understand why do a lot of mcs needs a harem.A lot of them feels wimpy and not interesting and boring.I'm just ranting because i used to grow-up with old animes.But honestly can someone explain to me what makes a modern character appealing.
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Post the one with LN MCs in the right side.
I don't see any problems with subaru tho
It's self insert for the intended audience, thats why there are usually lots of girls around them.

My wife Tamaki is so cute.
This show is cute, why did /a/ hated when it aired? I never finished it back in the day, so I'm watching it now.
By the way, if you plan to get the BD version, please refrain from downloading the SNSbu one, it's shit, from the video quality up to the subs, with 3-line subtitles and TS all over the place.
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I'm /a/ and stella no mahou is a masterpiece that puts new game to shame.
Kayo is a best.
I don't remember people hating it. The biggest thing I remember people disliking were the subs for the earlier episodes
>/a/ hated it

Nigga. I liked it enough to save it from shit subs. That's more than you can say for some other series.

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Who is this green hair man?
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its papa geus before he went loco
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>fortuna's hips

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