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What the fuck is her problem?
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Needs a dick in her.
too pure for this world
She's becoming a dragon girl


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> be Griffith
> sacrifice a bunch of good for nothing soldiers
> attain Godhood
> proceed to penetrate Casca while forcing Guts to watch
> Guts chops his own arm so he can try to kill you with a broken sword
> your newly acquired telekinetic shield blocks his attack
> with a slight movement of your finger you send Guts flying meters away because muh telekinetic power
> continue to penetrate Casca while forcing Guts to watch it and with only one eye to boot
> splooge into Casca

Why is Griffith so alpha?
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Cos its his role
Because he takes it like a good girl
You forgot some stuff
>Get raped into being a cripple by a midget
>Sell your tight ass to an old fat dude for money
>Get your final god form and have it look like an edgy DC villain with a helmet made out of a cut up bowling ball
>Can't do anything on your own, need to have causality literally be on your side to get anything done

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All sacks and balls are subject to inspection
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of course, I meant bags and schoolbags
She can inspect my ballsack any time.
Shiver me ballsack.

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Why does she have to leave again?
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Because nobody likes her.
Because she's getting married to me.
But she's already married to me.

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What are these faces trying to convey?

Aria thread.
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>Ah, anon so you finally left your cave

I've been looking to reread the series, should I pick up the anime?
Read the sticky.
There has not been an Aria thread in ages, this is fine.

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Is anyone familiar with the manga even excited for part 5? I thought the Japanese were the only guys to like it.
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I don't watch the anime, it's a worse experience than reading the manga
You should be fucking ashamed for not doing likewise and forming your own opinions instead of asking /a/ to give you some

I agree, the DAVID anime doesn't do the series justice at all.
It has some great fights in it which should be fun to watch, but it might be fucked up by the music/VA/direction etc so I'll have to reserve judgement until it comes out. Animating something like JJBA on a TV anime budget is alwasy going to be difficult and I think all things considered David Prod. have done a decent job so far, although I think they completely fucked up the pacing for Part 3. Then again I'm not sure how they could have improved it that much so it's not a fair criticism.

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It's eight of clock!

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The 3rd of October can't come soon enough.
This thread might get taken down for "excessive reposting".
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Why did they bother to forbid open vehicles in Senshado when most of the commanders open the hatches and stick out their heads anyway?
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Remember how jank the final fight in s1 looked, with Miho and Maho drawn sticking out of the CGI tank's hatches? That's because it was a pain in the ass to animate like that, and doing that for literally every scene would be a nightmare.
They expect the commanders to know what they are doing.
As Miho proved during the St.Glo fight with shell flying around her head right and left.

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moshi moshi
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Keit-Ai :^)

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So we're allowed one meta thread per board to talk about the board, and seeing as the sticky banning Generals is locked, I figured we could use this thread to express our concerns.

While I am sure the recent move to delete generals is geared towards having more pertinent discussion, I can't help but feel Mods are throwing the baby out with the bathwater here.

Like, for an on-going shounen series such as Hunter x Hunter, Boku no Hero Academia, etc, a general seems inevitable

Lots of folks like discussing those series, and it's immensely helpful to "CTRL F" the series title in the catalog to get to those threads.

But based on recent deletions, Mods seem to have taken "being more proactive" with "deleting fucking anything: with the series title in the subject field.

I can't help but feel what sounded good in theory is actually working out terribly in practie, and that the Kino sticky is just providing Mods with an excuse to delete threads they don't like.
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fuck off
Looking kinda better now

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Who was your favorite gang member?

And why is it Polnareff?
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I know anon.
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Not iggy(fuck iggy)

Has any anime managed to top the QUALITY of Qualidea Code since it aired?
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I've seen some BD releases on torrents. Were there any fixes on them? Or did they just leave all the missing animations as is?
Whenever I see something like this I can't help but feel bad for the original author.
it had quite a decent premise as well. with a good budget it would've probably had some higher praise attached. but another shitty animation company squeezed it of all of its potential. truly a shame.

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Was he justified in committing ethnocide?
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Yes. He did the right thing. Uchiha's shouldn't have tried to overthrow the government. Law abiding citizens don't do that.
Remember, they only planned on over throwing the government because Obito framed them for the 9 tails attack which made people weary of them. They were also forced to live in one walled off area. The government was punishing them for something they didn't do and with Danzo stealing eyes it was only a matter of time.
>you now realize that Danzo = Drumpf, Uchiha = Muslims, Obito = ISIS.

Also, season 3 when?
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Hajime is the only cowtits I like

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Will she let me fuck her?
Hotaru rip-off.

I was thinking that right now 4chan is very famous and mainstream.
There is anime about everything mainstream.
Does that make a 4chan anime inevitable?
How do you imagine it would be like?
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Why make an anime about 4chan if the Japanese have their own versions of it?
From a Japanese perspective, things from the outside world have an intrinsic novelty that is not otherwise found in Japanese things.
So kind of like how people over here view Japanese things?

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