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bump with saiyans

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Since there's been an influx of Death Note threads, why not talk about a GOOD AMERICAN LIVE ACTION ANIME MOVIE?

Why was this as critically panned when it came out?
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Same year as the dark night, us Americans hate colorful, fun and faithful adaptions. It was too childish and cartoony. But I personally love it
That's like the only good example.
I really loved this.

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Impressive lineup
scripts done by Touko Machida, Michiko Yokote and Jukki Hanada
Studio is Nexus
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More dykes, hetfaggots BTFO
Truly the Shirobako of Kirara
Nice, more kiraras ready to get lewded.

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Discuss shoujo, any shoujo, and nothing but shoujo.

I just finished Warau Kanoko-Sama and the sequel today. The main romance was satisfying, but I was disappointed by the lack of follow up on most side romances. Hanai best.
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My fav anime/manga is skip beat, and my fav character is kyoko, if u like girl that try too hard and showbiz it is for you. I am yet to continue it though
Aishiteruze Baby is great, I should finally watch the anime one of these days.

In other news, a series about Velazquez began today, called Kyūtei Gaka no Urusai Yohaku, which I have hopes for.

Lurk for two years before posting next time.
What can shoujo manga be about aside from romance?

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Whose your favorite anime character and why?

For me it's Edward Elric from Full Metal Alchemist. Despite living in a heightist society, he's able to overcome his shortcomings and achieve great things.
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Cause he isn't a faggot like Ed.
Kyon gets attention because he's tall, he doesn't have to work hard to earn it unlike Ed.
If Kyon gets angry, people think he's anger is justified but if Ed gets angry they'll call it Napoleon syndrome.
Is this an fma thread in disguise?

FMA is best shounen to watch and anyone that disagrees is a contrarian troll

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why didn't he become a therapist and make lots of money

and how does drilling a hole into your skull give you powers
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>"treats" one of his "patients" by making them cut off their finger
>treats another by raping them
>fails at another and makes them kill themselves by accident
I don't think he'd be a very good therapist
>fail at another

know he just made him confront his subconcious, he's the one who pussied out

>turned his friend into a trap

literally god
ok guys I'll be honest..... I just wanted to talk about Homunculus :((( Can someone please talk about it

>This triggers the hetfag
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You have my attention
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>This triggers the hetfag

You need two manly men to do that. Everyone knows Shinji is the best girl.

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He's still Japanese. Probably looks even smaller cause of his stature.
Just because a guy is large doesn't always mean he also has a large penis.
I guess she's always on top then..,

Lyrics: None
Song: None
Post your files on this thread or send it to a random email, whatever works. I'd also appreciate it if some anons screamed the chorus as backing vocals.
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Zankoku na tenshi no yoni


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Post the o my rubber nen moment of its respective series
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Fairy Tail
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>This will be like Gurren Lagann x Kill la Kill
What did Imaishi mean by this?
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Is it possible for Imaishi to do something unique and fresh?
>trigger creating something unique
It will be commercial drivel that is slightly better than most other commercial drivel.

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What was this crazy bitch's endgame?
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the dick
Had weirdest fucking dream with this fucking anime...

>dream I'm mainchar
>accept Anna's full yandere ecchi love
>manipulate her into thinking my seed has curative effects since they don't give sexual ed. to people anymore
>fast forward dream I'm fucking her ass and dropping loads inside because convinced her it acted like suppositories do
>she's thankful and I move onto making her swallow to prevent colds and sore throats

Nigga I should lobotomize myself lol
I'm watching this show rn and it's pissing me off that the protag isn't fucking Anna. This is why Japan is having a birth crisis, Japanese men avoid vaginas like they're venus fly traps.

Is there anything as good as Serial Experiments Lain, Texhnolyze, Ghost in the Shell, Patlabor, Millennium Actress, Perfect Blue, Ergo Proxy, Neon Genesis Evangelion, or Paprika yet?
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Fuck off and kill yourself, newfag.
Boku no Pico
Not right now.

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Shit bro, don't do something you'll regret.
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Man, this thing almost killed me

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You will never have a superpwered waifu.
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Too bad she can't poop.
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>endless stamina
Does 18 fuck behind Krillin's back
>jobs to Cell
>never trained since

She's pathetically weak relatively speaking. Should've gone with Vados.

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