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Was she the best girl in her show?
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Mild > Wild
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Goodness no

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tenshi 3p song.jpg
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I can't help but think of Macross when I hear that line.
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>Doesn't want to be bullied in school
>Does a thing that would make him be bullied in school
I don't get it.

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Who was in the wrong here?
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accurate filenames thread?
>filenames thread
uhhh sweetie... capture is the default snipping tool filename

Anyone else think it's less fun that Servants get summoned with knowledge about the modern world?
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>Where the fuck am I? Who the fuck are you? What the fuck kind of "language" are you speaking? Eat STEEL!
The story would be a bit shorter.
No. This way easily circumvents having several figh out of water stories.

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Sandwich best girl!
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Will she fuck up in kobe?
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I love her so much.
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Riko is so cute and sexy at the same time.

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What do Moths eat?
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Your clothes.
That's why mothballs exist.
Robo sperm.
sometimes it looks like art was made by demi pozuka

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I want to marry enju!
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why is her series so god damn depressing, it should be a crime to make girls this cute and then write such fucked up shit
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I want to marry Tina!
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blind loli abuse.webm
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I want to abuse blind lolis!

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What does /a/ think of Plana-chan?
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The poster look cute af.
Any /ll/ gang bang?
Always liked this author art
It's doing something currently?

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Of course.
wow so all twin angel had to do was have haruka show her tits and it would have been rescued from having dead generals every week like guruguru had at first?
Just people with shit taste watching their bad virgin gamers and gals anime.

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>There will never be a Tales anime that focuses entirely on Magilou
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>There will never be a Tales anime that focuses entirely on Sheena
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They never did explain her ears, did they.

I'm curious about them!
on the up side of that, it means there'll never be a Tales anime where you hear BIEEEEEEEEEEN every 60 seconds


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>is a caring, gentle wife
>has a normal, loving family, and a stable family business
>cute short hair and megane
>has the cutest voice EVER
>name sounds like "mon amie", which is some romantic French thing, thus showing how perfect she is for a romantic relationship
>would keep Kyousuke away from that bitch Kirino, who would probably physically abuse him daily if they were to ever get married for more than 5 minutes
>had the balls to punch Kirino for the first time in her life, finally getting revenge for all the brutal beatings she gave Kyousuke
>she has bigger breasts

There is NO reason for you to hate Manami. She is the best ending Kyousuke could possibly get, and everything he deserves.
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>everything he deserves
She's too good for him.
she wears glasses, though.
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And? Is this a bad thing?

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>/a/ suddenly loves moralfags
What happened?
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That one trip died.
Thank god.
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I'm tired of these scumbag MCs who are always creating misunderstandings and making my fucking brain hurt at their incompetency.

I just want competent characters. It's not funny anymore to just have a character who is always retarded or always perfect.

Don't give a fuck if they're a "moralfag" if they're well written.

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You don't call someone you've never met by their first name, Anon. It's impolite. You call them by their last name. Her name is Araragi.
What if she is standing next to her brother and sister, then what do I call her?

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It doesn't have to be Saki. Though, another season would be nice. When will someone make a new mahjong anime?
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Wait for Toki.
How did Saki avoid pissing herself during the mahjong tournament in the first season?

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Why hasn't anything surpassed k-on!! ? Love Live is shit, Gochiusa is shit. Every other SoL/ Moe show is shit. Is there anything that surpasses it?
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Lurk for 2 years before posting and watch more anime.
Because your taste is so shit that you can't get your face out of the dumpster.
Kiniro Mosaic

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