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Please tell me your honest feelings about Mami-san.
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I think it's time for a cut.
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Name ONE swordsman stronger than Shichika Yasuri. I'll wait.
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Kenshin Himura.

Miyamoto Musashi
Nanami was stronger than him in his own series you dumb nigger

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Was Flip Flappers too ahead of its time?
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In a sense, yes.
I think it would have worked better as an OVA or 2-cour. The story is too epic to confine to one cour. Unfortunately it couldn't have gotten made that way in the current business environment.
No it just sucked. Watch more anime.
I watched it recently and I think the hate it receives is kinda baffling. The last few episodes were kinda weak, yeah. But not enough to get shitposted to death.
Anyone care to explain what I'm missing?

>Literally Genocided his clan and his family. Killed innocent children and women
>traumatized his brother to become a psychopath
>Still seen as a hero and is one of the most popular characters in the whole series
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>Killing Uchihas
How is he not a hero?
they were putting a sharingan on the moon or some shit which I guess could've been a cool twist if any of Itachi's actions before then would have made sense after the twist
He singlehandedly stopped a coup against the village. Then joined a terrorist organization to make sure they didn't fuck with the village or his brother.

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One of the most common complaints on Strawberry's role as a protagonist has always been his lack of proper goals or motivations so let's see what could've been done to fix this.

The only condition here is that the goal must make sense within the context of the series.
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Well, he was always kind to spirits right? His goal could have been to protect the spirits of his town from disrespectful people and hollows
His goal was to protect. What's the problem?
Using his noble lineage and intelligence to climb the ladder of the soul society hierarchy and attain godhood to either bring his mom back from the dead or to break down the corrupt system.

There could even be a twist in the end where Ichigo thinks his ambitions will finally be realized but he just ends up getting backstabbed because the only real worth he ever had was as a powersource.

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So, what's this? I watched 1 episode and it was quite mediocre. 1920s in some non-existent european country, a weirdo and a doll-like tsundere. And a crime no one asked for (quickly solved because why not)
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I want to fuck Victorique.
not sure if good taste or weird taste
Don't watch it. It's honestly worse than scooby-doo in terms of engaging mystery.

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nice cameltoe emilias mum
>Betelgeuse was an Ikemen
I thought Emilia's mum was the witch of envy

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How much will you be gambling tonight /a/?
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Nothing, I'm broke and drunk all the time
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my Blue Eyes White Dragon
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Anime as a medium is largely dependend on the quality of related mediums (manga/VN/LN), and used as an advertisment for them.
Since 2000 the ammount of late night anime is constantly rising, except when the industry had a crisis in the mid-end 2000s
2015 reached a new record with 60800 minutes of late night anime being produced, but the recent years lacked large hits like the early and mid 2000s had.

I assume that this is because the related mediums can't keep up with the ammount of anime being produced.
It isn't rare that smaller works are receiving adaptions, which wouldn't even be considered for an adaption in the earlier 2000s.

My question: do you think that that this is going to turn into a problem for the industry, and how can the industry solve the problem?
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>I assume that this is because the related mediums can't keep up with the ammount of anime being produced.
I assume you're wrong because drawing manga and writing VN/LN all takes significantly less work than adapting them as anime, not to mention that it is much cheaper. There is absolutely no way for anime to ever overtake the related media in terms of overall output.
Interesting to see late night anime surpassed daytime in 2015.

It's possible that they'll start producing anime from even more obscure mediums. We've already had Vocaloid song adaptations, and mobage adaptations will probably become more common. Sadly.

It's an odd situation though. They're clearly running out of source material hits to adapt, so they'll either have to adapt non-hits and hope it works out or just make less anime. The patrician's choice would be to make more originals but that's not feasible.
That graph is shit and not useful to make assumptions about anime in general, make it stacked columns and we can talk.

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I didn't sign up for this. WTF.
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Go back to /r/anime
Fuck off.
I think you're just misunderstanding it.

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So, after monk Daiz and crossdresser rapist-kun, we're now getting TotallyNotAkane. What is the deal with those short softcore porn anime popping up recently?

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There's a lack hentai market for non-fujo female.
When I clicked on this thread I wanted this to be a romance anime with characters in their 20s.
Are we finally getting our cake romance anime?

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Why are cartoony looking characters generally not popular amongst anime fans?
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They aren't badass or cute enough.
you're literally posting Toriyama
do you even know what you're talking about
And everyone complains whenever he designs something cartoonier.

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Was magic a mistake?
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Considering everything related to magic, especially EP8 was a downfall, yes.
Magic is not real.
How can magic be a mistake if it doesn't exist?

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Why is this 14y japanese girl so tall
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We had this thread yesterday
Radioactive fish, rice and seaweed.
how tall is she?

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Is cloth really that great a material for fingerprint?
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Bitches and whores.
No. Regardless of how greasy said guy's hands are it won't leave a very reliable print.
Fingerprints can also be faked relatively easily, are not 100% accurate and will degrade rapidly. It is flimsy evidence at best. It is not enough to convict, especially with the lack of eyewitness testimony and camera footage.
The rape accusation would however destroy him so it's a legit threat. 50man did good.
Yeah, the accusation was a credible threat but I half expected him to rebuke her on the fingerprints.

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