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What would you do in this situation?
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link arms, dumbass
hold her hand slightly in front of her, bending her elbow and raising her hand a comfortable height.
Have her hug my arm.

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Apparently the latest episode is out. I wish these came out closer together.
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Himeragi a best. A BEST.

Threadly reminder
When is season 3?
>not La Folia
It's like you want everyone to know your taste is shit.

so Saber was originally supposed to be male but Nasu made him a girl, because male MC + female Servant is more marketable.

does this mean there would've been a female MC who aspired to become a seigi no mikata.
also would we have had a female Archer as well?
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No you moron. The original draft is Fate/Protoype.
It was a barely complete story he wrote in highschool, not the same thing with a guy.
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>female MC who aspired to become a seigi no mikata

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Yandere > Dandere >Kuudere > Tsundere
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objectively wrong

kuudere > dandere > tsundere > yandere

pic related
I think OP mixed up their >'s and <'s, because that's the exact opposite order of what they should be.

plus they rhyme

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Jupiter's back with a vengeance.
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>drama fujoshit
embrace it, at least it's not shonen ai shit
>embrace it
does not compute

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How is it possible that this fanfiction is better than DBZ Super?
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>nothing happens: the fanfiction
kys TAF-fanboy

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but SK was good

This is too fucking cute for me.

Happy to find a romcom with actual relationship progress.
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It doesn't though. They start going out, then stop. And you get almost exactly the same episode repeated ad nauseum, just like every other romcom but with "SUKI DA" instead of "EEEEH".
it's so repetitive it gets boring
I got bored of it pretty quickly. Monkey man screaming about how much he loved the girl every five seconds got old quick.

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>Try to download old anime RAW
>Torrent is dead
>Nobody seeds it

Now what ;_; I just wanted to download anime
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stream it
But I want to keep it on my hdd

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Was this the best moment of the show?
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objectively yes
It was a good visualisation of the autistic rage Manamifags (all 5 of them, 3 of them being Dutchfags' alter egos) were experiencing.
No, the part where Manami was the one punched was even better. Worst girl deserved it.

Probably the most deep and comlpex relationship out there.
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Western adult woman and japanese teen boy are cuddling.
Watch more anime.
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Really complex.

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sorry you are not in next week's episode
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Way to go, Mr. CEO
Saicho des!

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>Read manga that looks promising
>Turns into battle/tournament because the author doesn't know what to do with the story

Why does it keep happening guys?
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I like tournament, they are hype
Replying to my own thread, but I'll add substance.

>suisei no onmyoji
>Hungry Marie
>Rakudai Kishi no Eiyuutan

are what comes to mind.
It just makes it insta-shit.
People just start fighting each other for lulz, and comparing muh power level.
Why is this allowed?
What even is this?

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>Roshi gets a power up
>it's no fap

So from what i gathered about Roshi's speech to Caway. The more he's tempted into his desires the stronger he becomes? So if he had a bunch of naked teen girls in front of him teasing him and he surpressed his sexual desire he could theoretically go toe to toe with super saiyan blue goku?
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why not
Change naked girls to half-naked in wet clothes and he will be able to go toe to toe with all of the Universe at once.
Best character on the whole franchise.

You can't prove me wrong

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Was this one of the best animated shonen fights ever?
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Sure, excluding the kaiju bullshit.
Not even close, its animation and art was nice but apart from that it wasn't that good and the version of it from the storm 4 game felt much more emotional and nostalgic. Also everything apart from the kaiju battle was literally anime-only filler so hats off to SP for creating something watchable out of such shitty source material.
Not even the best one in Naruto. The following are all better than it:

Rock Lee vs Gaara
Might Guy vs Madara
Sakura and Chiyo vs Sasori
Kakashi vs Obito
Temari vs Konohamaru

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