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If Gohan didn't stop training then he would be on the same level as Goku/Vegeta if not stronger. The fact that he trained a little bit before the tournament of power and was almost able to match SSJB Goku will let you know that this is the case. And this is all without the help of god powers.
Prove me wrong. You can't.
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Him having the most talent was stated time and time again. But I don't think "I'm really talented, but I do nothing about it" is something to be proud of. Especially that Buu saga should be some kind of wake-up call for him (peace isn't given forever etc.). Him ditching the training after BoG and RoF is double dumb since the earth almost and actually got destroyed and he could do nothing about it.

Not to mention, what the fuck kind of shit does he need to be a scientist for?
The group has to deal with threats like omni-potent beings who could delete entire realities and he could play a really important part to defend the universe, yet studying shit seems to be more important.
Hell, I would get if Gohan invented important and cool shit like the Brief's but until now his "studies" seem to have been nothing but a plot-device by Toriyama to keep him cucked and weak so he wouldn't steal Goku's spotlight.
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Power levels never make sense

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Another retarded OP. Kill yourself.
Sorry, did I bump a Jojo general into the archive?

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I want to stay with Sora forever
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more island shenanigans coming up
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Fill in the blank.

Also Brack Ragoon thread.
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love the faces of the characters, the animation was good when it wanted to be i think
I miss this entire series so much even for as little as it had, it was still worth watching and reading.
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bararaika - i want to die.png
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also the OVAs were shit, the maid did NOT deserve an entire ova series on her holy shit, pick literally any other villain

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Nasu > Urobuchi

Complex psychology and character development > Archetypal bitch and empty platitudes ("wrong every time"? That is just a disgusting act of faith.)

Prove me wrong Urocucks.
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The fact that Urobuchi used Nasu's framework to make something better than anything Nasu has written is all that needs to be said.
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>Complex psychology and character development
Why are the movie tickets so big?

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Might as well post that new Utena manga since it finally got translated.
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The weak should fear the strong.
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I would let Esdeath chain me and order me to lick her boots with great delight
Kill yourself.
>finally see a pairing between a male hero and the woman antagonist
>it's in this series
Such a shame

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>walk down the street
>see this

What do?
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Pat tum of course
Bully Nono.
Take her home.

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oh man did they butcher the fuck out of the source material. literally nothing from the original anime is similar in this abomination. What are your thoughts?
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this feels like an american teenager flick
Im really curious why they changes light from a popular smart kid who looks up to his father into an angsty little bitch with daddy issues. Ryuk was kinda cool tho.

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Griffith did nothing wrong.
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Indeed, it's all Guts fault, now leave.
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I like a lot of Miura's armor designs
They look really cool
why do you say that?

Why is she so perfect lads?
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because she's a slut
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>this show
A mesterpiece of our times

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Would you fuck him?
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If I put myself in the shoes of someone who could, all things concerned, FUCK NO!
Johan best trap!
If he has a wicked sense of humor like me I sure wouldn't mind.

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Clamp is one of my favorite anime studios.

They made Code Geass, Card Captor Sakura.

I can't believe they are irrelevant now.
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There is more Code Geass and CCS coming out next year.
Fuck off already.
Didn't they only make the designs for Code Geass?

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Using Google and Bing to translate Chapter 16. It's not a literal copy paste of Google's translation, i fixed it up to make it more readable.
Currently only have the Prologue and Chapter 1 done so that's all I'm dumping.

Prologue Ally of Justice

It is an evaluation that all human beings who know her know in common that Tokisaki Kurumi is a good girl at times.
Born in a house full of generosity, buttered with parents who do not suffer childishness. She was brought up like a flower, she was not raised in frustration and frustration from her early days, it was 17 years she lived her life.
Everyone else hunts someone hatefully, and there is no such thing as being harassed by opposition, the flat peaceful days.
That surely is a happy thing. Fear probably nobody will appreciate it even if she sees her life, and in reality herself thought so.
However, I was never such a thing if it was told that there was nothing to do with trouble.
─ ─ The murmur, a sense of helplessness.
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I could not understand whether it was because I was educated in a borderless environment, or because I was a naturally born that way, but in my mind, it was always stupid.
If you look at the world, there are people who are tormented by bitter hardships.
Some people are involved in war and lose their lives, others are inflicted by their illness and cannot live long. People who cannot keep clothes or food, or those who receive discrimination without anything. The cold wind that forgives and injures every vulnerable person, but the world is blowing hard.
On television, in newspapers, in magazines - and with their own eyes.
Every time I see them, my mind’s heart is exhausted and filled with a sense of helplessness.
Perhaps it is something everyone feels once. Eventually everyone knows that the world is incomprehensible and encompasses our hearts and weakens our eyes from the unhappiness of the world out of reach.
But in the heart of the Kurumi’s mind, even when it passed, those feelings remained.
I might be able to do something for myself.
I want to extend my hand to those in need.
Perhaps it is something everyone feels once. Eventually everyone in the world knowing that it is unreasonable, having a compromise in mind, to reach out of the reach of one's own hands. You will keep your eyes away from misfortune. But in my mind’s heart, it nevertheless remained there even though it passed.
I might be able to do something for myself.

I want to reach out to those in need.

Put simply, badly speaking, childish and sweet sense of justice.
It was an emotion in the root of the heart of Tokisaki Kurumi’s heart, which she never showed to anyone.

And perhaps if she was such a girl, it might have happened.
It did.
── That day.
That day was also the same as usual day.
The time is around 17 o'clock. In an orange sunset, Kurumi is caught in a return trip with a friend.
While walking towards me, I had a conversation that usually occurred.

"── Hey, Sawa-san"
When Kurumi calls her name, Sawa Yamada her classmate tilts her neck while making her eyes snap. It was. It is a rustic girl who caressed maroon hair with three braids.

"Do you have any plans tomorrow? If there is nothing planned, I would like to visit your house again. But,"

"Yes, that's fine, but ... maybe, do you want to stroke Marron again?"
Sawa smiles and smiles and tells me. Marron is the name of a cat that lives at the house of Sawa. It has a lovely American short hair, a cute girl who is also pleased with interacting with humans.
"No, it's not that. I thought I want to study together again. Though ... "
"Hehe, let's do that sort of thing. Please come visit --- but if you like cats so much, you should also have a crazy san. "
Hearing the words of Sawa, Tokisaki Kurumi frowned.
"... My mother is allergic to cats"
"Well ... I will visit you until I live by myself in the future"
Sawa said so and laughing again, waving her hand fluttering and walking towards her house
It was.
When she responds to it while looking back at her hands, she walks again after she disappears from her vision.
It’s peaceful every day, there’s nothing to complain about. I am also blessed with my friends and I cannot starve, there is no disease like this.
It is surely that these days will continue. Kurumi’s chest felt something in the back of my heart.
Although I remember, she ignored it and went home. ─ ─ It turned out shortly after that, that Kurumi felt discomfort.
Where she walked down the street for the second time, Kurumi’s eyes flinched while looking around at the quiet neighborhood.

Without noticing, people, animals, every sound was gone, from the surroundings.
It feels as if she got lost in another world.

For a moment, I thought that abnormalities appeared in my ears ─ ─ but it was different. My voice and clothing rubbing, the sound of it was still clearly heard.
"Wh, what is this ...?"

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How do they decide the candidates?
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All hail our queen!
I don't know, those rankings remind me of BiGlobe, pretty dumb.
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>Ao is only in 36th place
I love her but with the way she was acting, she was top 5 material.

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