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What do you want to say to her?
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No I'm not cooking for you. Get out of your room you spoiled little shit and get to school.
True brother who is not a degenerate
get the fuck out from here hehe
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You too live in a world where Manami is best girl.

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Reminder not to drug your kids with smart drugs
You are banned!

If aberrations are formed by and conform to human belief, why does Kisshot have capability above and beyond what people generally believe a vampire is supposed to have?
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Probably because the rumors grew larger and larger and so did her abilities?
>like 10 monogatari threads right now
>none of them have more than 20 replies except the sodachi one
The sticky was a mistake.
Well, think like this
>everyone thinks there's one really powerful vampire
>stupid sailors say the Vampire can do X
>soon a lot of people in the village think the vampire can do X too
>she now can do X, because they think she can
Rinse and repeat until Kisshot is basically god.
Adult Kisshot having fun with rrg is the cutest thing ever.

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Why did he turn into a complete retard during this scene? His character development took a sudden turn for the worst.
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no? here was there to get information, which he successfully got.

he was not there to kill people. and his skill is such that he can play around with his opponent without any deaths.
>complete retard
op you retard

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Are we safe now?
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Mai Natsume Reference.jpg
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I would like to request Mai Natsume doing the oppai heart challenge that recently started on Twitter. E g.:

Another suggestion is Mai with her arms behind her head tying her hair in a ponytail:

Or perhaps Mai wearing a leotard and performing rhythmic gymnastics. E.g.:

Other ideas would also be appreciated.
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my world.jpg
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Requesting my sweet fluffy girl Celica A. Mercury!

Anything cute, romantic or a little lewd would be very appreciated.

If you want something specific, blazblue is getting a mobage so it would be cute to see Celica rolling herself in the gacha and looking excited

Thank you and have a nice weekend!

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The new episode is out, discuss
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Just watched the sub, I've been waiting for this scene to be animated
I give us five minutes.

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Fuck her goddamn it. I trusted her and wanted to to be like her but instead she is some normie filth i cannot relate to. fuck this cunt.
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Fuck off.
It was inevitable. Did you really expect a girl who aspired to be popular would be an edgy fag like you?
I am glad that Tomoko managed to finally brush the sleeves of a wonderful school life instead of ending up like me.

Do your best, Tomoko.

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To think this how it all started

Kind of warms my heart
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This thread will probably get deleted soon.
Will threads get deleted when Season 2 is up?

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Is this going to be the most relaxing show ever made?
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Oh shit, nigga.

I didn't know about this. Won't be as good as Sketchbook or Aria, but will likely top Yama no Susume.
But Yama is better than Aria.
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I'm hype.

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Everyone-is-cheating-but-the-MC-out-keikakus-everyone-else: The anime

I figured it all out /a/!
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Sorry, wrong pic
You are the first one to figure that one out, wow.

Mary a cute. CUTE.
I-am-SO-FUCKING-SMART-but-actions-have-no-consequences-and-plot-is-retarded: the anime.

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meru meru meru meru meru meru me
meru meru meru meru meru meru me
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Nande mo dekichau BATTO ESUKARIBORUGU!
Objectively the best girl.

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>Anime adaption of a manga
>The anime has someone describing what someone's attack is before, inbetween or after they do the attack, messing with the pacing.

>Videogame adaption of a manga
>The game has the person doing the attack describe what they're doing as they're doing it.

Why can't anime studios do this right?
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Because Japs need exposition like we need oxygen.
>edge of the knife pointing towards you when you want to stab someone
>not towards the target
Why can't little girls do this right?
>Stabs someone
>Edge pointing towards the target
>Not the point
You're not the sharpest knife in the drawer, are you

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itt good girls stuck in bad shows
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She was literally the worst girl in the show. Though she wasnt the worst part, the fucking ghost TADA BANRI took that part.
They don't exist
I expected her to be this perfect girl who's out of the MC's league after the first episode, her being an absolutely pathetic mess took me by surprise.

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I strongly believe the world would be a better place if everyone accepted yuri in their hearts and souls.
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mff general.webm
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>s2 never ever

I think these bait thread should be included in >>161301962.

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What are her weapons called?
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Love and Peace.

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