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Is this the poor man's [email protected]?
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they're equal at worst
It honestly feels like the people behind Idolmaster put more effort and love in it as opposed to Love Live's.
It's the poor man's k-On!

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You find this on the ground, what do you do with it? It comes with a Shinigami who said you can keep it (i.e. He won't kill you) as long as you supply him with good anime and/or movies to watch. He's going to stay with you until you die though, because these notebooks are valuable.
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Write my name on the first page so it can be sent back to me should I lose it.
Tell that lazy ass ghost he's paying rent.
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Keep it and use it in my everyday life but without going crazy

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images (84).jpg
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Aside from the OP, does this show have any redeeming factors?
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Let me remember.
>mc is losing a fight
>"I remember"
>gives him the exact ability he needs to win

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I want to protect this spider. Does anyone know the feeling?
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I want to stomp on this edgy insect.
This series pissed me off, mostly because literally as soon as she gains arachne form it becomes pointless because she jumps straight into full humanoid form.

It seems to be a common and annoying trope with these reincarnation into something nonhuman things. Slime tensei had the same problem except the human form came even sooner.

Whats the point of making your story about characters who are non-humanoid if you are just going to give them a human form later on and turn it into generic isekai shit.

You have exactly 10 seconds to name a more overrated girl than this.

Protip: You can't
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Any girl from Monogatari.
Mods have exactly 10 seconds to remove this thread.
Protip: They will.
any one piece girl
haruhi suzumiya
sakura from naruto
any pokemon girl

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Why did people get mad over the ending? Did they really not see the imouto end coming?
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only kuronekofags and brainlets (literally) hate the ending
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Wasnt the scenes where he tells the other girls that he was going to dick his sister what pissed people off?
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Did they make Chino sexy on purpose?
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I don't know but I love Chino
No, you're just a sexpervert.
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Just accidentally.

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Akasaka Aka.png
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ITT mangaka you could beat in a fight
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Depends, are they allowed to use their xacto knives?
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fkmt daki.jpg
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Can I challenge him for his Akagi daki?
If a xacto knife could make a difference, you'd lose either way.

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Remember to relax and take it easy.

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Blood and Thunder.jpg
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Requesting my daughteru Noire wearing Nagis archery outfit please.
Or wearing a traditional kyudo outfit.
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Reference Image #23.jpg
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Rias in Saber Alter (Summer)’s swimsuit, please http://www.imgur.com/a/eo6ap

Or wearing a wedding dress.

Thanks and have a nice day.
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reference4t3 (2).jpg
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Requesting Pyrrha Alexandra doing something sexy with her thigh highs

or Something cute with her second style on the right

have a nice drawfriendly weekend~

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I'm watching through Vivid Strike for the first time. I should have watched this while it was airing! Rinne is a fascinating character.
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It's great. Don't let any bully tell you other wise.
Did you confuse the image OP?
>White Fate with a shitty motivation is "fascinating"
Yeah, you should have watched it while it was airing. One more person making a mess out of Nanoha threads with spam and destroying them permanently was just what we needed.

I hope all these turbo sluts get rekt and the lolicon gets his loli.
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Holy shit that loli
>probably 4' 5"
>half her body weight is her tits

The only way she's going to afford the spine surgery, is by sucking dick.
Loli is comical. It's one thing to have loli with big tits, but if she has biggest bust of the entire cast while being shortest of the entire cast, she looks neither hot nor cute, just plain ridiculous.

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This faggot could have stopped Third Impact by himself, but he didn't
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because humanity deserved to go extinct
Seeing this picture made me smile and forget my shit life for a bit
Why would we he have wanted to?

Please do not bully the Misaka, says Misaka in a sincere tone
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Mikoto a shit
File: 1501218917653.jpg (94KB, 540x763px)Image search: [Google]
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Misaki does what she wants.

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Post anime in which the best girl won.
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But OP...
Whew. What a shitshow. Literally and figuratively.
I see what you are trying to say.
Literally kill yourself.

File: PEEEEEEEEEEEEEDROOOOOOOOOOOO.png (340KB, 753x583px)Image search: [Google]
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Pedro is the MVP of the century
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Pedro's here.
>ywn go to japan and impregnate nip cuties
Pedro's life is UMA DELICIA
File: 1501942139692.jpg (290KB, 1920x1036px)Image search: [Google]
290KB, 1920x1036px
This, but unironically. I love the dude.

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