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Post /ourguy/ in their respective anime/manga
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Why did they decided to animate Colors instead of Bocchi?
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Bocchi isn't popular enough.
Both are just as good honestly, I just can't choose between them so I'm glad that at least one got an adaptation.
Bocchi is popular and she's going to befriend every girl on her class.
Just give her some time and she's going to become the most popular girl.

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Which's the best reality, /a/?
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> not being a loli
None of those look appealing
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Hips moving on their own
>You are fat, ugly, smelly and socially retarded.
Insert self-deprecating joke here

>not being a loli
unironically the best option

What is objectively the worst anime ever made?
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your favorite anime
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pic related is bad, but Skelter Heaven DOES have the worst rating on MAL

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I dropped this anime with just a couple of episodes left. Don't know what they were thinking with that entire episode of the MC's childhood friend experiencing severe emotional trauma over being cucked. Not what I watch anime for.
Most unneeded second season in the history of anime. 1st one was good tho.

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cakes deserve to die alone
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cakes deserve to be loved.
OP is a faggot, as usual.

Holy crap. This is shonen as fuck.
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It is a shonen series after all.
And that was a pretty fucking good manga.
I know, but I had in my head this belief that Slam was a serious manga about real baseball, but everything about it plays out exactly like in a classic shonen manga. The.pacing, the way everyone needs a nickname and every teams has a oh-so-special character among them...

Don't get me wrong, it's great, but I didn't expect it to follow the genre so closely.

Why do you like anime?
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Raphi needs to rape Satania already.
Cause it's fun.
Also your question is to broad.
I can't imagine another reason

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center begin firing then slowly retreat to draw them in.

Left flank expand further leftward with the intent of flanking the approaching enemy.

Lancers to the right!
Remake when

Oh no the enemy has been reinforced by a Deus Ex event that happened light years away for the sole reason not to let one side have an overwhelming victory that would completely end the conflict

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Post your favorite animay.
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your favorite animay.
your favorite animay.
I want them to make babies.

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Why was this show so good?
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because takao was in it
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best girl is in it that's why
Because MC wasn't a dense virgin. He genuinly wanted for all the girls to leave him alone.
Also, Takao family is top tier.

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What will the next season hold for best girl?
How can they improve upon what they've done to her already?
How could they fuck it up for her?

And is she gay or a yurop?
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Adventures and such that help Diana relate with Akko and friends more would be nice to see.
Episode 14 ruined Akko for me. I can't believe she's a dirty commie.
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>tfw comiket book just arrived
Who needs scans when you have the real deal?

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Why is she a better imouto than the actual imouto?
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She's just a attention whore.
don't stick your dick in crazy
what's up with this slutfest

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Sora > Jun > Sakura > Nozomi > kiriyume > stinky feet clingy sister
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you have stinkyfeets manlet
Imouto feet >>>>>> everything

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>American Light got pussy 20 mins in while Nip Light died a virgin

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Its funny how 3DPD posters are always the worst poster.

Why are normalfags and crossboarders always so cancerous?
>Nip Light died a virgin
Light was swimming in pussy from the start.
If he didn't already bang the students from his class, he most likely banged Misa and Takeda

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