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best anime? or worst
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How does it compare to FMA(2003)?
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Best shounen and anyone that says otherwise is a contrarian troll.

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Whenever Kurapika's eyes turn scarlet he enters, Emperor Time (絶対時間 Absolute Time), that when activated makes him into a specialist and lets him use any other nen category at the same efficiency as his strongest nen category, however for every second he is within this state he loses an hour for every second past.

Now the question that's worth discussing:
How much time has he lost altogether from using this ability, and since the condition of entering such a state requires him to have scarlet eyes does that mean whenever he carelessly shown his eyes to people he had to pay hours out of his life?
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I think the life time cost doesn't apply for previous usings of Emperor Time.
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Why do you think that?
It's rather odd to have this boost in power for this long and only be aware of the drawback now.
>How much time has he lost altogether from using this ability
His fight with Uvogin + the times when he used off screen, if he ever did + ~12 hours on the boat.
Scarlet eyes =/= Emperor Time. He can freely turn them red without any repercussions. I don't know if it boosts his fighting skills that way, without emotions, but he doesn't achieve 100% proficiency without Emperor Time. He wouldn't know the exact time if he wasn't the one that put the restriciton.

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The Yakuza Developers are working on a Fist of the North Star Game:
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Kiwami 2 gonna be released on Dec 7th in JP.
Kiwami, an 400 days old game in Japan, finally gonna be released in US in 3 days.

There has to be a Ryu ga Gotoku anime.

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Find a flaw.
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Hipster glasses
Blueballs the MC to test him
she'll never be animated again

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Going to jump straight to the chapter. Animal sketches and delay notice after that.
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So when can we expect the manga to finish?

Should be soon, right?
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Why did you had to remind me? Fucking CLAMP, man.
Do not worry. Any day now.
>still 4 volumes to go
I don't think so, anon. And it's a shame because X/1999 had lots of potential and the art was positively stunning. It makes me mad that they've decided to abandon this project so that they would concentrate on either other incomplete/unsatisfying manga like xxxHolic and Tsubasa Chronicles or they would go on to animate seriously retarded shows like Code Geass.

CLAMP will always make me mad.

Why do people say traps are gay, when I can't imagine a single deck without based mirror face?
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>mirror force
>not swords of revealing organs

honestly why even have internet access? give your bandwidth to me you fucking cardlet.
>mirror force
Helpless against monster that cannot be destroyed. Better bounce them with another variant of mirror force.
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Yu-Gi-Oh! (遊戯王 Yū-Gi-Ō!, lit. "Game King") is a Japanese manga series about gaming written and illustrated by Kazuki Takahashi.

Considering what they did to Melpha, how much are they going to fuck Cattleya's design?
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I'd fuck cattleya's design if you know what Im saying my man.
If they ruin Cattleya then I am so done with this franchise.
No one ever gave a fuck about Melpha though, that's why they changed her so much so that she would appeal to someone at last.
Cattleya is one of the franchise cash cows, they know they can't change her that much.

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What's the trashiest anime ever created?

My vote goes to pic related.
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Going by your pic, my vote goes to Oreimo.
Define "trashiest"
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I don't watch much trashy anime, but my vote goes to My first girlfriend is a gal.

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worst girl.png
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>It's a senjougahara episode.

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This slut was only good in the first episodes of Bake.
>It's a Hamekuji episode
She's great in episode 12 bake

Is she the devil?
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If she is then consider me a satanist.
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I believe not.
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Mary is the Holy Virgin because her body is so unappealing.

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What went wrong /a/nons?...I mean what didn't
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These guys are basically demigods at this point, some swords wounds aren't going to do shit to them.
Narratium is.
>What went wrong /a/nons?
You discussing narutotard shit on /a/ for starters.

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>anime set in Europe
>character is clearly not Japanese
>makes Japanese gestures and mannerisms and uses Japanese honorifics
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An anime set in Europe deosnt mean that the character cant be Asian. The same way a character being Japanese doesnt mean that he cant be white.
>a work of fiction
>it doesn't represent reality
How shocking.
>the OP is a faggot again

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Rate my Taste.jpg
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++Mushishi, Tatami
+Katanagatari, Code Geass
-Kimi no Na wa, Penguindrum
Is mid right Kamichu?
If so, ++Kamichu
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Thanks for listen.
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High school girls make weird fucking faces and gamble and fight and are crazy and that's literally it
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i feel the same desu
>New Game
Yuru yuri in Working!'s setting.
People are misunderstood, people think that his significant other is cucking her/him, you need a fucking degree in Nuclear Physics to ever understand whatever is happening and not a single game was played yet.

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