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Luffy is the best DESIGNED shounen protagonist. Prove me wrong.
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Natsu has PINK HAIR and still looks better than any Odashit character.
Every pre seinen jojo protag except Johnathan is better designed.

>I was just your average high school student
>but then I became an isekai OP MC
>oh wow so cliche lmao
How can someone unironically write an intro like this to a manga?
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Because Japan has shit taste and keeps lapping it up.
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Google reverse image search isn't working.
What the fuck is this. And I could've sworn I read all the shitty isekai manga there is to read already.
>implying the west doesn't like to eat shit just as much
Japan isn't the nation where SAO is worshipped on normie sites like MAL and leddit.

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Didn't recognize Yui with hair that dark and what's she doing in Chernobyl?
Lucky Star
I do not know)

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>Pretty big drop for Fireworks. Around half of last weekend's admissions (so ~150 million this weekend).
What went wrong?
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Please don't bully Shaft!
They're trying their best!
They delayed (or even cancelled) Madoka's continuation in favor of it.

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Your drunken mama is about to kiss you (like lover). What will you do?
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Push her away.
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Or better question. How long until this guy just gives up.
Obviously blush and run away

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What in fuck is wrong with Anime episode titles? It's literally a synopsis. What's some other ridiculous examples of this?
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japs have no concept of subtlety everything needs to be explicitly laid out for them otherwise they dont get it. its why all animes have closeup cuts to people in the background explaining everything that is going on, otherwise the japs wont understand. also why jap media like evangelion where it doesnt explain exactly what is going on is seen as amazing and groundbreaking
Light novel titles are worse. One example:

I'm A High School Boy and a Successful Light Novel Author, But I'm Being Strangled By A Female Classmate Who's A Voice Actress And Is Younger Than Me

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Patience, Perseverance and Acceptance are virtues or so they say.
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Change the file name to:
>Mod vs proxyfag
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The bug

Should she have been more heavily punished?
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She put a star symbol in the fucking moon
But should she have been punished?
In the wake of the /lwag/ purge, should we look to a Discord to solve our problems, as cancerous as it may be?

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atashinchi 4.gif
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Would you?
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I would a pic related
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A goddam classic

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What do you see as most important best shonen in manga history? I mean like shonen have brought something new in shonen scene. In my opinion FMA, HxH. Not generic shit like Boku no Hero Academia. What do you think?
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I wish this thread >>161567644 was still up, at least I've got a screencap of it, thank you.
Didn't Magi fall into the usual trap of going on for too long and the author losing sight of what made it enjoyable?

>Premise is literally "loli succubus must drink semen to survive"
>No lewd moments at all
What the fuck? I'm glad this show flopped.
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It was just cowardice. They cut all the lewd out because they're afraid of showing loli lewd on TV. I feel really sorry for the author because she got blamed for it flopping when it was 100% the studio's fault.
>not enjoying heartwarming family values
What a fag.
The story wasn't designed for heartwarming family values it was designed for nopanties lolis fawning over a giant dick. You cant just remove the nopanties lolis and the giant dick and expect people to still enjoy it.

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With minimal effort, ten years ago, if you came up with the idea to make a novel about heroes from other lores being partners with high school girls and guys, you'd be living like a fucking king right now.

Why did YOU not invent the Fate series?
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I was too young.
I was too busy inventing anime itself.
I was too busy inventing time itself.

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New chapter in a few minutes.
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If you were Aragagi, would you have saved her? Would things have been different?
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I would have felt up those tits.
She's like crab but not shit.
>If you were Aragagi, would you have saved her?
If I was Araragi it wouldn't have connected in my mind that the house I was meeting her at was her house and not some Summer secret hide-out due to my parents not being shit and living a pretty well-off and comfortable lifestyle, apparantly.

She's literally Asuka from Evangelion.

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op fate.jpg
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My Favorites




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Hard to say. I like Disillusion a lot but Oath Sign is really good too.
F/SN op1 is in my opinion one of the best openings in the medium. Expert attention to detail down to minutiae.

Most OPs in the franchise are extremely generic, though.

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