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Any good?
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It's comfy
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It's very cute and charming, so yes, definitely good and worth a read. But as always there's even vastly better series which is often overlooked.

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I'm going to post this everyday until you like it.
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I thought I wanted to do it once.
I like it, you can stop now.

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what a man should do.jpg
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finally caught up with Hinamatsuri
damn this manga made me laugh like an idiot so many times
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Isn't it weird how people just assume that smart people don't laugh and that laughter is therefore a sign of stupidity?
well smart people are supposed to let out a haughty ara ara~ instead of laughing aloud crying
Underrated and a great manga
I was expecting it to go downhill after timeskip but it's still way too hilarious

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Is this the greatest shoujo series of all time?
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the last ten episodes were better than the whole series.
The last 10 episodes were genuinely soul-crushing.

>Oscar and Andre's relationship starting out on the rocks
>Joseph dying
>Oscar getting lung disease
>Oscar and Antoinette's final meeting
>the fucking portrait scene
>the accordion man's death
>Oscar and Andre's death
>Robespierre ruining everything

It was so painful and tragic it was beautiful.
To me the list would go:
1. Revolutionary Girl Utena
2. Rose of Versailles
3. X
4. Kare Kano
5. Nana
6. Magic Knight Rayearth
7. Visions of Escaflowne
8. Oniisama e...
9. Legend of Basara
10. Whisper of the Heart

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How hard did it flop?

Sales werent that high and Amazon was a fuck up. Game has no pre orders either. I think its safe to say that Trigger is on the brink of financial destruction thanks to Little Witch Academia and Tattun is trying to get Gaiji support in a last ditch effort
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>Implying it flopped at all
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Anon, it was behind dragon loli in BD sales

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Why doesn't Viz publish colored pages of manga in color? Weren't they supposed to be leaders of the industry?
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Do Japanese tanks publish color pages from magazines in color?
Depends, I saw that WSJ series have every colour page grayscaled, but one series from Jump SQ has one colour page every volume (not sure about other series)
That's basically my experience too. They have a few color pages for the first chapter of the volume, and all follow-up color pages are grayscaled; and that's also what I get in localized releases.

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Lets see it /a/
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I mean, u rite. Doesn't mean we cant have fun with it
File: 2017-02-07-neo-flavoursxxxxx.jpg (136KB, 750x1000px)Image search: [Google]
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Knew I saw her somewhere

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Is there any studio with better visuals than Ufotable?
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Do you really consider these visuals to be special?
File: Cinegrid-Kyokai01.webm (1MB, 1280x720px)Image search: [Google]
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yeah, Madhouse circa Satoshi Kon.

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Does having skin darker than her hair make an anime girl look ugly?
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It makes them unsexy.

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TITANIC anime but replace the ship with the Hindenburg, Jack is a girl (renamed to Jackie) and secretly a JEW working on the ship as a spy to bring down the blimp, Rose is Aryan.

Lesbianism ensues between Jackie and Rose. At the final day before the Hindenburg is destroyed by Jackie's partner (Shkreli), Jackie attempts to save the Hindenburg as she fell in love with Rose. Shkreli is killed by Rose after he nearly kills Jackie in the final battle. Unfortunately Shkreli managed to set fire to the blimp, causing the blimp to begin exploding. Jackie and Rose attempt to run, but end up trapped. They both die, hugging until they are burnt to a fine gay crisp.
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Mahou Shoujo, except the girls transform into burly men
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The Passion of the Christ anime but everyone is a loli except for Jesus, the Romans are tsundere and the Jews are yandere.

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What was the point of sex if they would just act like it never happened?
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they fuck all the time
Romcoms shouldn't last this long i dropped it at the kotatsu shenanigans
It's boring now
Because sex isn't a big deal when you're in a relationship anon. Of course you make love, but its not something you have to always focus on

What are you thinking about when you see this image?
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ass n tiddy
Something something anatomy
Easy access

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Fox girls are for _____.
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taking as concubines..
Head patting

File: Series_ep02_043.jpg (45KB, 550x426px)Image search: [Google]
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>its a nanami episode
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>2/3 way through, it's a Nanami episode
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Only plebs hate Nanami and her episodes.
Nanami episodes are plebfilter.

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Will Reiner ever find peace?
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He will when he finally dies.
Is this the nonshitposting thread?
Too bad it'll die soon

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