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Lolis are the superior lifeform and we should worship and serve them.
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I'm inclined to agree.
Why did they have to pick G4M of all the magazines
Wait, what happened?

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What does /a/ think of S girls in anime/manga?
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They never win.
They make my pee-pee hard.
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legs 16.png
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NTR is for sophisticated patricians

Prove me wrong. Hint: you can't
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I know nothing about this series but from the threads on /a/ it seems like everyone fucks everyone in this series why are they all upset?
This series may be the first genuine, unironic 0/10 I've ever read in my life. Anyone who enjoys this must either be a masochist, a cuck, or both.
Though Citrus isn't great, at the very least it getting an anime will sort of counter this. YagaKimi should've gotten the adaptation though.
>citrus is better

Go back to /u/ shill

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what the fuck? i just finished reading "The Fallen Hawk" and i wanna know what kind of mental problem the writer have
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I've said it before and I'll say it again. Miura is the George R R Martin of Japan.

>wildly popular gritty fantasy writer
>loves rape, lolis/shotas and torture
>seems to enjoy naked men, huge penises and gay sex
>writes retarded female characters
>long-ass hiatuses
Writing about fucked up shit doesn't make you a fucked up person.
Depends on what you define as fucked up.

I mean most people who write fucked up shit are normal on the outside but have thoughts and ideas that trouble them.

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Why can't anything surpass it?
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It's not that good
It's that good.
It's maybe that good

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Was she actually a slut? The series paint she as one, but she tells Kaji she only ever had sex with him.

Was she lying or was it just the japanese stigma against Christmas Cakes in action?
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Pedophile ho.
Yes, she was.
She was a slut in her heart. She had less sex than Ritsuko. Maybe Maya.

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Best Boy or Best Boy?
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Bathhouse owner >>> Jack.
What was his name, again?
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Hopper didn't die for this

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Who is the strongest anime character? assuming everyone is in their ultimate form, completely healthy and ready with all the weapons/outfits who wins?
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Lord Ainz ? dunno
Madara Uchiha
Zeno-sama from DB Super of course.

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Are we entering the era of great anime films?
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>5 Billion Yen
So that's what like $5000?
>Are we entering the era of great anime films?
Please don't be this ignorant, OP.
Arriety and Marnie were so-so, I have reservations about this one.

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Is there any potential way he could be the strongest hero?
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if someone cuts a building in two, he could put his balls between the 2 halfs and avoid them falling over for up to 24 hours
he could get physically strong enough and translate that strength to grip of the balls. he could hold a maximum power deku down with the balls. he could hold anyone down with the balls.
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If his balls can react somewhat similar to this

What's your favorite Ghibli SCENE?
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top tier choice, anon. why didn't Porco just choose Fio instead?
I think she was just too young for him, and Marco was an old man that still had a lot of skies to explore.

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This is your mom for tonight, /a/
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i want those thighs to crush my head
Why are all the girls in this manga so squishy?
Damn, this artist is so good.

This is the ideal female body. You may not like it, but this is the female body at its peak.
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Pussy too ravaged from zoophilia. Not ideal at all.
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>disgusting cow tits
>old hag
Not even close.
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You're way off the mark
Please leave

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How did /a/ react to episode 12?
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indifferent, i dont remember /a/ exploding like it did with the mami episode
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> /a/'s reaction every time mami died

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that movie was actually nice
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I loved it!
CGI isnt always shit.
Next movie when?

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