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I legitimately believe that you're better off starting with watching Fate/Zero before reading Fate/stay night.

I also believe that Fate is better than Unlimited Blade Works.
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OP is faggot
I think that the Muv Luv Alternative anime has one of the best introductions ever made.
SAO wasn't that bad

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Do we have an AOTS yet?
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You can't judge a series from a single chapter. At least await for the 3 chapter rule before asking this.
I'm judging it from the beauty of the visuals. I've also read the comic, so I'm familiar with the plot and I'm fairly certain that it's the best show of the season in that department.
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the only viable choice

If you had choose on girl for the sole purpose of being your personal cum dumpster who would it be? Post a pic
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Dump incoming.
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why? nobody asked for this
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Why? Nobody asked for this.
>bring back series everyone forgot about
>Replace MC/make him a backseat to their new waifubait character with those stupid fucking headphones.

I guess this is what happens when you take enjoyable shows from back then and try to normalize and pander to this generation. You get shitty waifus added to it. DBS and cauli was another example.
I typed in FLCL Season 2 in youtube and damn do you get a lot of cancer. At least the preview is the first result.

This seems like it will pander to the geek cred crowd very heavily. Those stupid cat ear headphones and obvious CG everywhere distractions.

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Why are Office Ladies the butt of so many jokes?
There's nothing inherently funny about an unmarried 30 year old woman.
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But there is a massive inherent problem with being unmarried 30 year old Japanese.

WE NEED YOU TO BREED GODDAMN IT! Otherwise your entire country will die out, along with your anime industry and my new born nephew will never know the splendor of anime. its a matter of survival.
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>There's nothing inherently funny about an unmarried 30 year old woman.
In anime/manga they're sympathetic characters so when we see them suffer we laugh, but we also feel a bit for them. In reality if you're a woman, you're 30 and you're still single then you're just a horrible person and/or tragically ugly.

That's some thick sweat there.

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>your wife gives birth
>ex boyfriend visits her in the hospital along with all their other friends and family
>acts like a normal person and talks to him
>you get jealous
>get drunk
>go home
>wife still in hospital with baby
>this tranny that you both know from college comes to your house
>you try to fuck
>can't get hard
>tranny fucks you in the ass right next to your newborn's crib
>stinking up the master bedroom to the point where the tranny needs to clean it with Lysol and shit
>tranny goes home and nonchalantly tells their girlfriend about cheating on her and fucking you in the ass
>yet you still wonder if you had an affair or not

Does Kio Shimoku have MPD? Genshiken Nidaime and Gonensei were bad enough.
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Oh, wow.
It's all his wife's fault.
He just hates his readers. I'm done with anything he draws.

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You should smile more!
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do smug smiles count
I saw this and realized that I was smiling. What sorcery is this?

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Post the first anime you ever watched using a pc (streaming, downloading etc)
thus not counting the catch-all tv stuff

mine was DearS
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No regrets
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Cardcaptor Sakura, probably about 15 years ago. Pirated it off Limewire because I didn't know shit about the internet.

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fingering her hairpussy
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images (2).jpg
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I'm going to post this everyday until you like it.
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I thought I wanted to do it once.
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But he did it once.
I really really like this image

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Worst anime of the season has no thread? I'm disappointed, /a/.
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a/ is dead right now
This looked so bad I avoided it. How bad was it?
Protag's your average self-insert that solves girls' problems by getting angry at them. They do a poor job of making said problems seem as bad as they actually are (it's pretty shallow, actually). OP's okay, but the music just doesn't fit at all. Animation's nothing stellar either. It's just a really awful and rushed premiere.

Who is that pokemon?
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does this bitch every get any less annoying and stop calling that dude senpai
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No, but she gets her just reward in the end.
Fuck off, she's cute.

Post clothing that has an anime reference that looks good and not hot topic tier. No memes, no shit posting
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