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cyberpunk anime.jpg
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What's the best cyberpunk anime?
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Bubblegum Crisis.
boku no pico
>overrated crisis

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is this worth watching why or why not
Every "nice guy" ever.
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Sasuga Pride Archbishop

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On a scale of one to ten, how cute would you say Konata is? I think about 8.6
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She's a smelly neet with stinky feet
She goes to school. She's not a NEET.
She will be after she graduates

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You wouldn't ravioli a dragon loli, would you?
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I love Maidragon's style
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What did Kanna want to do to Saikawa?
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You tell me.

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Casca gets her mind back and ends up with Griffith.
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casca and guts gona kill grifith
Why are Griffithfags so delusional?
There's a greentext prediction that seems pretty likely.
Someone will post it eventually.

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>39 episodes of borderline incoherent homoerotic symbolism building up to nothing more than "I'm a strong independent black woman who don't need no man!"

Why is this so acclaimed, again?
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Anthy's plotline was a metaphor for breaking free from an abusive/controlling relationship. There was also metaphors for several other topics during the series through other character developments.
It struck me more as a metaphor for breaking free from heterosexuality and the idea that what will bring a woman happiness is finding a prince to sweep her off her feet. Dios/End of the World is basically an embodiment of male oppression/dominance and came off as a metaphor for women being oppressed by the expectation that they should behave like princesses and find worth in serving a man. Utena shatters that archetype and gives Anthy hope of a gay life outside of social norms.

In other words it's feminist garbage that was at least twice as long as it needed to be.

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Honestly, she's like a death sentence
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Honestly, she's like a perfect banana.
Honestly, she's like a monkey. Don't fuck monkeys.
>first umaru
>now this
Anime is finally starting to get good again

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>i hate when anime characters use english words, its so cringey
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Loving you, Maki-chan!
It's actually pretty funny hearing characters speaking broken English.
Who are you quoting?

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it was a good movie, the only problem is that it tries to be Ghost in the Shell while not being Ghost in the Shell. Also the ending sucks.

The original movie had the Puppeteer, that was a more interesting "villain" and plot device. I don't know why they didn't use it. Aside from the cast, if they just use the original plot in a different setting (cyberpunk in USA) it could have worked better than the stupid mix they tried to make. I have to say though that the cyberpunk vibe was cool and well done.
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Why is scarlett so ugly on that cover?

I don't know, man. Maybe being in your 30s isn't good for your face.
The plot is all over the place tho. The scenes with the mother are beyond retarded.

I do agree it won't be that bad if it wasn't called GitS.

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It has been 50 years since Joshiraku aired
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I want to make Kukuru the happiest gal in the world.
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Don't lose hope. Season 2 is just around the corner.

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is he maddest man of all time
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why didn't he just use the grail to bring back his dead wife?
He killed billions
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Wife Revival Kit.jpg
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Then the grail would say "so you don't mind if I kill everyone else, right?" And Kerry would say never mind.

Why is Usagi Drop so fucking disgusting?
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It's cause you're a dumbass for reading the manga.
dropped the manga after 5 chapters from the timeskip , didn't even like the show but tried to read the manga because everybod is shitting about it . should i give it another chance ?
No. People keep bitching about the ending but the entire timeskip is trash. The ending could've atleast been interesting on some levels if it was decently written but it didn't even manage that.

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been a full week, no further info on the new releases

>plebians say it "PROH-mayr"
>patricians say it "Prou-Mah-Ray"
praetorians say it "Pu'Roh-MAH-Rei"
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I hope Iwasaki's onboard.
Its obviously pronounced "Promare" you dum dum
Promare is actually more than a year away because Trigger wants to dedicate their full power to it.

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What's your favorite hairstyle?
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>The dead mum
>hating shoujo

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The season has started. What are you watching?
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Anime is shit nowadays.
What was the last anime you enjoyed?

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