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I don't want it to go
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Best episode , best waifus, best everything.
Springer spin off when /a/?
Dunno but that last episode did sell it well.

Miss X is a good character and I can see others being god tier.

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>School festival arc
>It's another maid cafe episode
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my waifu
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>boys wear maid outfits
Oh crap /a/, the 4chan cultural festival is next week!

Who nailed up Misato's cross, and how did they come to possession of it?
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The more important question is where did the Nail come from?
That's not that important, actually, because it could have come from anywhere, including the very same pole the cross is nailed to.

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Your mom
You waifu

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Thoughts on the new op? I love amazarashi but I don't think they're suited for shonen. Seasons die was one of the best in recent memory
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shit desu
It sucks.
ED of the season

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Go to futaba and bring something back.
Keep it /a/ related.
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Fujiko thread
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> Otome Sensou ch. 14

Not what it seems

> Credits

> inb4 404
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> (Possible) Incest
> In this manga

Of course...
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Umm no sweetie, Lelouch did die. That's why it's called Lelouch of the Resurrection.
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He was killed but he didn't die.
Yeah he died just like Charles and C2 died before the code revived them.
No one said Lelouch didn't die. They said he wasn't dead at the end.

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What did I just watch?
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A decent, but mostly overrated show about a robot.
A season of red herrings.

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Keion S3 soon?
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I too am looking forward to some pachinko.
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>Wakaba Girls

I am writing this post to share my views on Chrollo, and see what other people think.I think Chrollo so far is a pretty bland character. We know absolutely nothing about what he wants and what drives him. Don't get me wrong, he is one of my favorite characters, but that's just because he's "cool", "macho": strong, unshakeable, smart, and daring; in a word, powerful.

Even so, as I've said, we know very little about the beliefs that lead him to do what he does, which is easily regarded as insanity. I'm not saying he will always be like that, I really hope we'll get to know more about him; but as he is now, I cannot really regard him as a well made character.

Of course, I have my theories, which I am going to share. They are based mainly on two things he said in a famous fight:

>he cannot see the difference between humans and puppets
>humans are so very interesting

So, why would comment that humans are interesting?

First, the way he said that makes it sound like he does not consider himself human. If we accept the reasoning baove, that may be because, having accepted there is nothing special about humans at all, there is no reason to call them that way, to distinguish them: humans are only the ones who are willing to keep on living until their necessary death as if tehre was some kind of sense.

And why would Hisoka be interesting?
Here, I can think of two main possibilities:
>a "biological" fascination: in fighting against what to Chrollo appears as certain death, and proactively seeking situations that bring it close to him, Hisoka is defying his biology, which would have him live no matter what.

>a nihilistic reason: Chrollo is amazed by how stupid, or at least stubborn, humans can be. Hisoka does something with mad passion despite the fact that everything is utterly pointless.
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Chrollo has more depth then Hisoka imo. Re read yorknew if you have the time. If not I'll say it,

He's from Meteor city, a city of outcasts who are garbage. He cares about the troupe like family, when Uvogin died he cried and orchestrated a mas murder to honor him. To him anyone besides the troupe members are like tools. He doesn't see them as human.

His interest is chaos. We know the troupe steals from rich people but they also do some philanthropy, I assume for other outcasts.
Yeah, Hisoka is more interesting.

Why don't fansubbers ever finish anime they start anymore? It seems like most of them just stop working as soon as the anime has finished airing, regardless of whether they have finished their work or not.
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Fansubbers have never reliably finished their shit. Pic related, it's SAC.
Also, that last StB fansub release was fucking three days ago, so I'm not sure why it's even on your image, unless they've specifically said they're dropping it. That's just called being behind, not not finishing your project.
I'm still waiting for more original laughing salesman

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What a pig
hi its me evan lol hahahahaha

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Have you ever seen one that can top this?

I'm not talking about natural lae defying length, volume or physics violating drills, I'm talking about walking into the barber shop and saying just fuck my shit up.
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That is unusual about a side braid?
Actually find the hairstyle to be cute tbqh.

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Who would win in a fight between Saitama and Mob at his 100%?
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unironically kill yourself
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Making shit thread a little better

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