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What's the fapbait you've fapped the most to?
For me it has to be TLR:D, specifically Lala's la-las
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not enough lala's la-las in darkness, too much momoshit
>that mound

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He was right in everything.
Kai is on the upper end of characters of his archetype, all things considered.
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ZaShunina vs Shindo.png
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who was in the right?
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not the weird japanese nationalism tinge
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We're still talking about this goddamn show..
only recently finished this so I kind of missed all of the threads.

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images (7).jpg
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ITT: Chuuni done right.

I start with the most obvious example.
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Satania isn't a chuuni; she's a retard.
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New chapter next week, r-right?
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Scanlator says raws around 7/15, though usually we get them a bit earlier.
That is a cute forbidden magic using elf.
I want Marcille to sit on my lap. I wonder how heavy she is.

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So I started watching Kodomo No Jikan just because I wanted to see how terrible and weird it is, but I just finished episode 6 and I kinda want to end it here and just imagine everything ends happily ever after.
Is this a good idea? Has anybody else ever quit an anime because they didn't want to see what came after? Should I see it regardless of how terrible what comes after is?
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Episode 6 is the one with her brother if that helps anybody
Nigga just watch it all. Or alternatively, if you didn't enjoy it afterwards, quit watching anime.
fair enough
what would you say to people that say to quit oreimo at 2x:xx whatever on the last episode before it's all called off?

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I wanna get sloppy with froppy
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Posting frogs

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Anybody still watching this?
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I thought it was the most hilarious first episode so far beside Aho Girl. Don't know why there isn't much hype, it could easily become AOTS or at least comedy of the season. Maybe people are mistaking it for a sports shounen or something.
EP2 is out
It's fujoshit.

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How would Kiritsugu have fared in Fate/Apoc?
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He would've won with a landslide victory
It would depend on what servant he got and if he was in black team or red team.

He'd have a rough time handling Team Vlad and Team Chiron.

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This is simply not a good idea in 99.9% of cases, when will this dumb meme end?
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For what purpose?
>this dumb meme
I don't think it's much of a meme. The only other such sword that I can remember was in the Highlander movie.
There's also the blades in Shingeki no Kyojin, but that one makes a little bit more sense. They need maximum sharpness at all times.

Though the exacto grooves make no sense since the blades aren't meant to snap.

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Gentlemen, how do we kill the witch?
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Attach dildo to broomstick.
She inattentively sits down on it and flies off, but loses her virginity in mid-air.
No longer pure, she loses her magical powers and drops to her death.
I thought that method only worked with Wizards
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A smile worth protecting

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Are Pochacos boobs too big /a/?
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No but her butt is
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Filthy cowtits
found the lolicon

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Say what you want, but Death Note had better writing and power dynamics in part 2 than 1.

>b-but muh L! muh epic keikaku!
Sure, Near and maybe even Mello were less endearing than L. And part 2 was harder to self-insert in than 1 since Light's role changed. But that's just coating. The actual meat of the show, plots and uses of Death Note, got more interesting since it wasn't just L-Light going back and forth with occasional yaoishit thrown in. More involved parties, more interesting plot.

>the keikakus were retarded
Just like part 1 then.
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It's been ten years, just forget about it already.
Part 2 doesn't exist
You're entitled to your own opinion op however no one really cares

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Congratulations to France for finally hosting the nephew of their most famous thief!

Is this co-produced with France like part IV was co-produced with Italy? Because Lupin the VIII wasn't that great, just saying

Announcement video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A-_lwVAcmRY

Thread Theme Song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6XW4TxpCimI
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All hail the new jacket
I'm thankful the rumors of black jacket turned out to be untrue.
People still seems to belive that, which is weird considering that in the latest movie Lupin wears black for like two minutes

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Flip Flappers was by no means a masterpiece but it was an enjoyable experience and I kinda miss the show.
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Cute uniforms.
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All we can do now is occasionally rewatch it, have comfy threads from time to time and wait for years for something similar to appear.
I want a Power Rangers-style season 2 with the trio beating up monsters of the week in pure illusion

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