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Claymore without Raki 7-8\10
Claymore with Raki 3\10
What a hideous creature.
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That anime ending was garbage tier. Fortunately the manga never dropped in quality.
you're simply jealous of his gains and waifu
Dropped on the last episode when this faggot ruined the anime by stopping Clare from killing Priscilla. That was one of the worst moments in the history of anime. 3\10 for solid 18-23 episodes.
I'm not sure I should read the manga. Is he the same piece of shit there as well?

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What do these 3 qts have in common?
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They all think OP is a fag
Disappointing shows.
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You can manhandle their tiny bodies and walk around just looking for furniture to bend them over and fuck them on?

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What went wrong?
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Happy ending without any NTR doesn't suit your tastes?
needed more ahegao

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Hard mode: Even the author forgot about them.
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I wish they'd bring him back
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I like All Might.
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As do I
All Might is All Right
Good guy. In my opinion.

I miss Bleach why won't they bring it back everything else fucking sucks
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Shiro best sword.
But Bleach was terrible bait-kun, it's a good thing it's over
I want more Kubo. I miss the comfy Thursdays.

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New Manga
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A manga about a autistic kid?
Tell me he's a superhero that secretly fights ISIS with a tsundere when his parents think he's in bed?
But that's Barron on the cover, not you

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The world of the void may simply be the universe that the extra Zamasu destroyed or he's connected to it somehow?

Also, I'm sure the angels and grande priest keep smiling because they know that goku or jiren will win and use the super dragon balls to wish back the destroyed universes and make the tournament of power an annual thing?

Any other competing theories for Dragon Ball Super's current arc direction?
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Shut the fuck up and go back to your containment thread you waste of space
he's gone for good
get over it

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>Terror attacks are 'part and parcel of living in a big city
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No, they are not.
Our values will prevail. Our people will thrive. And our civilization will triumph.
oy vey, get this alt right nazi out of here.

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Was this truly the greatest anime ending of all time?

>perfect music
>perfect animation
>perfect atmosphere
>perfect direction/production
>made you want another season but it will never fucking happen
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I didn't want an S3. I just wanted a yuri hentai OVA animated to KyoAni's high standards.

unironically yes
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The movie called back to it perfectly, too.
You could almost say it's cheating, but it was the best kind of cheating.

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How can Oga be so big and cute at the same time?
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more muscle = more to love
its basic math
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Holy shit, what a faggot.
Look at those eyelashes
Also, well proportioned musclegirls are pretty great

Tomboys are for ______
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>they didn't fuck until the end
kill me

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Would you kiss the frog, /a/?
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Yes. In a heartbeat.
I read that in Froppy's voice.
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>Same season as Love Live

Sono ato ni kono me ni wa
Donna sekai utsuru no ka...

Arasoi wa mata arasoi no tane nokoshi
Toki ga tatsu mama kanashimi no mi wo sodateru

Nigetai no nara orireba ii kono BATORU wo
Risou narabete kanau hodo amakunai

Daremo ga
Jibun ga

Ore-tachi ga saikyou no
Chikara te ni ireta to shite
Sono ato ni kono me ni wa
Donna sekai utsuru no darou
Joukyou dakai shiteku hodo ni
Shihai suru hodo ni
Kiwami Escalation
Mirai wo mezase
More chuu2 is always welcome
So I'm guessing these are the idols we'll see in season two. Can't wait for Tooooot and Yakuza.

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More girls with physique like these
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Deformed sticks? And one of those isn't a girl.
>implying that's not CC
You fucking wot

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