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Chapter 33 is up.
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You're not dumping it?
Too lazy.

Cow is kill?

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Production I.G. = FLCL2
Bandai = Code Geass S3
Clamp = CSS2

Meanwhile Trigger and Kyoto Animation have been releasing new original stuff non stop.
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I want more original works from KyoAni, though not ones tied to franchises like the upcoming Free and Chunibyo stuff.
More like Japan is starting to realize that milking old franchises is more profitable than doing new stuff which Hollywood has known for years.

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Name a better rivalry.

[spoilers]You can't.[/spoilers]
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There was no rivalry. First off, the rivalry between Kaiba and Atem was completely one-sided. Most of Kaiba's character arc was chasing after Atem's back while Atem was always in a superior position. Second, Yugi is not Atem.
OP vs Spoiler tags

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Are most slice of life anime on this level
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Almost nothing is on this level.
there are tons of boring ass shit tier sol if thats what your asking
Not in the slightest. SOL is the worst genre aside from a handful of notable exceptions.

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You wake if hungover and find this in your basement.
What do you do?
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Make her eat all the eggs.
Why does she sit like that?
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Please don't bully idols.

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Happy Full Thunder Moon!

Lets talk about and post content of our favorite werewolf princess Liru and the other girls!
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When is the new patch for the game supposed to come out?
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If you mean seismics game, soon.

This is my boyfriend
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Usually I'm not a fan of traps but my god he is the cutest boy EVER.
Good for you.
>sleeps with the guy every night
>still hasn't managed to get the dick
>best she got was a kiss on the cheek
She's got her work cut out for her.

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>21 episodes in
>nowhere close to encountering demon king
There is going to be atleast a season 3, right?
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No, stfu
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Read the LN's, then read about the WN for DK info...then pray, pray very hard for season three(and more)!!!!
Just about to start reading the LN's actually

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Third chapter is up in korean.

Previous 2 chapters:

>Wanna drink?
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>So tasty!
>I wonder if those two are hitting it off well?
>They said they were going on the waterslide together, right.
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>Oh! So Nakai-kun DID remember!
>I see, that's a relief.
>Hey, Nishikata.
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>Wanna go peek in on them?
>They're heading towards the waterslide.
>Let's follow them.
>Wouldn't it be fine to just leave them be? I'm sure they're okay now.

Post 10/10 Sad Anime OSTs. I'll start

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for some reason this give me lord of the rings vibes, but pretty good nonetheless.

ITT: characters designed for the sole purpose of creating reaction images
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This month's chapter of witchii activity.

Super short and just comedy filler. I long for the day when sensei will get back to (a) proper pacing and (b) not having half a year or longer arcs of intermission stuff before moving on.

That said though, fun stuff if you like the KMM-Dan.
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-You guys...I thought you were listening to what I said, but...we're in a real pinch right now, y'know.
-The whole reason we gathered here today was to come up with some scheme to weather this crisis!
-[Mizunagi Ryuu]
-[Witch Craft Works]
-[The new Vol.11 is released on 8/7!!]
-[Does the KMM-Dan have a new recruit?!]
-Hey, is it alright if I pick a song?
- --Wait, why the hell are YOU here?!
-You're a WORKSHOP Witch, aren't you?!
-I...I'm in a pinch too, I'll have you know!
-We should all help each other out in times of need, shouldn't we?


Rare casual Mei. And the KMM-Dan back at their favorite karaoke hole.
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-Today's August 31st!
-It's the day when all students in this country are knocked down into the very depths of despair!!
-And yet...we haven't even done a single PAGE of our summer homewoooork---!! [Echo --->] ((...woooork-!)) ((...woooork-!))
-[Reaping what one sows.]

-[Chapter 63: Takamiya-kun and the Final Day of Summer Break]

-[Several dozen minutes later...]
-K~aaaasumi-chan, I'm h~eeeere!
-Ara, Tanuma-san, welcome.
-Ah-! Tanutanu, you're finally here. Hurry and come upstairs with me.
-Good afternoon~


The return of Tanutanu. Also

>you came to the wrong room motherfucker
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-Kasumi-chan? Uhm...These girls are....
-Enemies! We're her enemies! Ah...I guess right now we're alliess, huh...Allies? Comrades? Collaborators? Somethin' like that!
-Ha....Haaa, collaborators?
-More importantly, did you bring "that" like I said?
-Yup. You said you wanted to check your homework answers and stuff, Kasumi-chan, so I brought it!
-That's my Tanutanu! You sure do work quickly!
-Now then...You lot were the Kememomo-Dan, was it?
-For my part, I've got a very reliable girl over here. And if you guys hold up YOUR end, she could be that dependable for YOU too...So you can do it, right?
-Sh...She's using her friend as a bargaining chip......!
-She's just like a Tower Witch.
-What's it gonna be?
-.....tch, there's no helping it.


Good ole' Kememomos.I love how Kasumi always takes over the KMM activities whenever she's around them.

Isekai Shokudou 14/10
Tsurezure Children 11/10
New Game!! 10/10
Fate Apocrypha 8/10
Made in Abyss 7/10
Knights and Magic 6.5/10
Aho Girl 6/10
Koi to Uso 4/10
Kakegurui 2/10
Enmusubi no Youko-chan 1/10
Netsuzou TRap NTR 0.5/10
Ballroom e Youkoso -1.2/10
Battle Girl High School -5/10
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Isekai Shokudou -3/10
Tsurezure Children 1/10
New Game!! -28/10
Fate Apocrypha -47579842/10
Made in Abyss -8/10
Knights and Magic -32/10
Aho Girl 100/10
Koi to Uso -344/10
Kakegurui -363/10
Enmusubi no Youko-chan 7/10
Netsuzou TRap NTR 6/10
Ballroom e Youkoso 4.3/10
Battle Girl High School 10/10
It's a bit too early for this
Isekai Shokudou 0/10
Tsurezure 6/10
New game 3/10
Fate 3/10
Made in Abyss 10/10
Knights n Magic 5/10
Aho Girl 5/10
Koi to Uso 6/10
Kakegurui 10/10
Enmusubi 4/10
Netsuzou Trap 0/10
Ballroom 16/10
Battle Girl 0/10

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Why is it that out of all the character's in all of anime, she's the one I'm attracted to?
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shes the dumbest so easy pray
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You best not be that Nicholas dude.

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>He watches seasonal anime instead of focusing on clearing his backlog
What's your excuse?
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I don't know. I find watching a show all at once much more enjoyable. I really should stop.
I have an extremely short attention span and can't watch more than one episode of a show pet week.
>He focuses on clearing his backlog instead of tackling his future backlog

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