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>no re zero ep today
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kill yourself
can you please stop being rude?
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>No LWA ep today

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Asuka easily overpowers her weakling counterpart Rei, even forcing her to don her red plugsuit in a display of dominance.
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What can I say? The man's right.
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I would pay good money for someone to make a high quality animation of asuka choking out rei

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What the fuck did I just watch? Was this shit supposed to make sense? If this is meant to be allegory the message is all over the place.
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It's utena. It's even made by the same people.
I don't remember Utena being ass.
Have you seen it lately?

Take heed. This is a retard.
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One of many.
I'm unsure of your claim, I need more evidence.
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Other information is omitted for your own safetyy

All I think is that it's one of the most failed anime on a complex subject, what are you thoughts /a ?
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Really good but a lackluster ending like most animes.
It's shit.
Lain is a trap.

Sweep Over the Dance Floor!

Are Horriblesubs still mediocre for this series? I downloaded the [Foxtrot] version and I really enjoyed the karaoke and how they edited the Amazon script.
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When will Sengoku be relevant in the manga again?
How gay is it?

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I made this thread like a year ago shortly before Bleach ended and just remembered it. To everyone there, looks like you were the delusional autists:
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So does it mean that your mom broke up with that guy?
>Aug 6 2016
Trolling on Bleach's 15th birthday; truly disgusting.
>>There was never a competition. And Ichigo
will end up as the Soul King anyway. All
alone or without any body parts.
>>It's already dead. There was a 10 year time
skip and Ichigo never showed any sign of
returning Orihime's feelings before it. unless
there is a Bleach: The Last movie, IchiHime
is dead.


How is your country represented in anime?
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Canada-tan and Keito (KARNEDAAAAAAR) comes to mind.
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Kate is cute!

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Has your country's myths been defiled in an anime yet?
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What's a canadian myth?

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>named shouta
>eventually gets dressed up as a girl
w h y a m i n o t s u p r i s e d
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Congratulations, you have finished your 5th anime.
2nd, or 4th, depending on how you count it
Everything was according to Keikaku.

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please give valid reasons
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>getting popular
>pic is an old NTR
Netorare got popular years ago.
Fuck off back to >>>/h/

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Because people without brain believes that this is a good anime?
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Nice grammar and a picture for ants
>he hates fun
idk all about that, but this show has the worst shounen tournament arc i've ever see.

First of all the Calvary battle makes no sense whatsoever and in no way prepares kids for using their powers as a team in real life. Never will they be forced to fight in such awkward positions in the real world. It's honestly just bad writing, a filler test to extend the arc.

And then the actual tournament begins and the fight choreography is embarrassingly bad and nonsensical, I had an anserisum watching the gravity girl fight bomb guy.

Then deku fighting icyhot felt like a scuffed neji vs naruto, genius vs mc. Except in this fight deku and icyhot have no prior build up or any real interaction. The stakes are much lower and choreography is practically non-existent.

There no surprises or clever ideas used to win, just a real bad soap opera and hitting things harder. No creativity or anything, flashy animation for 20 seconds but no actual substance.

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The final episode was very well done.
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The final episode is masterpiece. Season 2 when? Does A106 becomes Astro Boy?
Shame they filled it with filler eps. The following arc would be great animated
I always thought Ochanomisu was at least 5-10 years older than Tenma.

Why don't fansubbers finish the shows they start anymore?
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Because popular opinion on /a/ is that fansubbing is dead, which means less people go into fansubbing, which means the fansubbing groups are running out of members, which means that everything is up to a single autistic asshole.
It's hard to care when it's simulcasted.

Mezashite will finish Aikatsu Stars just like they finished Aikatsu.
No simulcast for StB II.

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