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Would /a/ prefer a deaf waifu or a blind waifu?
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A real waifu ;_;
Being deaf doesn't sound nearly as bad as being blind the way I see it.
witty cunt

>It's not like I wanna say hardwork always wins against talents or pays off, of course I admit there's something like absolute talent that couldn't be surpassed by efforts alone, but still, I don't wanna deny the efforts they put in to get stronger, that's all really.

Fuck, if only someone like her was my coach...
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Being hardworker is a talent on it´s own.
A talent I don´t have.
>fuuka learns advanced techniques in a single day and managed to enter a huge tournament after only a couple months
>rinne dedicates herself to getting stronger, pushing herself to her limit
>somehow fuuka winning proves that talent isn't everything

Nove is a hack, Jill is a failure.
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Fuuka is a freak of nature.

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Ohh man
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What do
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idol (male).jpg
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Why does an idol (male) like that need such a large penis?
All the better to dick you with

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>fate/apoc is STILL not out for EOPs
Feels good being Japanese
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I want Sieg to get cut out of his own show
I want to have loving, consensual sex with Mordred
I want to pound Jack's tight cunny

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What the fuck was this guys problem?
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Did he invent fucking time travel at the end to face atem one more time?
no, he killed himself to face atem one more time. true love does that to you.
It's just a fucking card game.

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The atmosphere in this is so nice

It's like I can feel the sea breeze on my face while I watch it
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All I can see are the eyes. It's like the rest of the picture doesn't even exist. Amazing.
I didn't really like it. I think I would've preferred a story just dealing with Misuzu's relationship with her mother and other people, or a show just in the medieval setting, but not both of them mixed together into some weird hodgepodge.
I liked Kanon better.

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Remember when anime girls were beautiful? The fuck happened?
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>Muh superior 90's aesthetics

Tastes shifted, anon. In about 20 years the anime characters will also look completely different from what they are today, and retards like you will post pictures of 2017 anime girls and say "Remember when anime girls were beautiful?"
they still are, you just have to know where to look.
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TF2 reference? Production IG confirmed for bros.

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/a/ I'm still in love with Ueno...
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Try loving Shiburin instead, they're basically the same character but you might actually get new stuff with her.
You are not conceited! Ueno forever!

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>an entire chapter of people masturbating in a hotel room followed by worst girl breaking up with Keita
Where were you when Kiss X Sis was saved
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>worst girl
I think you're mistaking Sensei for Piss-chan
Since obviously Keita won't bone all of them, could we at least have some lesbian action?? The best scene in the OVA by far had to be when the twins were making out and masturbating. Imagine the loli bitch and that big titty ho or something.
So so far
>has fingered Riko and been jerked off by her
>has ate out Ako
>has been Jerked off by Piss-Chan
>came on Loli's face
Teacher in dead last

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loud noises.jpg
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Is Monogatari a ripoff of Haruhi?
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Both are pleb-tier who cares
Haruhi is a dead franchise.

They are nothing like each other

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Saber riding a banana
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I'll let her ride my banana if you catch my drift
I'll ride her banana if you catch my drift.
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Explain Further.jpg
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>he's unable to empathize with Ueno
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She was completely right. She's an outward manifestation of Shouko's mother's desires for a normal life for her daughter. Probably why they hate each other so much. One does what the other knows is necessary but cannot bring themselves to do.
LIke I kinda get where she's coming from. Shoko whether she meant to or not, was manipulative as fuck. She was using her disabilty to her advantage, and used people like Ueno.

Once eveyone realizes this (Shoko included) it's time to grow up. This is what everyone else does except Uneo. She's too busy being cock hungry to grow the fuck up and make nice.

But that aside. Where the fuck did eyebrows come from? His character was just thrown at us so pointlessly. He never felt in place.
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>Shoko whether she meant to or not, was manipulative as fuck. She was using her disabilty to her advantage
>being deaf is an advantage in a hearing society

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It's been 2 years since it aired and still nothing has topped it.

I think it's time to admit that Re:Zero was actually great.
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>2 Years
Really? I forgot
Re:Zero return is going to so funny to me.

Season 2 is even better...The shitstorm/shit posters are going to be funny.
If it's so great then where's the second season?

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I'm going to continue my (vain) attempt to get 4chan to love short form manga, by dumping a chapter. This time it's with touhous
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Cute kappa

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>have joke character like Popey or Bugs Bunny
>Except he is in an anime
Have anime fans never heard of a joke character or cartoon abilities before?
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/co/fags are just as bad because western fiction in general is a joke.
Powerlevelfags cannot understand jokes.
>Western fiction
Nigger, that is not a fight you want to have considering the vast majority of the greatest works ever written have come from the west and japan just has a few weeb shows.

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