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Manga coming out next month and here's an extra from volume 3.
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Is Poptepipic actually getting an anime adaptation? I still can't tell if it's an extended April Fools joke or not.
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It has to.

Otherwise they won't be able to execute the final joke of the Blu-Ray version actually all being animated entirely like that.
it'd be pretty impressive for the animation studio to re-draw the entire anime like that, without any real design cues.
If I remember correctly the anime will be in CGI

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Will it save anime?
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It's the flop of the century that will destroy KyoAni.
The limbless doujins will save my dick
say it at AX, was pretty good ngl

Alright guys I'm stumped.

I got my blu-ray copy of the two seasons of haruhi finally. However I can't tell which order I'm supposed to watch them in? As far as I can tell there are six different episodic orderings to watch it in that will supposedly alter how "good" it will make the anime:

Watch Season One First:
1.) 2006 original broadcast order
2.) Chronological order
3.) DVD release order

Then watch season Two:
4.) 2009 original broadcast order
5.) DVD release order

OR watch the combined seasons at once:
6.) 2009 Complete broadcast ordering (both seasons have intermixed episodes)

Is there a directors cut ordering to this shit? Or should I just watch it in the order as they come on the blu-ray (chronological)? Digging through the old forums and posts led to mixed opinions no matter what order they were viewed in. Also I didn't watch this anime when it first came out in 06' nor have I seen a single episode since so I'm trying to view this in the best possible light.

Any ideas?
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broadcast order for true immersion, plebs will say chronological but they didn't watch it while it aired.
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More mystery/weirdness : S1 first with 2006 Broadcast order, then S2 2009 Broadcast order, then the movie

Better comprehension : 2009 Complete broadcast ordering then movie

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>Open door
>See this
What do?
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Ask why we'll never get a season 2.
Why not

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>Tripfags like Nagisa
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Are you daft? Can you not tell the point of that image? Kotomi is the best.
>Liking an even worse girl

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So we are all in agreement that the current season is trash and we should all put ourselves into hypersleep to wait out until the fall?
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But symphogear is airing this season.
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Worst girl won.
Do you fags still watch this together every Christmas? I hope so.
Tsuki Ga Kirei is the best love story of the year down so there's rarely enough time to discuss the best love story ever told (Toradora)

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you can't.jpg
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Shes blue, no normal person has blue skin.
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nice memes
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Tomo was playing 99D chess all along.
Jun still has PTSD huh
We hiatus now?

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What went wrong?
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Written by a fujo
Author's hand

I miss best girl.
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We all do.
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Hi i'm Pity and this is my bitch

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How much better would Monogatari have been if it were animated by KINOani?
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Maybe it would've sold over 5k bds and be a really successfull show.
It isn't about high school life so it would probably be enormously worse if Kyoani did it.

This is the ideal male body. You may not like it, but this is what peak performance looks like
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Can you get that natty?
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This is the ideal male greeting. You may not like it, but this is what peak politeness looks like.

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>Touya Mochizuki was accidentally killed, and as an apology, God allows him to be reborn in a fantasy world and will grant him any one wish he desires. And so, Touya chooses to keep his smartphone in the next world. In his second chance at life, he befriends many important figures and comes across the world's secret. He inherits the legacy of an ancient civilization and travels around nonchalantly while possessing powers that rival this world's kings.

Probably the dumbest concept for an anime that I've read in a while.
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I tried reading the novel before the anime coming out and it was pretty good
Are they even trying at this point
Try reading "I became a living parasyte"
There's at least 30 other WNs that I've read are worse.

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