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I wish I could think of something
Beowulf but the Grendel is a qt3.14 and they fuck before she dies.
Guy gets isekai'd with his pet and the resulting magic turns it into a monster girl

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>people on /a/ unironically liked this slutty shit
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That is correct. I am sorry that it offends your Christian values.
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All the other girls are pure innocent maidens, it's just Galko's sister that's a slut.
>muh christinity

hello 2000 called
they want their funny hat back

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Tell me your thoughts and opinions on Hyouka, /a/
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Boring but nice to look at.
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Thought it was nice and comfy back when I watched it.
I should watch it again, now that I've read some mystery novels.
I was underwhelmed, I do understand it looks good but I don't care for the aesthetic. Only character I was fond of was Mayaka, the others struck me as fairly poorly written, and story sort of fell apart as a consequence. People praise the storyboards as well, I sorta found it more like discount Shinbo.

Series you want to livewatch with /a/ again.
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Danganronpa 3
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Its not even worth watching without /a/
I missed out on watching Code Geass with /a/, and I just can't bring myself to watch it now. It just feels like I wouldn't appreciate it.

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Space Dandy.
He's a dandy guy
in space.
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He's not fine however.
Best episode?
Zombie Insurance Fraud.
Plant Episode.
Fuck that goddamn train.

What group had the best subs for this, I want to rewatch it.

Why does Japan keep turning middle eastern people into white fuckboys?
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A huge number of Arabs and Turks are white
Middle Eastern people are Caucasians
Is this fujoshit?

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Raw WEBrip is out right now!
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What is this?
Japanese propaganda movie.
AOTY 2016. i.e. another Katabuchi masterpiece.

Wrong. Maybe actually make an effort before you be so blatantly incorrect.

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Why is that Berubetto is such a better MC than Sorey and Meebo?
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shota lust
So basically all the series needed was /ss/ to attract a wider audience? Could work.
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This, Neesans are just too strong.

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What's wrong with this Jinrai?
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Hows the Jinrai and architect album?
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Nothing, next episode in 5 hours, right?
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Of course.

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Post girls who didn't deserve to be bullied
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she deserved even more sexual bullying than she received
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Dumping Time thieves chapter 9.
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Why doesn't she just get a transplant?

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Why isnt /a/ talking about this hidden gem of this shitty season?
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>Jesus christ I fucking hate dykes
Seems pretty visible to me.
how can a male be a dyke?

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Has there been a single anime that has topped this in terms of comedy?
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I liked it, but I laughed more watching Cromartie
I came here to post this.

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Why isn't there a thread with best girl of the season Shara.
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Need more pics to judge this.
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Dark-skinned cutie who will keep your bed warm at night
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