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What would happen of Goku was shot by a regular old gun?
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He'd make the shooter a life long friend and go on adventures with them.

>not the basic plot of DB
>db: it bounces off mostly harmlessly with Goku saying OW OW OW for comedic effect

>dbz: it bounces off completely harmlessly with Goku having either a stern look on his face for badass effect or it bonces off harmlessly with Goku with a smile on his face as the gunman freaks the fuck out and runs away

>DBS: the bullet fully penetrates and exits Goku's body leaving him in a crippled state lamenting leaving his "guard down" or otherwise bs while hoping someone has a senzu or healing spell, he is in SSB as the bullet hits him as well.

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The best Stratos
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I'm so tired of Japan's dumbass fetishes. The same shit over and over. Most of them aren't even hot anymore.
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I'm sorry but that's wrong.
More like the worst stratos with the best body.

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ITT: Characters that can beat you up in a fight
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Are you a fucking girl?
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You can improve yourself. Someday, you might be able to defeat me. Let me train you.

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Why does Casca look like this if she's supposed to be a Spaniard?
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Muslims occupied Spain for a long time
Shes a kushan you fuck
Because no one cares about brown women getting raped.

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Perhaps the second episode of Fate/Apocrypha will finally teach people not to watch garbage subs. I see a lot of people on Youtube picked up some anime streaming site to watch the episode, who in turn picked the shitty Meta subs.

It has been a while when there has been this much contrast in subtiles. It's not just the translation but the timing of the subtiles as well.
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I guess the Berserker class really is made up of berserkers
>I see a lot of people on Youtube picked up some anime streaming site to watch the episode
You included?
Why couldn't Nero just be happy to be doing a good job and not need acknowledgement from a distant father?

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So, do you guys still read the manga? This was supposedely very popular here at some time. Since the anime was very popular on the west would be possible for us to raise a kickstarter for a 2nd season?

Also, what was the deal with 2chan about it? Some sources says that they boycotted it and some others says they liked it. What happened?

Started yesterday, already watched the whole anime and on manga chapter 40 atm.
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Welcome to 4chan.
Thank you. Any information about it, anon?
fuck off this show is trash

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Sleeping forever
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canon forever
Is it bad that I always laugh at this scene?
He should've lost more often. I mean he did, Jou won his Red-Eyes back, but it should've been onscreen.

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Where did those extra scenes come from? Why wasn't Air longer?

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Is roba /ourguy/?
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How long until he fucks Bell?
>Got NTR'd
>NTRs back

He is the very definition of being an alpha.

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Its monday. Post Madoka
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my nigga you just got roasted
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I've made love to Madoka.

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>Bort is no longer a comfy slice of life with ninjas

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Better that way.
Should return to a SoL after Salad's arc.
Fuck off Narutards.

Step aside. Beautiful legs are the patrician's choice.
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Then why are you not posting some?
They're saying the your image isn't anything to write home about.

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Rin is a strong girl
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Rin is an apex predator
Rin is trying to poop with her pantsu on

All that rough sex with old men really burns away the carbs.

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things that improve a series:
>there's a Gyaru in it
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Who are you quoting?

>There's a loli in it

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How did Haruhi become such a bad series after 2014?
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Because the novels stopped coming.
Sasaki was a mistake.
was it the moment that people realized E8 that the series went to shit
how long did it take or did people just not realize it instantly

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