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Nowadays there's a shit ton of clones
each season the studios be like
>let's check what was popular last season
>make a clone
Best examples are "stuck in a video game", time travel and RomComs with the same personality types.
My question:
>which settings and genres would you like to see more of?
For me it's stuff like Blame!, Sidonia no Kishi or Blade of the Immortal. I want more brutal and merciless anime/manga but not necessarily bound to gore. I really enjoy, when people have to make choices which contradict their life style and morals. They get pulled back into reality and are forced to deal with "reality" so to speak.
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Yeah I miss when anime was basically adaptations of famous books and movie imports.
Fuck originality, give me more Middle School settings.
They don't sell with Otaku.

At least the music is nice.
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Only the music?
The first episode is tolerable but it seems to be one of those forgettable animes.
>Rest in peace here

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The author sure loves drawing those kind of eyes, you know, one wide open and the other almost closed. It's hot, I understand.
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How lewd
Why is everyone in the Tawawaverse so lewd?

>you now remember the thrill of discovering that ulquiorra was only the 4th ranked espada
>you subsequently remember how flawed the ranking system was and how disappointing espada 1-3 and 0 were
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OP is a faggot as always
Compared to Ulquiorra they were..
Don't remember any of that because Bleach was never watchable after the soul society arc.

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This is your boyfried for tonight.
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i hope he isn't fried :(
Junko fried the corpse and ate it!

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Why are they so fat?
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reasons anon, reasons
Kumiko's favorite dishes are omuraisu and shotto keki
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please be nice to her, anon

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have you ever had a deaf kid in your class growing up? Were they bullied as badly as Shouko? I find it hard to believe that the bullying in the movie was realistic.
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I find it hard to believe the bully turned into the bullied especially when he was one of the popular kids in class.
I had a mute girl. She was bullied pretty bad.
But to elaborate, not NEARLY in the ballpark of how bad Shouko had it.

The worst that ever happened to Mute Girl was people mocking the way she "talked". The teachers forced her to speak every now and then, which was pretty difficult for her, given that she had some kinda deformity with her voice box.

I think me and her were cool though. She seemed pretty lonely, so I'd go chat with her every now and again. I'd talk, and she'd write whatever she wanted to say.

She mostly just sat alone and read books. She really loved those "Warriors" books about the cat tribes killing eachother.

I tried looking her up on Normiebook, but she doesn't appear to have one.

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holy fuck, this series was great up until the last maybe 15-20 chapters which were EXTREMELY rushed. author is fucking autistic.
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I never bought into the liar game system. The money for nothing to random players, the "debt" threat but no shown penalties. It felt off.

The ending made sense in a way. If the "darkness" had been running the game it would have been much less stupid.
Well to be fair the LG office stayed very mysterious and gave no information away from themselves. Not knowing anything about them makes it a lot more intimidating to the players.
The series peaked at the musical chairs and all went downhill from there.

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I love it. Their relationship and characters are super interesting, and thematically very strong.

Reina is an idealist, and arguable a modernist. She believes in striving for perfection, that greatness is achievable, that her role is to struggle against mediocrity. It's easy for other people to see her as naive.

Kumiko is by her nature a realist, a pragmatist (though it could be inferred that events in her past stifled her prior idealism). She's a bit cynical, and she's just smart and open enough to identify and assume the pessimistic position on every issue.

The two philosophies clash vividly, time and time again because they don't understand each other, but eventually their curiosity draws them together. Each sees the other as so foreign, alien in how they live their life, they're drawn to it and want to understand. After they feel each other out and manage to lower their guards, they connect in a very intimate way. Reina intensely inspires Kumiko, and Kumiko bolsters Reina when she is about to falter.

The beautiful things about this show are:

Kumiko's arc, going from never expecting to win to her impassioned plea to Reina about not compromising herself for anybody, for any reason. She has never believed in anything before, but now she believes in Reina with all her being, and she's starting to believe in herself as well.

Reina's struggle against mediocrity's attempts to tear her down, coming into conflict with artificial social constructs intended to protect mediocrity, and standing strong against them as a beacon of idealism. She shatters the delusion of Ribbons, showing her the grievous error of her ways.

It's the two of them against the world, and they face it with strength and solidarity. They're truly portrayed as heroes, and that's what I love about it. it's basically Ayn Rand without all the heavy-handed bluster about capitalism. Add to that the incredible direction and visual storytelling, and its one of my favorite shows in years.
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They are also gay.

What is the point of cheating if you do it so everyone can fucking see? At this point you might as well just have the entire class beat her up and take her money.
>they weren't looking at me, they were looking BEHIND ME
As if this wouldn't be obvious as hell. They could have used a card played in the game as the signal, then everyone would just be watching the game normally without doing anything suspicious. And on a story level, it would be a lot cooler if she deduced what the signal was by recognizing the pattern rather than by pulling out a mirror.
Even NGNL was smarter than this.

The legs are nice though.
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In the manga, he was only standing alone in the corner, so it's less obvious.

>if you do it so everyone can fucking see?
Not everyone, obviously. The point is to have 21 out of 30 people see it.
he's not the sharpest tool in the shed
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She had no right to be this cute
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That's why she died.

>still pretty mad, Hitei a shit
This is the face of scheming
Anybody who hates her is a pleb. She never could have accomplished as much as she did if she had abondoned the idea of revenge. it would have destroyed her character.

She could only put her strategic brain to work so long as she kept hardline goals in place to build around. Otherwise she would have become another scatterbrained female who abondons long term plans at the drop of a hat just because she met a cute boy.

She really loved Shichika, and was relieved that her dying meant she never had to betray him, but that love would have never happened in the first place if she possessed the kind of personality where she could just stop pursuing her goals.

I've never seen or read Berserk before. I was thinking of just starting with Berserk Redux then continuing with the manga from where it leaves off. Is this a good idea? Also what should I read up to manga wise because I heard it gets bad and they've been stuck on a boat forever.
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Just read the manga from the start

You won't even notice the boat thing, it had absolutely nothing to do with pacing, it was about the actual real life time passing between chapter releases
I would like to watch it though first and if anything read from the start after I finish whatever I watch.
watch 1997 anime, then read the manga from start to finish...

Don't watch anything else otherwise your experience will be ruined...

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You have 3 days to sell 200 copies of Hyouka. How would you do it?
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go into debt and buy them myself
Sell a Masaki Endoh CD with every third purchase.
Will the Live Action helps to get a second season?

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Jagaaaaaan dump since I didn't see one.
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I'll start: Steins;Gate was mediocre, but this show was pretty good (even if I hated it everytime the boob girl was on screen).
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would you care to elaborate?
story plodded about, didn't care for the characters too much except for red hair girl, the weird loops on the "tu-ta-roos" girl's death didn't interest me, and a lot of the twists (like the shop owner, lol) felt unearned. can't say i hate it because the show had good direction and some intriguing story beats but as a whole it fell flat for me.
I hear O;N was rushed like crazy though. I just bought volume 1 of the LN, and plan on buying the second volume as well

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