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I always laughed at people who had waifus and mocked them as virgin losers who can't get real girls
then i started watching Watamote... and now i understand
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>mocked them as virgin losers
>waifus a girl made exactly for these people

You are one sad motherfucker.
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that's an interesting observation desu
Wow, you're such a virgin loser who can't get real girls.

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Is there actually a name for this type of long sweater (usually with vertical rows/stitching)? Seems it's one of the cliche clothes of nee-chans to wear.

cake > nee-chan > imouto
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not sure if I should tell you to fuck off to /fa/ or to /wsr/
Virgin killer

Jokes on you, my virginity defeats all challengers!

probably, hope to find one someday

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this dude on the bottom left seems familiar, who is he?
>power tripled when the sun is up
he must be karna right?
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no dumbass. that's Lancelot. the sword should have been a dead giveaway.
>not realizing Galahad

Look at this pleb and laugh.
fuck, I meant gawain.

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Note: We're gonna put the cutoff line at only 10 anime ever fulfilling this criteria so I strongly encourage you to berate other people's choices until we reach a consensus
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I'd be more worried about getting less than 10 replies
Unironically Evangelion
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how wordy.png
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way more than 10 exist, pic very related

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This is a very lewd doggo
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Will he give her the DD soon?
Which manga is this?
Spice and wolf

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>if I turn my power on all the time then I'll get used to it easier
who even writes this
It IS a manga for children after all, anon.
>I'll get used to it easier
that wasn't even the implication, I guess this says more about you than the writing

There were plans in the 90s for a Sailor V anime, but it never happened.

Since Toei is doing movies for Season 4, maybe they'll make movies out of the Sailor V manga too.
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File: 1441767076522.jpg (688KB, 768x1157px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Why is all anime so shit nowadays? There haven't been any interesting or fun show for like two seasons
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March Comes In Like A Lion comes in the fall. Bide your time by watching some golden oldies.
>force drama
>two seasons
More like two decades

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Ch. 30 translation is up
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Even the manga confirms Hitomi is a slut.
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Got nothing else to do, so I'll dump
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I just witnessed the best anime of our century. After seing the worst cancer ever created, namely eromanga-sensei, i lost all hope and was ready to kill myself. I now still have hope left
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First episode was fucking hilarious I hope it keeps up.
why did I watch this
the guys va sounds familiar, and is sensual as fuck. is it the gintama va?

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You know the drill, I know the drill, everyone knows the drill. This shit has been going on for over a decade. This is a thread dedicated to the one and only, most beautiful of all, Haruhi
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Wasn't that huge thread enough?
No. We need one every day until season three comes out.
I like Haruhi.

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According to someone who's objectively wrong, these are humans.
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Define "human".
I like how in the end the MC doesn't even bother with the rest of the research once he finds out queerat cells have 23 chromosomes. It's a dead giveaway right there
They and Esper are different side of the same coins.

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New chapter in a few minutes
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I want Vamirio-sama to give me that face!
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File: 98_02.png (635KB, 960x1361px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Am I the only one who thought the music in this and how it was used was absolutely terrible?

It was untimely, distracting, and none of the songs they chose were even good enough to be the focus in a bunch of random montages.
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different people have different tastes in music. If it was all RnB I would have hated it. As it is, the soundtrack sounds an awful lot like DMST's new album and I love it.

And I think this show as a whole was a overrated piece pf trash.
Just like every other Shinkai movie

>Persona 5's inevitable anime adaptation will be garbage when it has so much potential to be good and even surpass the source material's narrative quality
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>it has so much potential to be good
I want the P5 anime to be a nonstop ruse cruise where the Phantom Thieves successfullly make off with the Treasures instead of getting caught and having to beat up the Palace rulers.
More Phantom Thieves and less Phantom Robbers

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