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Being a succubus must be hard.
How can you stop lusting for dicks?
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You don't need to be a succubus to have problems with lust for dicks, anon
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>How can you stop lusting for dicks?
You can't.
Source: Your mom.
When is Iron Man going to impregnate her?

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>main girl calls out MC
>MC says main girls first name
>main girl: *blushes*
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>camera pans up to the sky

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download (12).jpg
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Does it look like a girl? Does it have a vagina? If yes to both, then liking it is not gay.
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why is this the best pairing?
Yes, liking literally actually 100% female girls is totally gay.

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Hasegawa Shitsato.gif
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Chisato is the best sensei ever existed or just she is another slut
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>umpteenth teacher secksing her student

She can work as my assistant afterwards.
Yes!!!!!!!!!!!!! A Chisato thread finally. she is BEST CAKE
i just per-ordered the testament of sister new devil from funimation cant wait to get that art book and also see Chisato's OVA scene again in English.

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Wascally wabbit
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you wa shock.png
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>Not gay, she just doesn't care about looks, only cares about personality.
>too poor to afford the girls uniform, so she gets the boys one instead.
>cuts her hair short before transferring to her new school.
>Everyone thinks she is a guy.
>Doesn't care, just roles with it.

Damn, Haruhi is awesome with how little fucks she gives.
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the ending of the manga was perfect.
please refresh me, its been many years since ive read it.
She is a prime quality waifu for true connoisseurs
Also nice quints

>the good type moon series is unknown in the west because it's not harem waifu shit
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>95% of each movie is just talking, walking and talking, or cuts between slow panning scenery shots.

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>not yuri
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>Being this beta
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Why do they still make hetshit when everyone knows yuri is superior in every way?
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You got shit taste anon Im sorry

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we need to hype Chihayafuru damn it
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i need more Shinobu and the new punished Taichi
We'll get hype when it gets close to the end since that's when she'll finally pick Arata as her lover, Taichi will finally become the new Meijin, and the final Chihaya vs Shinobu match for the Queen title will happen.
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was I the only one who liked the dub of maid dragon
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>was I the only one who liked the dub of maid dragon
>was I the only one who liked maid dragon
No, the English language is perfectly serviceable and anyone who says otherwise is a big stinkyhead.

Japanese is a bitch to be fluent in anyway, Korea had the right idea with the creation of the Alphabet.
I didn't mind it.

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There's nothing better than a tomboy forced to wear cute girly clothes
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Uruka is cute.jpg
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And yeah is true
Senpai was cuter.
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They always look so cute

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Haruhi season 3 has been confirmed by Kyoto Animation.
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Holy shit I hope this is real
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I knew it was fake before opening the thread because the only way this could be real is if it was a sticky with over 1K posts.
Good thread though. Still checked their twitter to confirm.

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If Togashi managed to come up with the best power system for Hunter x Hunter, how come it hasn't been copied by other Shonen writers?

It is a bit sad to see so many modern Shonen series with underwhelming power systems, such as SnK, HeroAca, Fairy Tail, Black Clover, etc.
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It has been copied a lot but they miss the point which is the charm and simplicity of the abilities. Togashi's creativity in abilities is up there with people like Araki, but Togashi's abilities stand out not only because of his creativity and imagination but because of hiatuses he has plenty of time to meticulously plan out every detail of the 10 chapters he does per year so the abilities get tons of creative and well thought out uses.
Please explain the power system senpai
Power systems are outdated. The new age of manga doesn't need to utilize them or be held back by them anymore and I for one agree

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Chapter 91!
I'll try to get 92 out this week too and we'll be over with the backlog for real.
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I'm hyped for more gaming.
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Best girl ranking reminder:

Chiaki > Konoha > Aguri > Nina >>> Karen
I hope you like mobage because that's the best you're gonna get.
I want to fuck Chiaki and her imouto

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