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post dem links.
you can never have enough of these at hand.

starting with a classic: http://www.hdrlabs.com/sibl/archive.html
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I believe a kind anon posted this link here once. Thanks guy.

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> when your polished steel sex toy also doubles as a decent mirror ball

not that I'm against steel toys, though

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Who is using Houdini for the creation of video game assets? Especially in conjuction with the Houdini Engine for Unity or Unreal
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I use free software like Blender m8. Most here do.
Not op but I just won a free year of unity and Houdini in a 3d contest. What are they good for /3/?
Pooping on.

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Test 1.png
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Very curious to see how many of you can create a cool program based on "SHELL", i´m looking for some one with advanced skills in order to help me add new features to a more complex program. Show me what you got.
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You're challenging anons to 'show you what they've got' to earn the honour of working on a new feature for your program.

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it's a simple subsurface scattering thing
its ok to admit you want to make realistic cum op
Did somebody seriously dig up this thread from an archive and repost / samefag the replies?

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Why haven't you moved to blender.
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I dont like or believe in Ton

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I'm the recruitment officer of a 50 members collaborative company and we need 1 more 3D animator

Send me a message on discord with your works (athezhis#8897)
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name of the company?
Solaria Entertainments
>Solaria Entertainments
you guys have a webpage or something? I cant happen to find anything :/

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Does the 3DCG discord still exist?
Anyone got a link?
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>looks at OP pic

you're not invited, fuck off
Well now, that's a little judgmental, isn't it?

Go join the reddit 3d discord if you want overly-friendly faggotry.

Our discord is a /pol/ colony

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images (5).jpg
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Ok guys, i want to talk with the masters here. I want to spit it out and know the truth. Basically, im kinda new to 3d (2 years of learning and studying), and i want to make some money now. But for real, i dont know what im feeling about work. Yeah i dream about working at big shit like Pixar, Blizzard, as animator, 3d modeler, yeah who doesnt? But the thing is.... i dont feel like working to someone else, thats the shit,

I dont feel like working to someone to do stuff they want and that has deadline, so be fast and work hard bla bla bla. I want to work smart. I want to do things i want, and get paid with it (im not into 3d porn shit. Lot of money there though)

So TL'DR: Is it worth to try right now to get money with my own stuff(selling assets, materials, doing animations...crowdfund stuff), or thats something for the future to think about?

Im really confused what way to go...(follow your heart, thats so sweet)
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Dunno what the state of freelance is, never done it.

What I could tell you is that working in the industry, even for a short while, can be an invaluable experience if you manage to surround yourself with talented seniors. Yes, you can get good entirely on your own, but if you're at a level where you could get hired by some decent AAA it would be a smart move to work for a year or two and pick up some additional experience that'll help your work really stand out from the masses. Then you can decide for yourself if modeling as a dayjob isn't for you, and if you wanna continue or quit and go freelance.
you can go with your way. but you must be really fucking good and stand out to hold your own and it's even harder without shilling first. so git good, I mean saint level good.
lots of demand for porn

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Maya 2017 update 4 is out. Who here usin? Who here piratin? Who here glad they have the best DCC?
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I installed. I don't use Bifrost so I haven't noticed any changes. But since it's fixing 50+ bugs I approve.
why is the dumb autodesk updater not finding this update ? I have update 1-3 installed and it says all updates are installed.
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I'm interested how can I achieve this look (screenshot is from a game called "Rime"). My guess are hand painted textures, and what else? I'd appreciate any good tutorial for this.

Also, thread for a general discussion of this art style, if you want. I'm not sure if this is the same style used in games like e.g. Dota and LoL, but it seems hand painted to me...
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The style is called NPR or "non-photorealistic", that's the sort of catchall term for hand painted textures, toon shaders, toon shaders tweaked with hand painted details, etc
>toon shaders, toon shaders tweaked with hand painted details, etc
is it so difficult to write cartoon..?
That's just the common terminology used. Noone says "cartoon shader".
Try not being such a fucking dork all your life.

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I have a full time 3D gig, and I want to pick up freelance, but it's seems like a worse version of before I had a job.

To get freelance, you need to have done freelance, so that you get recommended, for more freelance, but first you must get freelance.

Sites like Upwork are flooded with shit requests like "Model abd texture St Peter's Basilica in perfect detail, Budget: 15 - 38 dollars, depending on experience level" and it seems like a few artist who have been there awhile basically get all the decent posts.

My experience thus far has been a woman telling me that "I can pay you when my project gets funded", nope fuck that shit.
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i posted an offering on our enemy board, polycount, and got a freelance gig where i made $500. So far, my only score. 2013...
I used really like that board, aren't they like, a ghost town now?
this chan is a ghost desu

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I'm planning to make a 3d WebGL based erotic MMORPG. I have the programming experience (5 years of network programming and webdev) and possess the math knowledge and I also have the ambition to carry this out.

I'm looking for people who have the capability to produce the 3d models.
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No you don't.
Whatever soothes your ego I guess
Why not just do it yourself? You'll find that using premade assets or having someone else do it for you won't yield the image you are looking for.

I am also a programmer who is interested in making games and has done what you are looking to do but realized I want to make my own art assets and make my project my own.

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how do you make this material/shader?
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Bump offset with texture for inside.
can you explain this more?
What do you want, the double side thing?, the reflection map? the bump?

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Hey guys, I'm from /k/. But I'm also working on getting better at solidworks for manufacturing shit, so I've been popping in from time to time to see if this board is worth lurking. Anyways, I just wanted to show paint is still pro tier for doing 3d shit. Look at this fuggin cube. literally took 30 seconds. LOL get better at BLEHN-DUR. lol wrekt
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Best thread. Mods please sticky.
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> using blender as an insult even though most people on this board would agree that blender is the autism

got em

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Oh btw, it's open
Sorry for the shitpost, I'm a bit too much enthusiastic right now.
Is it open?

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