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rip me apart
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I'd need to understand what the fuck this is to even begin shitting on it.
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cool boat Anon. Want to bring it to the White House?

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I need a translucent material for a render where they is light shining through cloth. In Keyshot there are a few materials with transluscency, how can I get something similar in blender?
Just ask the community
isn't that what I'm doing?

Which software was used for this, /3/? I'm planning on doing a similar model and I know a bit of Zbrush, but I don't think that was done entirely in Zbrush. Any ideas?
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zbrush,3ds,substance painter,marvelous designer
I guess marvelous designer was used for the jeans and the jacket. For what would I use 3dsmax?
Maybe for rendering and some hard surface stuff.

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Poor cg artist needs help
I'm a self-taught cg artist and I'm very passionate about what I'm doing, the problem is i don't know how to make money.
my mistake that i was born in a third-world country where cg has no place, and the sad thing is everyone see me as a loser who good for nothing.
If you like I can show you more of my works, and here the list of softwares I'm using:
ZBrush, Maya, MotionBuilder, 3Ds Max, SketchUp, UVLayout, Knlad, Substance Painter, Substance Designer, Marvelous Designer, 3D-Coat, Unity, Photoshop, Marmotset Toolbag and KeyShot.
My computer is not good enough for 3D stuff, especially when it comes to rendering, so yes I need money to buy better one so back to square one.
My plan is to make enough money to move to another decent county where I can continue my work and improve myself, but I'm stuck and I'm going insane. any help would be appreciated.
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I'll fall for this bait. Post some of your work and it might just be your lucky day.
pic obviously unrelated
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Screenshot (164).png
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Pic is totally related, this is one of my work.
If you care I will share more.

I need help building a basemesh for a female character in Blender, please help
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Sure what do you need?
He needs help!! You dummy, son't you see?
Here's your help.

Turn off the computer and go enrol in a local life-drawing class and learn to draw/understand human anatomy for 3 months.
Come back to the computer, delete Blender, download and install student versions of Max and Maya.
Spend another 3 months learning to use those pieces of software at a basic level.
Spend another 2-3 years learning how to create efficient flowing topology for a humanoid figure.

There ya go. See you in about 4 years. Run along now - you've got work to do.

or even in arnold?

pic related was done in zbrush
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do you mean the shading?
sketch and toon

I think Arnold can do cel shading too but not sure
its more a question if you can do post processing.
you can take out Render passes from Zbrush.. and it's very good workflow. people usually don't even know that zbrush PBR renderer is very good and verstile.

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wine scene2.png
2MB, 1920x1080px
Any constructive criticism?
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the spray effect only happens when liquid comes into contact with a hard surface
Make the whoever is pouring less drunk
I think the biggest issue are the fluid dynamics. Te wine looks chunky, like pureed jello being dumped in a glass. I know you might have limited control over this depending on what software you're using, but maybe try tweaking your solver settings some more. Looking at images on google it should be more flow-y and elegant.

I like your lighting and shading, but not your composition. Your top and bottom crop feel too tight and the way the glass and bottle are framed is boring. Also the shot feels empty, maybe flesh out the environment some more.

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People call themselves professionals and make money off of doing work that looks like this

They didn't even attempt to hide the seam
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most people degenerate enough to have their dick out fapping to SFM porn of Mei's THICCass aren't exactly UVW mapping connoisseurs
What seam? Looks perfectly AAA to me. Subsurface is looking amazing, especially with that poly fiber hair.

That's not an UVW mapping problem. They just took her head and neck, and slapped it on a seperate body model. They didn't weld any vertices.

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What are some straight-up functional advantages of the more 'mature' 3d software when compared to Blender?

I'm an amateur / enthusiast / beginner in 3d art, with my main interest lying in 3d animation. I've got a few years of experience fiddling around in Blender behind my back, and I am genuinely curious: Why is there this stigma about about Blender being bad?

The main pro-blender arguments I have are:

Blender is still the only piece of software capable of GPU rendering (I run a gaming PC with a 1060, can't afford a render farm, so I feel like this right there is a huge advantage); How do render times of other software compare to it in 2017?

The interface is something people bring up a lot when discussing blender's negatives. It is a non-issue for me as I pretty much know it inside-out at this point, and it's hella convenient to switch seamlessly between poly-modeling / sculpting / 3d painting / animation / movie-editing.

So... Yeah. I'd like some up to date insight on the topic!
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i never used an autodesk product. but i did use blender for 2 years and even done some freelance work with it.

the comparisons people make online are not sufficient to give us a clear picture on which software is superior.

i think the main advantage of blender is the versatility. you can make a 3d model,animate it,create backgrounds and textures with it, do photo touching and composition and even edit it or add effects. so its sort of a complete package in that sense.

the biggest advantage autodesk have other blender is compatibility and plugins. vray is superior to cycles and we haven't seen a tutorial that teaches people how to explore cycles abilities. with cycles its mostly self learning and trial n' error. you have tons of guides and tutorials on vray. and even complete guides in how to make production level renders with it, cycles doesn't have that yet. cycles also got its first uber shader just a month ago and we don't have a material library yet so its very young, but also very promising since its still being developed.

another advantage autodesk have other cycles is various plugins,FumeFX, Ornatrix,Multimesher etc.

that being said. blender have its fair share of plugins like hardops,archimesh,retopoflow etc

overall its very tight.
with autodesk you get better hardware support,better plugins,better functionality
with blender you get versatility,better customization and more tools out of the box
>cycles abilities
Maybe you should cycle back to the Blender Foundation
Yes. Blender attempts to do everything and it does it extremely poorly
Blender has a habit of changing APIs every single minor release, which breaks plugins and shows no respect for the developers of those plugins
>overall its very tight
No, it's not. People use Blender because it's free, not because it's good.
you made some serious accusations here buddy. any evidence to what you claim?

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>youtube recommended How to Use Blender's New Ultimate Shader_ The Principled BSDF
>ooh new blender update?
>why i never hear about this
>maybe install it
>must be great
>installs it
>ohshit.jpg wrong update
>reinstalls the correct one
>cool, time for test

>must try the new shader thing on this default cube
>opens material modifier
>blender crashes
>time to try agin
>crash again

mufuckers how do i fix this? i got like 4gb of ram or something with a 2.20ghz processor (max is like 2.43ghz when im rendering)
stfu, not the best laptop ever but it works.

help? <3
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wait for official release ?
clean install delete blendeur use newone also always have sepretae build sof blender, stupud
If you are using an early alpha, you can't really expect stability

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Cinema 4D is extremely powerful yet has the easiest, least confusing, most babby-tier UI

tell me why this isn't the best 3D software
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As expensive as Maya, but without all the functionality. You have to spent a shitload of money for plugins to get feature parity and you don't even get there.
Character animation tools are ok but pale in comparison to Maya.
Poly-modelling tools are ok, but Modo, Max and even Blender have more options.
Unwrapping is fucking shit and worse than any other DCC.
No Node editor for textures/shaders.
Limited simulation tools. No fluid simulation, Fire & smoke simulation is like 20 years old.
There is even more old stuff in there. Xpresso and BodyPaint are ancient and left untouched for a decade.

The only area where it leaves all others behind is Motion graphics.
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Even in motion graphics there are people dumping C4d for Houdini.

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Post the oldest render you have, compare it to your latest project.

>Pic related: a sword I tried to make in January
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>Then what I made in March
File: 2k14.jpg (59KB, 1319x488px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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modelling, rigging, scripting and animation skills have eroded greatly since then

should i kms?
>first render
Sheeeit nigga
Iron man 1 came out in 2008 didn't it?
Anyways I lost that thing but it was a crappy attempt at an ironman model back when I first watched that movie and downloaded blender, I also made an intro for my brother's runescape dedicated youtube channel, Ill see if I can find that
Then downloaded zbrush and fucked aroubd with it, then I abandonned 3d modelling for 5 years until I was 18 and started architecture college

Ill post some recent stuff when I get on my computer

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/gd/ told me to come here.
long story short: I'll be working with CNC machines. need to learn how to use autocad, unigraphix and similar software.
please advice, help, tutorials or whatever.
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Auto-what? You mean Blender. Blender is the best. Do you know how many mechanical parts and buildings have been designed in Blender? None.
99% of people here work with polygons. go to some cad forum
What do you want to know?

Go to Youtube. Google the software. I suggest taking a look at OnShape for 3D CAD.

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Can you guess the likeness?
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jordan peterson
Nice one.
This makes me want to sort myself out and clean my room.

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I have successfully ripped meshes and textures from a frame and they are in .rip format but when I import them in a batch, the textures load in as solid colors and the meshes are stacked on top of each other in a cube will link image of cube and importer below.


please help, this should be a google earth rip btw
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i think you are looking for this helpful website: http://google.com/
Tried it my friend that's why I'm here
use this , worked for me 13 years ago. i personally gurantee it will work. if not, just order a pizza and eat your life away. https://www.searchquarry.com/vehicle_records/license-plate-number-records-lookup.phtml?trackstat=lplate&gclid=CjwKEAiAkajDBRCRq8Czmdj-yFgSJADikZgg_O8zc_8YDuaP6BC5yQ-ZBDzm509OzWbOF3mLOuC0mhoCpeXw_wcB

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