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Get gud
Charge money
Put globalist propaganda in it.
Make 3D porn, lots of 3D porn. Bam. Youre now ahead of every asshole who wants to make money making 3D porn but hasn't made any 3D porn.

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So anons im a new fag and i tried to learn something about hdri enviorments and how to set them up in max but somehow my renderer is only rendering a solid color.

From a new scene my steps so far where:
Select the hdri image as environment map ->instance the map into the material editor -> instance the map into into arnolds renderer settings->instance the map into my skydome color setting -> set the map to spherical environment.

The viewport changes colors when i change the angles in orthographic view but its always a solid black color not the image itself.

Help this unknown anon please
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You don't have to instance the map into Arnold settings as it pulls the map from environment setting by default anyway.

Aside from that, are you saying you can't see the map in the viewport or that the map isn't lighting anything during the render? If it's the former, you probably don't have your viewport settings properly set up, and if it's the latter, chances are that your skydome exposure settings are too low.
If i render with a model inside the hdri image affects the lighting of the model itself but the background is just a solid color that changes depending on the viewing angle.

The viewport is showing something thats certain, when i change the mapping type to screen it displays the hdri image fine but as spherical environment it doesnt work properly


I also tried changing the intensity of the hidden skydome arnold places or using a arnold skydome light but it doesnt change anything
ohhh, I missed the part where you said you were using orthographic view, the issue here is that ortho counts as a camera that views the scene from infinitely far away, so the background becomes zoomed in so far that you're basically looking at individual pixels when you move the view around, which is why it flickers like that.
The fix is to... simply not use orthographic view. It's useful for some things, but previewing what a spherical environment looks like is not one of them.

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hi, how do you make this kind of material (floor) in 3ds max ? thnx
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Could you not have asked the guy in the WIP thread? Or posted in the questions thread?

no answer for you get fucked
With a roughness mask
his tabs can give you hints about his inelect...

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Hey /3/, is there any software that would let me achieve this effect on a model? Max's cloth sim just kinda spazzed out when I tried to do it, should I use some kind of soft body sim for it?
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Houdini 16 has organic tissue.
Why would you want to re-make something that ugly

Hello, stupid question here.
Are there any good free/low price nude models out there? Where can I find them?
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Here https://smutba.se/

Go to the piratebay and download all probundles that can find

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So. The question is how to make decal which blend both normal maps instead of replacing it
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mix node
or use add node if you want direct overlay
blend angle corrected normal?

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Does anyone know where to get ALL the models for MKX? Models-Resource only has some of the mobile app models.
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To get all of the MKX models download MKX then look for a model ripping script on xentax forums.

P3DM.RU Or something such as that, I don't remember

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Price is roughly around 20 dollars for the model. Should have links to previous work. The model is a Italian soldier ww2. my profile on steam is HR partysnake hit me up if you are interested
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Is gmod community even exist these days?
Yes yes it does exist
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>For an character model

Jesus anon your fucken stupid

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Do I do it on facebook? Im literally socially retarded but I got some sweet skills in 3D. I wont show you my work btw.
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There's a super sweet easy way to do it and it doesn't take too much time, as long as you do it right. I won't tell you the way btw.

Be a women. Show tits.
No need to pave your way, just pay for it.

I fell for the "make games instead of play games" meme. Now its been 3 years and I havent played anyone elses game so I wouldnt waste time not modelling, programming, learnin. I feel like I'm still far behind and will never make it. Not only that, but now I know nothing about what kids these days like to play and why they enjoy them, like LoL, Dota, CS, etc.

Am I fucked?
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Show your 3 years of progress
I dont want to be bullied today. Lets just say that I work a regular job at a mcdonalds equivalent

three years is enough to get an entry level job senpai. show us. post to the wip thread. if you cant take us being mean how will you cope when its face to face with money involved.

How do you achieve a look like this? Been trying but it's not the same. Not on my work PC now so I can't show you, but as far as I know it looks like a simple diffuse shader with no reflections.
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Colors that contrast and pop more, the light blue on white doesnt pop like the examples bright red on white. All your colors kinda blend together and the bushes and trees look odly textured compared to the crisp cutoffs of all the shapes in example
flat shaders with shadows, AO, GI, and colour correction.

I'm not sure where else to ask about this, but I'm sure you guys will be able to help.

Recently I've come across a lot of art, that seems completely normal sober, but on LSD can be revealed to contain intricate patterns.

They usually look very similar, like they were made with the same program.

I only have a couple examples, all are trees, which seems to be a common way to do this.

It might be a shot in the dark but someone has to know what I'm talking about? Or have any other examples?
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>take psychedelics drugs
>see stuff that isn't really there
kys degenerate
I'll explayn more in depths if you want, it can be explained with math,

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Learning blender rigging/animation makes me want to kill myself.

Is there a simpler software to pick up or am I going to have to kill myself
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rigging/animation is the least annoying part
Maya seems to have better rigging and animation as far as I know.

OK, so I want to make a 3d model of this type of soldier. I have 43 images for reference and just downloaded Maya, but I know nothing about 3d modeling. This is a totally newbie question: What is the procedure to do this? I know that this is difficult and it requires practice, but what should I do to achieve good results in this project? Any good tutorials on Maya to get started? Thank you in advance.
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Since you know nothing of modeling, I'd suggest starting with an editor that has a more visually obvious UI to a beginner, like Max. It's easier to find tutorials for as well.
As for the procedure for any decent high quality character, you essentially have to build from the inside - out. First get the hang of modeling/skinning/rigging a bare human body and seeing how it should look and move. Next add plain clothing and iterate on that, and then you can finally work on starting to add all the straps, bits and bobs that hang from a combat suit like pic related.
Take it a step at a time, if you don't follow the principles according to which complex clothing is designed, it's going to look and animate like shit. You have stuff strapped to other stuff that's fitted to clothing or a harness that's sliding around over your body which itself is a deformable surface, so you can't just jump into the detail bits without knowing how the whole chain fits together.
So rather than asking "how can I model this?" The better question is "what should I learn to get to the skill level to be able to do this?", and the answer is all the component bits that I mentioned - modeling humans, clothing, soft and hard surfaces, and how to run physics simulations. By the time you're done, it should be mostly obvious what you need to do without the guidance of a tutorial.
Thank you very much for your time, this is really helpful! I will try Max instead, though I have one more question: a friend recommended me Daz studio. Is it a good software for what I want?
Look up michael pavlovich, his character creation series is the best out there

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Stop using paid software
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I wish the adobe suite was on Linux.
>everything is on a subscription model
Don't even worry about it, I'm not giving away money perpetually.

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