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Hey guys, is there any Modo-fag here?
I'm mainly Zbrush-user and I use Maya as generalist package, I like maya and all, but Im pretty autistic and I was thinking to switch from maya, (not to switch but to learn something different besides it), at first I was thinking about Max, but I think that will be leityerally 0 gain.,

what will you say about Modo? from what I've seen it's pretty interesting. I love different unorthodoxic and smart UI-s, I think modo got that. (I really love Zbrush's UI, I know that many hate it, but I think it's their lack of knowledge of shortcuts and tools)

can someone list some pros and cons of Modo?
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Fuck sake Modo got blacked.
cool explanation bro!!! many thanks to your mom

I come from blender , and i really like it, the interface doesn't feel that bland and has many useful things

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Admit it.... it looks pretty good.

Base specs: 8 core Xeon (18 core option available), 32gb (will take 128gb) 1tb SSD (4gb option available) and a 27" 5k display. GPU will be AMD Vega, but no further details about base model available yet, but a 16gb option will be available.

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You could make that for 3000~

Yup, you can easily beat that price with a self-build..... right up until you try to add the 5k display.
Granted... a 5k display is really not necessary, so, you could argue that it is still 'overpriced' because you're dropping a big chunk of your money on a luxury that you don't really need...


If you have decided you definitely want a really, really nice UHD display with your next PC - you actually can't beat this price. You'd actually be paying *more* money to go through the hassle of building a machine yourself, which can only run Windows, makes 10 times more noise, loses it's resale value instantly, and doesn't look half as good.

But yeah - that's only if you're really set on having a very nice display. (And the display on this thing is really, really nice).

If not... yep; self-build. Save a couple grand.
The more I think about it... the more it's clear that if you're dead set on having a high-end display for your next computer, you'd actually be an idiot to overlook this machine.
You can cry all you like about 'Macfags' and hipsters and blah blah blah... at the end of the day, this is a powerful PC which runs Windows and MacOS* at a price that, given the cost of that display, isn't half bad.

*btw - once you've installed Windows, you can actually erase the MacOS partition entirely if you're that anti-Mac.

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some fishos.png
2MB, 1920x1080px
I made a some jellos, any thoughts? I'm not great at sculpting so i like making minimalist stuff like this.
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minimalism has turned into an excuse for bad shit, learn to do shit and post or say you're not that good and learning, don't blame minimalism for bullshit
Fair enough, i agree that the overwhelming rise of "minimalist" styles is a result of people not wanting to put much effort into their work, but the point of my post, albeit inexplicit, was to find advice to better this and future projects.
I like making minimalist stuff because I don't have the patience or skill to work on more detailed projects, not because i want to pretend my work is professional without putting any effort into it.
I wouldn't pretend that my jellos are better than the jellos in pic related.
my best advice would be to learn composition and design, color balance and contrasts. also i wouldn't use hairs for tentacles, model them they look better

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Hello, play my video game, it's a slenderman type game, but it also resembles minecraft, please play it, and tell me that I have to change, thank's, #4chan
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You have to change
You have to change
You have to change

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I have to create a photorealistic face in maya for my final course project.

What kinda stuff should I watch out for, what should the final product look like and how many polygons must the model contain?

And how do I turn on selection symmetry (when i pick an edge or vertex on one side of the model maya selects the exact one on the opposite side)

Any advice/tips is welcome
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>what should the final product look like

a human face

>how many polygons must the model contain

why are you asking that here

>how do I turn on selection symmetry

go to modeling toolkit and under symmetry select object x
Just use ZBrush to do 90% of the work, also when people say 'realistic' they actually mean 'believable', avoid the uncanny valley at all costs.
You should at least google what photorealism is. Its not 'realism'. Its about mostly rendering and looking like on photos. If your teacher specifically asked for photorealism, render him and black and white render and rub it in his uneducated face.

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I've been messing around with XNA posing studio for years now, and I love making poses, like pic related. However, I want to finally make presentable pictures of my poses. I'd love to learn how to render, but I have little clue as of where to start. Blender is pretty much the only decent 3D rendering program, right?

I guess I'm just asking for resources and tips of how to get rendering.
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On yout modeling package, in the toolbar, you press the "set on fire button" and then the "render" button. That's it.
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Blender is pretty much the only decent *free* 3D rendering program, right?
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Is it truly that simple? I've tried rendering in blender once, but realized that you need to take multiple aspects into account.

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Hey guys, how can I have a plasticine look on Arnold for Maya? I'm a huge shader noob but I would like to make something similar to pic related.
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Something like this Anon?


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anyone here using OpenCL?
what is your experience with it? any bugs?
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no its actually the only bug-free software on the planet
i mean far as using it to support a gpu.
you can get error if your card is not fully supported
so target the features the card has dipshit

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Maya and all Auto desk features are free, do people keep complaining that they are to poor to start to work??
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Simple, it's subscription-based. It's only free for a good 30 days unless you're good at cracking programs.
there are a few things you don't consider here

first of all, you have to ask permission to move your license from one computer to another.
secondly you can't sell your work online, and in places like turbosquid you get asked to post .max or .3ds files.
third, you have 100k poly export limitation. (or it is just in maya lt?)

You forgot something

>Using autodesk subscription products is the same as selling your soul to the devil.

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not so good.png
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What /3/ thinks of this?
It seems I cannot share sketchfab link here (woot!1?)
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>It seems I cannot share sketchfab link here (woot!1?)
newfag, lurk more
Well, ok.

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>install Radeon ProRender for Blender
>can't even enable it
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what is it?
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Some alternative for Cycles

Can't buy Vray for Blender yet so I'm trying this out.

Using the unstable build btw and got this
>installed official build
>still get the same error

anybody know of someway to extract UnityPackage fbx models without unity?
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google it.
thanks anon, i knew i could count on you!

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How did I do?
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looks half assed
>ayy lmao ?
For your first ZBrush thing I'd say it looks good. Carry on, son.

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Not trying to start anything here... just trying to decide which one should i focus on learning since my workflow is so dated that still includes traditional photoshop texturing.

Could anyone provide a comparative a list of pros and cons or provide some educated opinion so i can compare DDO to SP2? Thanks.
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She looks like she just took a dive in a dumpster and some random pieces of trash stuck to her body.
Does nobody here PBR? come on guys... i need some help here. I don't want to learn both programs.
Both of them are good. I would go with quixel since you are already used to photoshop workflow.

Personally I like substance more; but in my opinion no one should get with painter only, designer is a must too if you want to do something decent with substance

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I'm a beginner trying to learn 3d animation/modeling but mostly for animation. Cinema 4d is the easiest to learn software of them all, I've tried 3ds max, maya, and blender (mostly blender). If I really try and put all my time into one software I think I could learn it. But cinema 4d is the easiest and the one I've grasped the most in a short amount of time. My question is if Cinema 4d is respected in the industry and/or in the 3d community. I want to do this mainly as a hobby and for shitposting. Also if it would be most beneficial to me to learn this or put my time into another software.
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>is this a meme?
cinema 4d is only good for motion graphics, for 3d animation go to maya, for modeling you need combination of many 3d tools
>normal pipeline
>box model base on maya
>go to zbrush to sculpt model
>return to maya and retopo
>texture in substance designer
>return to maya and make bones
>make animation
>render in arnold
>or send to unreal, make scene then compile
That is a lot of software and a lot of different programs, seems like a professional workflow. For now what would you say is the best 3d animator/modeler to begin with.
Maya is industry standard
>That is a lot of software and a lot of different programs
some programs are good with somethings and some aren't, cinema 4d is abysmal with uvs, also super slow compared to others

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