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I've made a Build Engine (Duke Nukem 3D) map to OBJ converter
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Another example
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Cylindrical panorama with radiosity and textures, rendered in povray, with somewhat incorrect texture coordinates
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Another panorama of the bathroom in the first level

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Opinions on buying a kinect to do mocap?

is that the poorfag way to animate?
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Ive heard someone doing it, but they were doing it for themselves. Are you planning to work in the industry if so then what about if someone asks you to animate. It would be better to invest these money into some professional software.
Is recording yourself with a camera a suitable reference for animating? Has anyone ever done it and found it useful?
Yes that definitely works. If you have more than one camera you capture yourself from different angles simultaneously and synchronize the clips.

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Funny / Bizarre 'Second Life' Models.
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Funny / Bizarre 'Second Life' Models.
Just leave and take your shitty channel with you.

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Has anyone tried the new version of Arnold, leading renderer in the industry?
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When you can't tell what's real anymore
>still no gpu support
its like they're living in the 90s
they always fuck up the eyes

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Hey guys, I am looking for a Maya plugin with same functions as this one, with no luck. And since I can't into Python or Mel, you're the only place I can ask and actually expect a response.

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Theres the python script in your video description.

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I just installed max 2017 and it's acting like autistic piece of shit

it randomly goes from this
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to this

what the fuck is happening here?

This file is from max 2015 but still this fucking thing should be working properly in 2017
I can't see anything wrong with this.
Maybe there's some AMD inside your computer

When modeling a female figure, like from a model sheet, do you model the basic torso outline first, then extrude the breasts, or do you solidify the torso first, (other limbs maybe) and then do boobs?

Same applies to any details on armor or miscellaneous bits - do you just create your base model first, then add on extra detail (by extrusion or a different model applied after creation), or do you just work it as you go?
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I can't model female figures because halfway through I start masturbating and then I lose interest.

Torso first, then boobs. I tend to model them seperately before attaching them instead of extruding. It gives me better control over the shape.


Then maybe you might want to invest in a 3D printer...
That makes sense. So far I'm more trying to get a sense of how to go about it, but so far, box modeling is proving challenging, especially in creating organic shapes.

Still in the learning phase tho.

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Anyone use AutoDesk Revit for 3d architectural modeling?
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ayo yea but architectural in the most brain numbing sense. I work at a large architecture company and EVEN in the most corporate of corporate drone settings we use Rhino to get the ounce of creativity required before moving into AUTOCAD for test floorplans and hand it off to the revit team without looking back. Some designers still use sketchup to design. I know right? But it doesn't matter. If you meet the revit department its one of the most soul crushing places, one of the most normal, painfully normal, and rote parts of architecture with more interest in "oh i have a chao hes so cute" or "i love tiramisu" and never architectural theory. Thom mayne and other cool firms use microstation for BIM. Revit is the Wal Mart of architecture.
i find revit to be unusable honestly
>Anyone use AutoDesk Revit
I do
>for 3d architectural modeling
oops, no. I only do the structure part.

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i am working on a voxel game engine. so far it works well. it is not traditional 3d, but the 2d sprites used are first modeled in 3d space, and then cut into "slabs". the z axis is artificial, and height of a "slab" is seen by adjusting it's y position. it is a neat way to do things, and i like the result, but creating the assets is difficult. is this procedure just stupid and wasteful all around? i am wondering if the novelty is not worth it, and i should work in actual 3d space.

if you post your low to mid resolution (<128 units squared) voxel graphics, i will love to test them in my engine. or anyone with experience, I would really appreciate any advise.

the pic is the engine. the player and npc graphics are just place holders, and not original.

this game is my inspiration, but it uses many pure 2d sprites drawing, and I am trying for entirely "3d". it is still really interesting, visually.

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image comparing layout/positions vs what is actually drawn/seen in game. shadows, simple distance based lighting, foilage, variation, more texture, etc. makes it look nicer, I think.
stop working on game demos, you stupid loser, make a game. fucking losers and their "tech" demos are disgusting. make a fucking game.
I think you can make some kind of cool action game where everything is destructible kind of like how Voxelstein lets you destroy absolutely everything.

This is my 2nd model ever, what does /3/ think? Is it time for me to move on to modeling human characters yet?
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>Is it time
The time was when you were capable of coordinating a pencil in your hand to make a mark on a piece of paper. No amount of tutorials is going to adequately prepare you for making characters, just fuckin do it. Have a tutorial in your hand if you need it. Your first attempt will fail. It's likely your next bunch of attempts will fail. Just keep at it, and eventually you won't fail.
i can't judge without proper shading.
What is wrong with that grip?

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Hey /3/, is it considered bad if I start modeling a body with splines? It seems much quicker to me than beginning with the box technique. I am far from experienced, and I know jack shit about all this.
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>box modeling organic sculptirrr
If it's faster and easier for you,and the end result is the same, why not?
she has a spinal deformity

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Come on 4chan, rek my CG apaaaert
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Not this again...

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how do you learn to make a PBR material in substance designer usign a photo as reference?

any tips?
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There's like a billion videos and tutorials online that you can access right now, and you choose to ask this on one of the slowest boards on the internet??
I'm doing roughly the same thing right now and it never once crossed my mind to ask /3/ for help, just google that shit.

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We all know that asset flipping (using assets from the unity storee) is frowned upon.

So I was thinking.

Is possible to simply download the meshes, animations and simply make my own textures?

will people still complain about it?
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But, like, people will still complain.

People will always complain.
Asset flipping is only when you just shit something out with minimal effort.
Making the textures is the hardest part though. I've heard many professionals state that a bad model can be saved by good textures.

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I got a sweet material pack for C4D but only have Blender. Is there a way to extract the file for the textures?
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Pirate C4D, use it instead.
It has a better UI/UX anyway.

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