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Thoughts on this piece of work from a technical standpoint.
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its k but she should have been cel shaded atleast
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and yes, 4th season onwards is still using the stolen assets from mmd or whatever.
Stolen Assets the "anime" - created by Dead Guy

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ITT: Weird/dumb things you did with 3D Modelling software.
i call him bort
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soda can.png
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soda can that i used 3 materials to put together
i didn't know what is project paint back then
better than any of the shit i'll ever be able to put out :(
if you like 3D you can advance quickly

This guy is building a 3d Enterprise for folk to explore, some folks have also been bulding a model of the titanic.

Where would you like to be brought to life in £d to explore?
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Depends how much virtual alien pussy can I get.

I love exploring £d environments. 3d ones too for that matter.
The entire Bladrunner depiction of LA, but if had to narrow it down, just those alleyways where Harrison Ford is eating noodles at the start.

Pretty much anywhere in Akira.

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>3d job application
>must be knowledgeable in Keyshot

how do you learn keyshot if its 2 thousand fucking dollars?

help me get keyshot bros
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why waste 2k if all you're doing is a job application, there's no guarantee you'll get the job
just pirate it from cgpeers
so i have to wait until the 1st of the month?

stop projecting faggot

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Thanks, you're doing humanity a favor.
It's a death sentence


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i want your honest opinion
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it's nifty
I suck at 3d though

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Does this have any good sculpting programs?
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It isn't optimized for surface at all
when you stop being a fag you will have more options

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How do you rip from sketchfab I have Ninjaripper but it doesn't work.
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even if u rip it, it comes out as shit m8. the rippa retriangulates everything and welds the vertices kinda arbitrarily. most of the time you'll get screwed up UVs or meshes with glitches in some parts. better git gud and model it ureself.
I'll take my chances, now tell me how to rip.

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Old WIP thread

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Shot one of four in this scene. quality is potato as i cant waste the render time.
Rigged her with clothes.
does she have a working puss

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Does anyone know how to recreate PS1 jitter and affine texture transformation in Blender, like in this picture?
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just make sure your vertices snap to integers. that's why there was jitter. psx didn't support floating points for vertices.
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it's not a 3D modeler issue, but the target game-engine / hardware limitation.

I do know that at least Unity has fan-made assets that recreate the wobbly PS1 looks.

Daz3d skin renders & bodies are getting pretty good - but the faces are always uncanny-valley-fucked. Any anons got any examples of good faces from daz3d?
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Fuck hand modeling faces use photogrammetry then slap the face on in Zbrush
Any good examples?
actually just googled for myself. I've started using daz3d for keyframe art, so having quick slider control over a decent face would be good - photogrammetry route has fixed expression.

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Can we have a discussion about facerigging in video games?

What's the best example of it you've seen? Personally (and I may be ill informed here) I think MGSV had some really impressive subtle facial details in their facial capture stuff (was this touched up by artists later? and if so, do you consider that cheating?)

I'm sure things like L.A. Noire will be brought up at some point too, but for my money I can't think of anyone would did a better job than the MGSV team of convey subtle facial expressions in a way that almost crawled it's way out of the uncanny valley.

(also sorry to the mods if you think this belongs in /v/ instead, I just thought asking here would get me more insight from people that actually understand the tech)
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There's no such thing as cheating in graphics. The faces look that good because they're scanned in from real life and recorded from real life.
Siren, Silent Hill 3. Jap magic.
My proposed question was which game has the best face rigging, in this context, one might consider touching up animations afterwards to a certain degree a disqualification.

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I'm going to school for animation. Working right now in both Maya and 3DS max. Wanted to post in this community, and see if anyone from the industry or other walks of modeling, to give me pointers on how i should build my portfolio. I have one year of school left, and im considering building a portfolio around HVAC using Maya.
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Couple of questions on modelling and texturing large spaceships like a Star Destroyer:

- What do you think are the best techniques for creating high detail 'greebling'. And also: does the detail depend more on the models or on the texturing?

- The engine glows: I'm currently using Arnold in Maya, Mesh lights seem to work pretty well, but not ideal. What would be your take on them?

- Would it be wise to create little windows and copy them all over with a parented light, or again use Arnold's mesh light and distribute these meshes all over the model?

Please share your 'essentials' for creating highly detailed giant spaceships
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Model sets of modular greeble pieces and distribute them via a scatter object. You don't want to place them manually. Or use Houdini to create them proceduraly.
Some kind of visible flame(light) from the engine. Don't use just a mesh light. Use some kind of volumetric light (idk desu)
For lights on the hull use emission textures, don't plaster hundreds of lights on the hull.

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Is getting a major in computer graphics/3d animation and special effects a bad route to go if you have a back up plan (trade jobs) in case you can't find a job? While the degree is nice, I wanted to use college as a means to get connections and hopefully internships.
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>muh 'nekshunz

How many upstarts got a chance thanks to those mythical connections in a trade where everyone just has to look at your 1:30 min portfolio video to get the rough idea of what you're capable of?

How many of those were manic pixie gurlz that someone wanted to shag?

It's only a bad plan if it's gonna cost you thousands and thousands and thousands... which it will. So... yeah its a bad plan.

Unless you are going to study at an extremely expensive university in a major metropolitan city, your degree will almost certainly be bullshit which is taught by people who studied graphic design or painting and have almost no fucking clue what they are doing, but got hired because they're cheap.

No-one, I repeat, NO ONE in the VFX/games industries gives a fuck about your qualifications or where you studied or who you know. They are the last remaining meritocracies in the media industry. Connections don't mean shit, what degree you got doesn't mean shit, where you studied doesn't mean shit. All that matters is the quality of your work. Period. And I guarantee - if you are motivated to learn and improve and be as good as you can be, university will do nothing for you but put you in a fucking huge debt hole.

Just stay at home with your parents, get a gnomon account, a pluralsight account, a mid-tier PC and basically don't go outside for 3 years and you will be 1000% better than people that wasted their time and money at uni.
So how do I break into the industry? Even if I do achieve the skills, I doubt I'll know where to go after that.

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