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Why the fuck waste time extruding shit and being in edit mode for 3 hours instead of sculpting what i want and then just using decimate if i am doing a model for a game or a low poly model?
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>letting a computer use shitty generic algorithms to reduce poly count with no regard for topology.
Same reason no one uses booleans for anything serious except mesh destruction for simulating wreckage.
If one day we get some really smart decimator that can generate clean low-poly topology while running edge loops in the most appropriate paths, then by all means go ahead and do what you want.
If one does exist and doesn't require extensive cleanup or reflow, then please show me.
you have to know what you are doing.

if you have a radio with a soundnet you are not gonna decimate all of those 1000 holes. you are just gonna cover it with 1 polygon and bake it.
its not always bad tho
Topology matters all of nothing in low poly games

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That's some nice work, keep it up
pixar / 10
Ready to rake in those post post ironic meme bux from 12 year old youtube children
Now the real hard part is coming up with really ironic clickbaity titles for your videos

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Working on my own little 3D game engine

What standard should I use for my materials? Metalness or Specular?
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Why do you have to put exagerated and unrealistic dents and imperfections everywhere? Are dents the new lens flares? Also my dog is working on his own 3D engine too. He's predicting he's going to be able to publish a mediocre game in a 12 years time frame.
> no one is allowed to be happy in my presence

Hello im new to 3d modeling and i am just beginning but is it a good start/
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its ok for a beginner
spend more time on it.
Does it look right?
What looks wrong?
What would have to change?
Make the change.
Does it look right?

Lets post our workspaces /3/
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gb2 /b/
Why do you use software created by jews?
this 2 ))
how repressed are you that you hand swastika on your wall? what did bullies do to you in school?

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I´ve been working a lot with CATrig lately and it´s pretty easy to quickly build a simple rig, but when it comes to more complicated stuff, CATrig just doesn´t really deliver or even causes huge problems. I guess it´s mostly just a "quick&dirty" solution for minor characters, but not really something for more complex rigs?

Would love to hear your opinion/experiences with that thing. Can it be useful in some cases or should it be avoided completely?
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You pretty much explained it yourself: Its good for a quick solution for most generic things but if you have a specific important model its best to make your own fully custom rig.
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>I´ve been working a lot with CATrig lately and it´s pretty easy to quickly build a simple rig
Fuck CAT and FUCK rigging in 3DS Max

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Hey /3/ a question, I really like blender, but obviously i use it because I don't have money for software, and i was thinking on downloading an old cracked version of maya such as 2013, for learning, or should i go for the newest cracked version?
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Oh, i forgot, i generally like to model guns or rifles and such things with hard surfaces
Try Freecad, SketchUp and Rhino in that order

I downloaded freecad and I'm doing random shit with it, it is pretty easy for being a little program, but i ask why?, I asked about which version of maya.

Give me reason to give modo over superior 3ds max and maya.
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Pic related ask you to
its not superior. it just have superior plugins.

plugins are very substantial when you go to more advanced forms of modeling
easy to customize and easier to get into.
Other than that it's not really "better" for anything.

Hey /3/, I need support about the 2d concepting shit to make 3d, I'm already good at 3d, but don't know how to draw shit, what's the best way to start drawing characters or things in general, any tips or resources such as infographics?
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Looks like Dr. Phil
Shortcuts like info graphs and sped up tutorials won't help you. Pick a style and try drawing it everyday until it looks good to you. It's called hard work and practice so if you're good at 3d like you say you should know the amount of work you're going to need to put into drawing
>Pick a style and try drawing it everyday until it looks good to you.
that will work but very very slowly

Are there any TDs / more technical Lookdev guys here who could offer some tips on writing arnold shaders? I'm specifically working on a physically accurate (as close as i could get) atmosphere for a low orbit earth (rayleigh + mie scattering etc).

I've been looking at O'neil's Accurate Atmospheric Scattering and Bruneton's Precomputed Atmospheric Scattering (which is a mouthfull)

I've never written anything this mathematically complex before, anyone have any guidance or other reference?

I could always do a rough approximation in color ramps but it would be rather crude and much less versatile.
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What's so hard, download the shader from O'neil's Accurate Atmospheric Scattering and translate it to arnold.
because his implimentation doesn't use multiple scattering and he left out the phase function
i should note that its because most of these resources are built to run in real time, which is not a concern.

also osl shaders aren't arnold specific

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What are the best learning resources for 3ds max? I am currently starting with youtube and lynda, are there any other good tutorial sites?
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Go with Arrimus3D

Also the 3DSMax learning channel

EAT3D has some pretty good series like the Bulldozer.
Thanks, how long do you think it would take to learn at average speed?
What, the program itself? 3DS Max is an extremely complex program, much like any general-purpose DCC, since it's designed for a multitude of tasks; even just Photoshop has functions that far exceed the needs of photographers.
What you want to do is consider what aspect of the 3D workflow you want to focus on, and cram tutorials based on what you actually want to achieve. If say you want to do archvis or environment design, a lot of stuff could be considered extraneous to you, just as the stuff that you might find relevant wouldn't be as much to an animator or effects artist.
So when you say "learn Max", what aspect are you referring to specifically? It could take decades if you want to be a one-man army and be competent at modeling, texturing, rigging, animation, simulation, rendering and compositing, and even then you'll at best just be a jack of trades.

Is tor frick even human?

He makes these in a few days time frame. Start following him if you dont believe me.

Intricate models that look like they would take months............ How the FUCK can we compete?
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Can he make somehing that isnt ugly to look at.
Obviously he didn't model the head, the rest of this stuff could be done by a decent modeller in one day, UVs and textures another one.
If you cheat and don't unwrap the model it could be done even faster.
The problem is not the amount of work but the fact that he makes that stuff up as he goes.

So not only is he a fast modeller but also a very fast designer.
I could never design stuff that fast.
But he does cheat, he never unwraps and kitbashes stuff together.
You can accomplish his work speed within reasonable time. You'll just need to practice keyboard shortcuts, kitbashing, expanding your knowledge in technique, and you can eventually become just as fast. However he can concept ideas within his head like nothing, and although his designs can be hit or miss, I've seen some very impressive concepts be realized in a single stream of a couple hours.

As for your question, you can compete by not negatively comparing yourself to much better artists as you will never be the greatest artist in the world. You can however focus on your art, speed, and work ethic in order to become successful.

At what age should I give up and face the hard truth that I ain't gonna make it?

I'm 27 years old working in retail. I've slowly come to the realisation I won't be able to physically compete with adderall-addicted young graduates with no responsibilities in life, other than to please their employer. In the meantime there are people my age literally retiring from 3D to pursue more laid back advisory/consultancy roles.

>Thread theme
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put your retail money into bitcoins or something similar to bitcoins and forget about commercial 3d. Do it for fun.
If you're not working in 3D then get a job in 3D you fucking retard

Literally the first and easiest step, if you've been working since you graduated then you should have enough banked to even comfortably freelance for a while.

If you have no money and no work experience then yes give up because you are a failure anyway
You shouldnt do design anything for money. Its just a bad idea. Being a teacher for 3d is way better than working at 3d and thats what im planning to do

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You're a fiddle.
I'll diddle your fiddle.
Just a little.

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Let's see some outsider art /3/.

2.2 million views. I don't know if I should be impressed, or hate myself.
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Still my Queen, even though only a million views.
Wendy Vanity is the only reason I ever got into DAZ
Gary, get in the bath.


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