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Yo guys I made this, go check it out, I think it ended up pretty cool.

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Looks like shit, post in the WIP thread next time, lurk moar before posting.
looks ok but uninteresting add more life to i
yeah let's everyone make dedicated threads to each and every peace we make. this board will be much more alive though..

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how hard would be to make my own animu in 3D?
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by yourself? nearly impossible
but you can either animate or model some of those characters by yourself with hard work and determination
Just the 3D, effects, and animation? Hard, but not impossible. The higher the quality the longer it will take, that should be obvious.
looks like shit

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Anyone know where/how to get Octane for cinema 4d for free? I've looked everywhere, but no luck
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gpu renderers are not crackable
Why aren't gpu renderers crackable?
> Shit I made up with no basis in fact
Nice shitpost faggot

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I've recently found a android app wich converts 5 pictures (light from top,left,upper,right,lower).
Here's a link to the site: http://normalmapcamera.com/
I would like to know if there is a desctop programm to do the same thing?
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You can always do it manually.
Hard mode: take two more shots in addition to what he describes and with even light, one with cross-polarization (polarizers in-phase on both your lens AND light source) and one without, and make sure exposure stays the same. Subtraction blend these shots and bam! - perfect specular map.

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candy chromo.png
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I like literally everything about this CG film
>Pic unrelated
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This animation isn't without merit but i hate it so much, it's this fucking postmodernism movement in CGI at the moment bringing back the 'lol so rannndom!' attitude check out 3d world OP you probably like that piece of trash too.
its better than that mocap /trash/ we see everywhere at least.
>3d world
you mean this?

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So it's 3d coat now.
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All dese features for the low price of $430! Buy now goy-- er, guys.

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So what do you guys use to create an UV map? I have no idea really how to do it and applying textures directly to the faces always end up shitty looking for me any tips?
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every traditional modeling app have a built in UV unwrapper

some are better than other but they give you a 2D layout of what your texture should sit on.
matching UV's to texture is really bad and people don't do that anymore unless its for product design that have a really specific layout.
i think that knowledge in raster graphics will benefit you greatly before you paint. also things like classical art (light and shadow, color theory,anatomy) is functional to texturing.

hit up youtube and watch the basics
ok cool I unwrapped it and I see the map I just gotta figure out how to get a texture there. Is it only certain files like psd that will work? what is a goot way to make your own uv maps without photoshop.
>ok cool I unwrapped it and I see the map I just gotta figure out how to get a texture there

don't you use maya or blender? if you use something like wings3d or old modeling software it most likely won't have texture paint option.

people don't really make textures in PS anymore. they just paint it in programs like substance painter and quixel.

if you want get to know the basics i suggest you smart with maya,blender,3ds or bodypaint, 3Dcoat can be cool too.

The good, the bad and the very ugly edition.
prior thread >>561539
Lazy pastebin update: never
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Sister thread (NSFW) for all your debauchery needs and futa muscle girls.
r8 my Lora
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cute mexilolii.png
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shit forgot pic

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Been working on this SCAR H for a day now, but what's all this fuzzy stuff that's showing up when I render it? The model itself looks normal as far as I can tell
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Would really help if you'd tell us in which program you're rendering
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Blender, sorry completely forgot to specify. Here's another picture btw in edit mode
are you trolling? you have flipped faces all across the model.

i said this several times to people, even need to put this in the sticky. if you want to model weapons in blender get the dvd from cgmasters. any other modeling tutorials is shit and gonna mislead you

Not sure if this is the correct board for this, but i'm currently working on a project in Unity, and i'm wondering if anyone knows how to create models that automatically animate when you put them in your scene.

I've downloaded a few simple trees that sway and bend slightly in the wind as soon as i place them in my scene, but i have no idea how they automatically do that without me having to tell them to do so.

Does anyone know?
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They are called prefabs. Look into those.
In Unity, to animate an object you'd create and place on your object an animator component, in your asset panel you'd then create an animation controller and place it within the animator component of the object. For animation itself, you'd create on your asset panel an animation asset, it will store the actual animation.
The tree prefabs you've downloaded probably had all of this already.

To 'automatically' animate meshes, you'd have to dig into the Unity's rigging system.

Tge right board to ask about Unity would be >>>/vg/agdg
Thanks for the feedback.

The shader for the moving parts of the models is called Custom/Diffuse shake. Is the shader making them move ever so slightly?

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so i have a PBR shader that is comprised of color,roughness,reflectivity and normal. is reflectivity is just a different name for what they call "metallic"?
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I'd guess so, but in unreal they separate metallic from specular as one is linearly reflective. That said, the map should be grey scale so it would work in either channel in that instance.

Yes, probably.
it would help to know what render program you're using.
cycles. im using a premade shader
i have glossy shader with power node and its supposed to create the metallic input.
the guy who put this together knows more than me about PBR but i suspect its not 100% pbr even tho it looks good and functions ok

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When I apply symmetry to my imported model in C4D, the shading and phong get fucked... no one seems to know why or how to fix it, help plox.
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Post a scene file and I'll look at it later.
I'ver had this happen. Turned out it was the model itself even though nothing was different in its properties etc.

Import another model in this exact project and do exactly the same and look if it happens again. We'll go from there
Have you checked if the intersection of the symmetry is opened and welding vertex together? Also make sure that all the vertex of the geometry being symetrized haven't duplicates or isolated vertex. These two mess up with the mesh and can cause this kind of behavior

Sorry, I have a stupid question. I'm making UV maps but the clothing on my model is thick so there are faces on the inside too. When I create UV maps, I have maps for the inside of the clothing too and that's probably wrong.

What should I be doing instead?
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don't unwrap areas which are not visible.
or better yet. just lay out the back UV on the front UV. it will save space and no one will notice
>Sorry, I have a stupid question
We have a general.
My bad. I ctrl-f'd help instead of stupid questions in the catalog.

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So it's the end of the student year and after sending a few companies my work in hopes of an internship a lot more then initnaly thaught emailed me back very enthusiastic about hiring me. How do you judge a company aside from work? I have maybe 5 companys all with similar quality work that i need to narrow down.
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>How do you judge a company aside from work?

i think the bigger it is the better.
but big companies are more demanding
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This is what I have, got rid on one for unrelated reasons.
can't say for sure. looks like borenmouth is good
you should look into the position itself if they don't just write "generalist" and see if it fits

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Where can I learn more about low poly stylized assets?

There's some reddit boards for low poly but it's all "look how trendy my low poly base color scene is". I want to learn how to make low poly painted game assets.
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he is using bodypaint and 3DS but you can do it in any program
>poop in my mouth

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