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using blender render.

Is this about the maximum depth that can be achieved by having a bump map from black to white and pumping the influence of normals in the texture to 5? Or is there some other way to get more depth?
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bump node in cycles give you control over height in preview mode and render mode
Math node should let you get more bump. ..
Using the internal renderer in 2017 LUL

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What makes blender a worse software that what the industry uses?

I've seen this everywhere here, but what does it mean?
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Basically people are butthurt (why?) because free software can't possibly be as good as what the industry uses.

It probably started because the actual companies are jews and don't want people to use anything besides their software. This is why you have shills who claim that Max/Maya are shit and you need to use Maya/Max instead.

tl;dr: Trust your own eyes. Not a jews/shills.

The real problem with blender is the license. If it weren't for the license, it would have more industry adoption.

Basically, anything developed for Blender hhas to be released to the public under the same license as Blender itself. Therefore any studio making pipeline integration stuff or special tools for Blender would be investing time and money into making something their competition could just pick up and use for free.

Essentially, what makes Maya and other commercial software 'better' for the industry is that studios get to have their own insider stuff that gives them an edge. That's all.

>But blender doesn't have X feature!

Those features generally start as plugins created by outside groups because of the profit motive. They want to sell them. Users of the commercial package the plugin is for likes it a lot, and thhere is wide adoption. The package manufacturer sees that and buys the plugin rights, and directly integrates it as a feature.

In essence, commercial packages get most of their advanced features by buying out others' innovations. That means the features aren't native strengths of the commercial packages, bbut rather are strengths of the packages' manufacturers' bank accounts.

Sadly, Blender has to wait for someone interested in having that feature to start a project to make it just because they want it, and humans aren't good at that kind of thinking typically.
>not using z brush

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Can someone please check out my model? I'm a total noob and I was wondering if the door on the left side can still open when hinges are attached. I made the thing in Sketchup. It's for my dog btw.

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It looks fine, but you should learn to use and create groups as your working. Would be way too messy if you were trying to make anything more complicated.

Reupped because I fixed your backfaces too. Make sure you check those as you are modelling as it can be so time consuming later if you ever wanted to take the model into something else. I suggest setting the backface material to something like bright red so its obvious if you accidentally put a face the wrong way.

Not op but you're really cool dude


Entirely made in Cinema 4D
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As with most of the things made by people of your generation, it's boring, uninspired and depressing.
> 'your generation' meme
Well, sorta the mental state i was in at that time so make sense.

This better?

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Who's kit bashing here?
Should you put your kitbash creations into a portfolio?
What's the better format FBX or OBJ?
Can kitbashers get a job in 3d/concept art even if they can't model or draw well?
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It's alright, but don't expect much from the game industry.
Kitbashing. Job.
depends how you use kitbashing. if you kitbash 100 % and leave it like that, it'll look like shit, other than that, it's good to kitbash and it buys much time in prototyping process, you must detile your work afterwards, or otherwise... it'll look like shit

wtf are you even saying?

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I remember once being able to download this scene file from the creative shrimp tutorial, but I can't find it anywhere now, anyone has the link?
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Please respond.
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Fuck me it looks beautiful, bump

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Will AMDs upcoming 16 core CPU be a big step up for CG rendering?
More cores are always better, right?
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Oh yeah,actually cant wait to get my hands on one especially for the price.
Isn't Vega more exciting for 3D? The HBCC claims to create a virtual memory space that's hundreds of terabytes large. Wouldn't that allow for rendering or simulating more complex scenes on a consumer GPU
What do you think they will price the 32 core version at? 16 core bulldozer opteron was about $1600.

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What do you think of my dream home's current draft?

As it came out of my head, it ended up looking like a fortress, revealing my PTSD.

The U shape in the back was inspired by the japanese engawa, but a U shape needs something worthwhile like a pool or a table in the middle of that little 2 meter space. I doubt the children would play there and you're hardly connected to nature tucked back there. Perhaps I should stop wasting space on this U design.

I'm worried that the blocky uniformity looks boring at its core, no matter what dressings I put on top. Ironically, this fortress looks a bit stressful, with the need for protection, rather than just being a home. It is also stylistically unimpressive.

I'm considering a complete redo, with more inspiration from Queen Anne Victorian. More varied shapes pushed and pulled in and out. Perhaps this can disguise the defense sniper tower, choke point, and machine gun roundhouse.
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Nobody cares about your PTSD, this isn't your blog, your work is trash, use the WIP thread.
Your 'engawa-inspired' veranda is still just a veranda you damn weeb.
Why are you designing in a 3d program? Sketch that shit out first man. Just a heads up though, it's looks very boring and impractical ATM.

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alright /3/ I just went thru 2 years of technical school. But I'm worried about finding a job.

they tell us that all you need is a portfolio that shows what you know and how skilled you are, how well you know pipeline/workflow, etc. which is a given.

But what we get aside from an education is a 2-year diploma. Not a degree, a diploma. Am I fucked?

Assuming I have an industry grade portfolio which demonstrates my competency and skill, what are my chances of getting hired?
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The portfolio is sufficient. You will have to do extra work to network sell your work and get hired. But if you are good you can get a job.
What's you rportfolio like

Do you have any talent or did you just scrape by

Anyone using Spacedraw for Android? How is it as a modelling software? I have seen some amazing stuff, but they seldom include the actual limitations...

Is it usable in creating Low-Poly Assets for an Indie Phone Game?
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iIve never heard of it, but can it draw a vertex? Three? connect them and calculate the face with edges between them? Unfold the UV? There you go, you have the petfect modelling software for lowpoly. Whooptiedo.
yes it has all those, it even comes with extrude and spline along with obj export
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Say that I took up a very, very lucrative Freelancer.com project (contest format, if I can beat a couple pajeets I win) which requires me to use Revit, and I used Blender instead because Autodesk software is shit and according to the user agreement it installs spyware.

Would I be in trouble?
The person holding the contest would not know I hadn't used Revit until after I submitted the results.
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Nobody would notice but you'd get beaten by the pajeets.
You're so funny.
>Blender in place of Revit
You realize what Revit is, right? You're going to lose at whatever it is.
Also I lied, they'll know straight away. Blender and Revit is apples to oranges and you'd know it if you could get Daddy Stallman's balls off your face for long enough to actually learn anything about the field you're claiming to be a part of.

I'm new to this and don't know anything about of this stuff so please pardon my mistakes.

CGI recently caught my eye and was considering a course in it.
The work done in movies like avengers really intrigued me and i wanted to know what the people behind avengers did, how did they do it and where do i start?
Also, is it a good profession to pursue.

(also pardon me for the grammatical mistakes)
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> is it a good profession to pursue.
no, only if you are passionate about it
>low wages
>no jobs
also gtfo
couldn't hurt to at least try a course and see if you like it.

>where do i start?
read the sticky.

>is it a good profession to pursue.
there are a lot of talented people that can't get jobs. outsourcing is a big problem, and it's also a very small industry.
you need to be very lucky and have a lot of connections.

see if you like doing it first, and then figure out exactly how much you like it.
if you couldn't see yourself doing anything else in life then go for it, but otherwise go get a STEM major instead and do 3d as a hobby.
>yet another generic "just get a STEM degree" comment

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video (2).webm
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Hey guys do you like my spinner
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It's gay and autistic
maybe invent a spinner that can do this shit
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my friend made this on Microsoft 3d movie maker; https://youtu.be/SpOLgmmVhWM
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fuck off
Thank you ^

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