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>still can't pirate this
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thanks for pointing it out captain obvious.
ATM only MAX 2017 (with a somewhat crippled version that can't use the shader libaries from NVIDIA) and DAZ Studio 4.9 have IRAY
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>only MAX
The real IRAY (called IRAY+) for Max, Maya or Cinema is NOT Cracked you dimwit. I was pointing at the usables versions.

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Almost finished with the reference mesh for retopo.

Her name is Thicctoria. She's gonna be the main character of my game. Dark Souls but only thicc busty warrior bitches.
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different proportions and weapon concept
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sword conept.png
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Here you go:




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What is the best way to create a mesh that is exactly the shape of the curved piece highlighted here but with hexagonal geometry as if this bump map were the actual geometry? I could subdivide the shit out of the mesh and displace it but I want clean-ass hexagonal polygons. I also can't use a normal map because this is going to be 3D printed.
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If you're using 3ds max. You could try creating a more even topology, using quads, then use the generate topology tool in the graphite modeling tools, it has a hexagonal grid as one of the options, after that you could inset each hexagon, delete the center polygon and use shell to give it thickness.
Also look into the Grasshopper plugin for Rhino, it's what architects use for paneling buildings. you're talking about paneling geometry, there's a couple free plugins just for that, i think weaverbird is a good one. https://www.google.com/search?q=grasshopper+paneling+tools&tbm=isch
learn to use nurbs. use CAD software like Fusion360, alias speedform, and stuff like that.

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Guys did I do it right?
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Nailed it.
Unfortunately, that's what they did to the twin towers back in 2001.
Thanks. This was is my final project for a 3D modeling class. Great class, right"?

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I just installed Substance Painter and I'm having an issue while creating a new project. I can't select a template, I wanted to create a project using the "pbr-metal-rough (allegorithmic)" template that I usually use, but there isn't a template list like usual.
How do I fix this?
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bumping this because I really need help
Try selecting a mesh first? I have SP open and yeah, it seems you should be able to select the template first, but give it a shot.
You have to re download the newest update. After reregistration you will have access but an internal clock on 6 and below will lock you out if not verified.

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please tell me one of you have downloaded the 14 free materials?

they're not available anymore.
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forgot link:
No, not theere, and not captured in the Wayback.
click the top menu item CONTENT > SUBSTANCE SHARE
and it takes you here:
if those mats aren't there, at least there's hundreds of mats, brushes, shaders and such. I'm sure you'll find something tasty there.

Also, have you searched in CGPersia?
LOL I forgot link too:
but it's in the top menu anyway as described.

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this is really good

this is actually better than anything I have seen in the scene for like a decade

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Shitty ass barrel.png
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Alright /3/, I've seriously been trying to get into 3d modeling recently. I'm using Blender, obviously so if any of you have any tips/advice it would be greatly welcomed.
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advice on the barrel or on 3D in general?

your texture dosen't sit well. the seams of the barrel shouldn't have the same grain pattern
your scene is boring, make it more presentable
your metal circle is not metal. and its flat shaded
material is just diffuse slapped on the barrel, learn how to use cycles
Sorry I should've made that clear. I'm asking for advice in general. Thanks though for the criticism on the barrel render.
looks like you want to make assets.
is it game assets or just good looking 3D stuff in general?
if you want to go for aesthetics is suggest you learn cycles, download a pbr shader too - its free.
if its for games don't bother with cycles. just get better at modeling and pickup something like substance painter.
i however do suggest to learn cycles just to understand what goes into shaders and how to light up your scene

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So I'm using blender, and my render is just fine, and then all of a sudden, it starts putting this grainy dithering on the shadows??

I must have clicked something right?

Using Blender Render, not cycles.
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make sure those settings are in place
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Thank you,

so I fixed it by changing the "Maximum draw type" to wire.

My render settings are exactly as you have them listed here.

Am I screwing myself by changing this setting?
it has nothing to do with it

you probably changed resolution by accident

wtf the solidworks?
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Just be glad you're not using fusion 360
The solid doesnt works.

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Does anyone know what kind of shader is use here?
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looks like a simple diffuse with no speculars. and its lit by multiple lights

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I tried looking other places but came up short, so fuck it.

Why is the backpack of my model not textured while the rest of it is? Ive already tried flipping normals.
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Flip the UVs themselves in your editor, maybe.

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Alternative or working crack, please.
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Get a cgpeers account when registration opens. Currently has a 6.5 crack.
Ah 6 is out huh?

I haven't been paying attention.

What are some of the new big changes for 6?
not much, mostly stuff for people who want to do cloth design
if you use marvelous for sims, for detail for normal map baking and for making clothing for exporting and re topology you will find nothing new

Can anyone who wants to join a collaborative project that can end up in festivals/ on tv please get at me with recent work!

[email protected]
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Imagine if one of us put swastikas all over it and they were not caught until it aired on tv

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