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building my first pc and plan on 3d modeling and animating in 3ds max. Also for gaming and basic video editing. I'm deciding between an i5 7500 or an amd ryzen 5 1600. Which one would be better.
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Bitch is you serious, get the Ryzen
lmao ty
You can do like me and buy a used 1700 and an open box x370 board. Paid 300 for both but I had the ram etc sitting around from a 6700k build I never finished. Only thing that sucks is the pcie lanes. Three 1080ti's running at 8x/8x/4x kind of slows rendering down.

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Damn gooks.
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Fuck, it looks so effortless.
How come my 115+ attempts don't look a tenth that decent.
Found this, guess I know what I'm learning off to tonight.
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I keep telling people if want to make animu learn vertex modeling. Don't bother with sculpting since anime requires a flat 2D mindset.

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Any MMD users here? i thought 3dcg was the closest to MMD i could get here.
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Mikumiku Dance.

Best way to describe it is "weaboo poser/daz studio"
Well at least it's not pozer/daz. I think MMD is a fine fit for /3/

Note sure if this is the kind of place for it, but I'll share some of what I've done.
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Is where I post my explicit stuff, since I just remembered this was a work safe board.
I like to do dumb little model edits.
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hello ,
im newly interior designer, i make a lot of 3d renderings (interiors) using max15,vray3,photoshop.

Please comment my latest work .

thanks .
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Lighting and materials are shit. That room looks like ass. Is it a living room or reception lobby? That quote is pretty funny though.

All in all it is garbage though.
What's a mini-mecca doing in the middle of the living room? Do your house plans come with a free copy of the Q'ran? Also, if you try to have sex there, people from the next city are going to see you through the windows.

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what do you think about my creation?
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What did you use for this?
3ds max and photoshop
Looks good lighting / post processing wise, but too many hard edges are breaking the realism. You should have chamfered some edges to break up the harsh lines.

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/3/ I need your help. I'm new to modelling and am trying to figure how to topology good. It seems simple in concept, but I find that it very frustrating and difficult to create good topology. So much so that it often prevents me from getting a project off the ground because I'm worried the lighting will suck due to poor topology and tutorials haven't really been much help.

Doing a model with quads only isn't the hard part, it's getting quads to flow and using poles, etc... that I find to be the single largest barrier to creating something. I tried sculpting and found dynamic topology liberating because I just didn't have to worry about it. But sculpting is obviously not the ideal way to make everything. What should I do? Am I making too big a deal out of it? Does it just come naturally as you do more and more models?
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what you make would ideally dictate what tools/ methods would work best/fastest. whenever in doubt, nurbs. what you sculpt has to be retopologized anyway.
>does it just come naturally as you do more and more models
yes! I used to have quite a bit of trouble with good topology too. Now I just instinctively know where to put poles from practice.

make quite a few topology studies. take a model with good topo as reference and try to recreate it. get a sculpt and retopologise it perfectly, then do it again. Rig and skin something you've made to understand where it isn't deforming well due to poor topo. You'll get the hang of it quicker than you may think.
I'm watching Grant Warwick's Hard Surface Modeling series right now and it seems like something that might be right up your alley. He does a good job of explaining how to break stuff down and know where to worry about things and where not to. He uses Max, but I'm sure a lot of the stuff he teaches can be used anywhere.

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Relatively noob 3d fag here, gradually becoming serviceable in 3ds and new to the board. I discovered photogrammetry while doing research for VR shit, and am hunting for Android apps that aid in producing accurate 3d models; hopefully a sort of inverse photosphere layout that might aid in angle and distance consistency. I use ReMake for processing and have had some success with DSLRs, though I cannot pic related it at the moment.

Also photogrammetry general, pic not related
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You're going to lose interest in 3D scanning as soon as you realize that it doesn't actually work.
I've actually been pretty thrilled with some of the results I've gotten. Don't know what I'd ever do with them, but it's a fun novelty
But it does and it is beautiful.

Someone help me how do you get your post public on this cancer ass website
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Help please
Try not being autistic

What's the point of having concave topology on the pupils/iris? I keep seeing people make cartoony models like that but couldn't find any analysis on why.
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It's usually used with refracting corneas, which makes the eyes look convex anyway, but the concave nature of the stuff underneath is a little more realistic.
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anime sculptures do the same thing, pic related
Dam, she's hot.

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Anyone know if theres a torrent out there for a cracked version? no need for specifics but I can't seem to find one yet.
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Yes, there is but from what I've seen the cracked is iffy. Wait more until a xforce release comes out
Rats, thanks.
the last crack is good. I used R8 the whole fucking day yesterday without single crash, I used dynamesh, zremeshing, subdivs, masking/extraction, booleans, IMMs, created IMMs, used arraymesh/nanomesh, UV-s. IDK I fucking benchmarked whole shit. I have not painted but I doubt it will be any problem. . before that it was crushing AF. but last one is good.
I have not even removed r7 etc,..

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I am making a webgl loli game, who wants to donate a 3d loli model to me? I'll add credits
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Prove you're not just babby coders first language and maybe you'll find some help here.
i have written hello world in 50 languages and my fizzbuzz is the most advanced around. now gimme some 3d models
OP is a fag but I'll bite.


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Beginner here, seeing as cinema 4d is probably the easiest to learn 3d software out of the main bunch would it be wise to start with cinema 4d and then switch to 3ds max if necessary or to just jump straight into 3ds max? I'm interested in this as a hobby and for shitposting. I've tried blender, 3ds max, maya, and cinema 4d for basics and narrowed down my options to cinema 4d and 3ds max. I've seen more tutorials for c4d than max but maybe I haven't looked enough. Is this an autist move? Should I be looking at another software I've disbanded? I'm interested in both animation and modeling.
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it really doesn't matter

as a beginner you can't be worried about shortcomings of some particular software because you don't have a particular direction or artstyle yet.
there is no "photoshop of the 3d world". all of those programs are highly competitive with eachother since production methods are evolving + more people want to learn 3D.

now if you would told me that you are planning to make a shortfilm or some kind of simulation i would advice 3ds or maya. if you would have told me that you need to do some particals/vfx i would tell you to go with c4d. if you would have told me that you want to build mechas with some kickass kitbash stuff i would tell you to go for modo. if you were to tell me you want to make a versatile jack of all trade software i would advise blender.
I don't want to push or glorify blender, the render engine is really weak and you would probably have to replace it but i haven't come across any problems yet.
if ease of use is what concerning you get modo or c4d
What about renederers for c4d and 3ds max, 3ds max 2018 comes with really good ones from what I saw (forgot the names I believe arnold) and cinema 4d just comes with physical. How are the renderers.
>I'm interested in this as a hobby and for shitposting.
stick to ms paint, this ain't a hobby

* blocks your animation carreer *
not so fast kiddo.
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Richard Williams' book is a huge meme and nearly useless to anyone just getting into cartooning and animation but the retarded animation mistake examples that are on par with a really bad Chinese animation sweatshop are very comparable with how computers interpolate your animation data. So it might have some use if you wish to recognize when the computer is gonna give you shitty animation before you actually run into those problems.
t. mofag

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Done in one night, took random textures on the net, what dou you think annon ?
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It's neat. Get some maps on that shit and some proper lighting and also simulate those cables if you want to take it further. Looks like Highschool Student 3D Class Render #5,151 as it is.
you really need better scale of objects to make something like this.

and even if you did fix the scale there are so many other issues ike the ugly texture on the pipe with bad texture mapping. i mean the texture in itself is ugly.

everything is worn down but it dosen't look like real wear n tear. it got that procedural look to it
and generally no interesting shapes. everything is blocky.

you should really ask yourself if things in real life actually wear like that and then make judgement
you need to start taking dimensions into account, something looks weird about that

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