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please help me improve it

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>tfw working with unreal
I guess at least it's better than unity
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I would take 5K compiling shaders, or 10K rather than work with Unity.
how is it better than unity?
OP here, me too.

you will only know true hate for unity if you've worked with both. they're both free, so try them out and see for yourself.

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Where do you guys get your models to populate Archviz scenes?

I'm doing a shopping mall in UE4 and I really need foodcourts, restaurants, caf├ęs and things like that to fill it. I found none on Evermotion, there is like 2 US style diners in the UE marketplace, but the mall is in europe so its useless. On Turbosquid I found a couple decent ones but they were for v-ray and had millions of tris and need lots of work. And one shitty scene is like 90 bucks...

Am I supposed to model everything myself or what? How do you deal with this?
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unreal market
What if it's not there?
Would you buy these assets or pirate them? Maybe both? I am currently making arch vis libraries of assets to eventually sell, specifically for ue4 with master materials, and was wondering what would make you buy them, if at all, than pirate?

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Will Taketty appear during the Road to Wrestlemania or During Wrestlemania?A Mania without him seems so fucking weird.
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nice render
good job
what program did you use? Maya, 3ds max, silo? Dare I say it... blender?

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Hello, I'm improving my skills to became a visual compositor. I would like to know how many compositors there are in a studio (I know it depends if it is big or small). Is difficult to became a compositor?
Can someone give me examples of a first Showreel to show them?
I'm working with nuke.
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Nuke is basically where the money is at.
Fuck off we are full.
Nuke is good. There's a big demand for compositors since they're needed everywhere in the industry - it's not just a single-industry type of job. Most of the work isn't necessarily difficult, just time-consuming. You'll likely start your career cleaning up greenscreens.

This guy is scared that competition will deprive him of a job >>575478

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>tfw still no Tharja 3d model like in the figure
>tfw no Tharja 3d model at all

JUST ;_;
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there is on sketchfab ;)

And it look like pure shit.
It's funny because figures frequently recycle bodies, so if you frankensteined one together from figure models floating on the internet, no one would be the wiser

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Okay guys a simple question what if i already have Maya and have some knowledge of it but i also want to model complicated things, should i start again in max? Or maya will do just fine?
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stick to maya and only to it when you have the real knowlage of 3D you will see that evry other program is the same thing, focus on what you know and git gud
go to max to model. Max speed and all that. Its actually better than anything else. Export to Maya to rig and animate.

t. pro

Yeah? Will try then, maybe I'm just believing in the same mistake as leaving blender for maya, i'm just sticking with maya, seems comfortable.

>vertex/box model a character
>is ready for games/animation

>scultp your autistic model
>not ready for games or animation
>millions of poly
>have to retopo manually (if he thinks auto retopo is usefull, lmao)
>your retopo mesh is literally of higher density and worse than doing the mesh using traditional methods

sculpting is a meme that is only usefull for nice render sculpts, and is a waste of time for animations and games.

literally working twice.
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If I can remeber correctly, the first commercial modeling tool to feature something similar to modern "scuplting" was Caligari TrueSpace on the Amiga. So, like, scuplting 3D isn't a new thing and since then, it's still a niche. That should tell you something.
non artists really need to stop coming to this board.
What kind of retarded workflow are you thinking of?
>poly model game/animation-ready asset
>send it in to sculpt application for detailing
>bake results into maps
>apply baked detail back onto original mesh

If you want to start in ZBrush or Mudbox and then decimate your way down to a low-res asset, that's your choice and really one of many when it comes to sculpting programs. Most of the time though, you import assets that are already partially finished.

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Hey, so this is my first time rigging anything and I'm following Daniel Kreuter's tutorial:
I'm having trouble getting my model to work like at the end of the 3rd video.

Basically my character has a dress that extends from a loop around the upper-body down to her thighs. I rigged and weight painted the rest of her body separate from the dress and then, following the tutorial, made a deform mesh that completely encapsulated the dress. Then I gave it a 'mesh deform' modifier, selected the deform mesh object and my armature, and then 'Set Parent To' -> 'Armature Deform' -> 'With Automatic Weights' which is how we got the vertex weights set up with the actual body.

As you can see from my webm everything but the top of the dress is rigid. I've tried assigning the dress to any bones that might touch it as well changing the vertex weights like in the webm but nothing seems to alter its behavior at all

Am I missing something here? I would really appreciate any advice.
Sorry for the horrendous quality webm.
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>mesh deform modifier
wtf? pretty sure that's not how rigs work, that is something you use in a very specific case

watch this
Alright so looking into it a bit more, I unassigned the actual dress from all bones and looked at the weight painting on the deform mesh itself.

The bones have good weight painting on them but for some reason ONLY the top-most vertices of the deform mesh move, completely irregardless of weight paint.

The chest bone that has a nice smattering of red to light blue right in the center only move the top most vertices, the left thigh bone that doesn't even have any weight painted on the top of the mesh only move the top most vertices.
Could I have accidentally locked the vertices somehow? Fucking Blender.

This is a good tutorial but now that I know the problem has to do with the vertices just being frozen, it doesn't really help me.
Oh shit I fixed it!

Only the top vertices of the deform mesh were assigned to the armature vertex group for some reason.

I selected the whole deform mesh, assigned it to the armature vertex group, unbinded and rebinded the mesh deform modifier, and it works now.

The dress currently clips through the body at strong angles but that's just balancing the weight painting.

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I want to learn human anatomy for 3D sculpting but i have no idea where to start. I don't know squat about traditional drawing aside from being aware of the basics. I want to learn it so that i can easily block out the basics in Blender then refine it in ZBrush then retop it in Blender for animations. My aim isn't photo realism but instead stylized recreations of characters from video games or movies.

Any good books or videos out there to study human anatomy? Are books about anatomy that are directed at traditional artist any good for 3D sculpting?
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life drawing helps
>I want to learn human anatomy for 3D sculpting but i have no idea where to start
you are a human so there's that.

as far as learning to sculpt the human form...
that just comes with practice.
Some of the great instructors that teach anatomy right now:
Scott Eaton
Steve Lord
Ryan Kingslien
Rey Bustos
Charles Hu

I also really loved that gumroad tutorial from
Rafael Grassetti and that old course from Kris Kosta

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Okay lets say you can only learn one (ONE(1(uno(ein))))modelling software in your life. What do you choose? I think i would go with Cinema4D, You can create any shit with it and its easily usable with compositing programs

>pic not really related, every software goes
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>What do you choose?
yearly "licenses" are for chumps.
>Buying your programs

Lmao stay cucked

Fucking moron. Software developpers deserve money just like you deserve money for delivering assets to clients.

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>Can make environment,VFX and objects pretty easily in Maya
>Cant make human character's like for shit, even the easiest ones cartoon-ish fuck me up insanely
>I won't even approach the head because that shit is fucking impossible for me

Anyone else? Dunno if i should bruteforce it and just spam models until i am decent in it or i should just do what i am not-awful at.
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If you really want to forge ahead, then be aware that there's going to be a lot of stuff to process. Modeling, rigging, skinning and unwrapping characters are all linked in a way that you'll end up needing to learn all of it to get meaningful results. You might model something that seems to look ok, but once you bone it up you realize that it doesn't make sense structurally, then when you skin the character, you'll realize the deformations are shit, and then once you texture it, you'll realize your UVs are shit, and then when you animate, you'll realize that everything is shit, including life itself.

To model characters well is to anticipate all of that and make sure that you will have a good workflow stack from one phase to the next. Perhaps making some of these mistakes is a good learning experience as you might not realize what's wrong first hand till you're further down the line.
My suggestion is following some good tutorials, but throwing away the reference/scene materials and make a different character (but also from reference) and follow along conceptually. For instance, it could be a rigging tutorial for a human but you're making an alien instead, that'll help you abstract yourself from unnecessary details. In 3D I see a lot of people following along too closely and getting caught up in details. Learn the process so that once you know how to model/rig one hand, you can do any hand just from memory.
Sounds like a lot of work
3d is a whole lotta work, what did you expect?

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What do ya faggots think? Right now it's just one part to a bigger scene. /3/'s a relatively slow board so I might be able to finish the rest of the scene and post it in time.
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>hammer head
too shiny.
>hammer handle
normal map is too strong.
Looks good. I think there's something off about the handle though. Maybe it's too glossy.
> head: as others said: too shiny. Also the weathering, rust and such doesn't make sense at all. Get some references. And UV properly, it seems that the texturing is procedural. (even if it's not)

>handle: looks like it's about 100 years old. Like if it would brake as soon as you lift it. Bark beetle fest.
>where they meet: looks like you just sticked the handle in the head, and haven't really modelled the hole there.

Also, why are you keeping your weathered hammer on a pristine marble-is kithcen counter? Which has some normal map artefacts on those large lighter splotches.

To sum up: there are three parts in this image, and none of them matches up with the other two.

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It seems like this board is filled with a lot of shit talkers even more so than any other board despite how slow it is.
Am I wrong to assume that some of you have the skills and accomplishments to back that up?
Now I'm just a beginner and I'll admit that I don't know much or have a lot to show.

But for the rest of you, if your accomplishments match your confidence then post some of your best work in this thread.

pic not related.
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>even more so than any other board
i see you've not been to /pol/ or /mu/.
/mu/ doesn't feature a lot of user created music. It's mostly just critiquing other people's taste and while they pretend it's objective no one takes it seriously.
/pol/ is just filled with shitposters where some of them are abrasive on purpose.

/3/ and /ic/ on the other hand are filled with these "experts" who have a lot to say on a given topic, where they can, but don't, often back it up with good examples or their work to see if there is any weight to it.
/3/ does have a tendency to badmouth other people.
i personally know a few people that browse here (well not personality, but just their avatars/nicks) and usually the people who bully are the ones who create ironic art themselves, don't take these guys seriously

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Does more faces/polygons add a lot more to render time?

Is there a ratio or something?
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more calculations.
Most render engines add subsdivisions anyway so look into that and maybe limit. I wouldn't go too overboard.
Not much as long as it fits inside RAM. How much light interacts with surfaces has a larger penalty. Shading complexity with SSS and blurry reflections uses much more cpu power.

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