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Trying to make a two piece mold to print and wondered if there's a good method for finding the dividing line on complex models. Attempts with the Zproject tool on Zbrush weren't so good. Probably going to settle for doing it be hand but I'm still curious.

Side note. It's soft media, so overhangs aren't a big issue.
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Why print the mold and not the object?
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I want the object in a different material and found the mold prints better for small details.
Why project it??
dude, just use curve slash
remove half of the model
slap in a cube there
and dynamesh

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i bet none of u slimy greasy losers can make this shape B)
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Show the mesh. I bet you pleb used nurbs
And the faggot OP vanished.
My assumption was right then.

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I really want to get into SFM, to animate Overwatch porn and whatnot
How hard is it to produce something decent if you're willing to learn?
I head about using Blender or Maya, for better visuals and animations, but this is a bit too complicated for now
I'm not familiar with the board culture at all, please don't rape me
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I tried SFM once for a couple of days, but when I realized how complicated it is and how much you need to learn, I figured it would be better to spend that time actually learning a "real" software that could also potentialy get me a career.

And actually with that software you could make overwatch porn, and get a job so it's a win/win situation
Are you for real?

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What are your thoughts on this guy's tutorials?

>inb4 ngons
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I bet he struggled while making this tut because the texture resolution of a full mecha isn't high enough to add realistic-sized fingerprints.
>realistic-sized fingerprints
That's what it's all about, right? Not the fact that the overall thing hurts to look at and not in a good way. But I guess that's another example of how your generation sucks so much it can't even comprehend how much it sucks.
this shit is ugly and just makes a person think
>this wouldn't work, it can't rotate

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Anyone have any good resources for sculpting clothes, armor, and the like. The more tailored to blender the workflow is the better.

I'm most using "mask extract" and the "shrink wrap" modifier at the moment.
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work of rico cilliers. he works with zbrush and blender.
if you want to just use a pre-made basemesh and just focus on the armor there are a few tips i can give you, especially if you are planning on using blender exclusively

1.make sure you have good system specs, you gonna need lot of subdividing to get shapes right, this is even more significant if you want to sculpt things like scratches or damages
2.using shrinkwrap+snap to surface of other objects is key factor to your work. make sure to use xray and ambient occlusion to better see what you are doing (AO takes more computing power, especially for highpoly)
3.don't apply any modifiers unless you have to,hide meshes you are not currently using - this will put less stress on your computer.

here are bunch of tutorials you can use



and a nice tutorial that have nothing to do with it, but will help you in the future

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Awesome, I appreciate all the help and links. Thankfully I have a pretty decent rig so I can work with a high poly count and AO.

So, when I use the shrink wrap I should put an object, like a sphere, over the body I've sculpted, then begin working out the rough shapes of the armor from the sphere? also, I plan on drawing a lot of the details(like pic) and doing traditional animation over the base mesh so at this point I just need to get the shapes and proportions right.

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Hi! This is what I use cause it's all I can use, been getting decent, but wondering if there were any people out there who could give me tips on making more organic things in. It. Thanks.
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It's not designed to handle triangulated meshes, switch to blender

Do not listen to this retard >>574205. Fusion is great, but you're gonna have to get a retopo program (I recommend Maya, if you're using Fusion since Blender is the opposite of Autodesks UI systems and you will mesh right into Maya because you work in Fusion).

As for your question, cgpeers is your friend. It's how I learned.

Hey guys, /wsr/ recommended that I come here so apologise for the newfaggotry.

Is there any specific name given to pic related, the front/side reference images used to build models from scratch?
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Portrait and Profile?
>using 3ds

Sup mate. The word you're looking for is "ortho", though character sheet or model sheet works too sometimes.

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How do I model this iron band without having to create 5 other triangles and loft them together?
I made the other one in freecad but decided to learn fusion360 since it is free for right now.
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also the sweep function doesn't work with sharp angles like this.
use a real 3d program
Such as? Keep in mind I have to be able to set up models with exact measurements ?

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Ok,/3/,so,I'm trying to get into 3D modeling,so,ofcorse I have some questions,like,what software should I use,are there any tips I could use to make the process easier,how in the name of fuck do I apply textures,and alot more.
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go right ahead
Ok,sir,what software should I use?
I herd Blender was good.
Also,what are some possible problems I could face?

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How long until we see this shit in VR porn?
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>put out casting ad for thicc girls
>Have her step into scan box
>Argue with her about price till I kick her out, slut
>Load into instant girl.exe
>Her face isn't great so I pirate one of the hottest teen popstar to use instead
>Open up MadMan471's 'Deluxe All Purpose Boobs' plugin to make her boobs a bit bigger
>Load realistic vagina plug-in an make it tight with a nice camel toe
>Change her hair to something futureistic
>Load dominant personality
>Hit print
>She walks out of the printer and knocks me out with one punch the pops my balls with her heels before fucking me non stop for hours

Wow what a life I can't wait
Not gonna lie, Id fucking love to have me some thicc Di Niro dickgirl porn.

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>ok lets retexture this game
>result looks detailed on photoshop, will rock ingame
>ingame vanilla texture looks far more realistic
So /3/ what's the difference between a flat texture and a good one for lowpoly and vidya shit? The game I want to retexture relies mostly on diffuse maps and lacks "magic" skin shaders
>pic semi-related
I took this from skyrim (looks good there due to skyrim skin shaders) yet I'm still unable to get the tones I want and I dont know how to keep the skin roughness and the small tone differences. Will baking help me out?
Any suggestions, tutorials and (except for killing myself) will be greatly appreciated.
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skyrim doesn't have a skin shader it's just color+specular lol
oh shit, but those shitty textures make wonders I cant explain
Anyway, I can only work with diffuses, how do I get satisfying results?
make sure you work in linear space

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maya is die
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a thread died for this
The moment this one was created.

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FMP Room22.png
2MB, 1600x871px
So I'm writing a dissertation about Perception through photorealistic renders for my degree.
(pic related: My work for the dissertation)
Does anyone have any academic sources for manipulation of perception and use of propaganda in the cold war?
If not, then this is a general Personal 3D work dump thread.
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Why is a picture of a penis on fire hanged over the twin bed? I don't think it's a good omen for the couple that would use that bed.
And there's also mirror polished balls hanging from the ceiling. And why are there two butt plugs and a copy of Mein Kamps on the table if the female side of the bed is untouched? The guy who lives there must have issues.

Your bedding looks like wet suit type rubbery material. I think you need more specular break up with some cloth normal/bump, look into facing ratios of cloth materials and maybe increase roughness.

>unsolicited advice

File: Sin título-1.png (297KB, 1440x900px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Sin título-1.png
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Just began learning Zbrush and I'm trying to make a military boot... But it's going quite horribly, at least that's how I see it.

I already had a human model, so I got his feet and began sculpting from there. What can I do to fix this attempt?
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Just continueing on until the model looks right?
Yeah, but I don't know how some brushes work exactly. The smooth brush decimates my model even when I change the settings, but on the tutorial I'm watching this doesn't happen, and so on...
turn down z intensity while holding shift

If all my experience with programs like After Effects or Cinema 4D are from the cracked versions do i write that i know these programs in the CV/or do i say i know them when talking on my job interview or is it basically a death sentence That will lead to more questions and ultimately to me getting exposed as the fucking thief that i am?
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They're not gonna ask you for your fucking licenses retarded
If asked, I lie my ass off and tell them I have a copy from years ago while attending university or while taking classes to keep up.

I usually feel out the person before I tell the truth. There's nothing wrong with learning from cracks, as long as you have never made a profit and can convey that to the interviewer that you're not only there to learn but you take pride in your work (ie you have a fucking awesome portfolio) that's all they care about in most places I've been.

Remember, this "industry" would not exist whatsoever, if people didn't crack the programs. The Studios or whoever the fuck is in charge is the one buying the licenses. They want you because of your skill set. So don't be ashamed of that. You only exist to them because of what you can churn out as an artist and how fast you can do it. I wouldn't go on a bragging spree about how everything you do or own is a crack but there's really no other way you could've learned it fully, the way you have.

It's just an ethics thing really. Some people are chill about it, some people will give a shit.
>as long as you have never made a profit
Well the thing is, lets see you were like a freelancer that used cracked programs (because lets be real 99,9999% of the people on sites like Upwork or Freelancer didn't buy their program) Would you still show your profile to your boss for him to see how good you are or would you just leave that shit deep into the net for no one to see?

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